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River Aria by Joan Schweighardt

River Aria by Joan Schweighardt

It’s 1928 and Estela Euquerio Hopper, an ambitious young woman from an impoverished area of Brazil, has landed a job at the New York Metropolitan Opera, though only to work in the sewing room. Her good fortune is due in part to her unique education and in part to the fact that her father is American. She hopes to make it from the sewing room to the stage, but there are obstacles in her way: her possessive father, her secretive cousin, and the wild temperament of the city itself in its pre-depression heyday.

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Featured Book: Cold Justice by Nolon King

About Featured Book: Cold Justice by Nolon King

The bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone, 12, and No Justice bring you a brand new series that blends mystery and suspense into pulse-pounding, revenge-seeking thriller action.

A collection of corrupt men inside the justice system ruined his cousin Frank’s life, and now Stan Manning is going to make them pay. Instead of starting at the bottom, he enlists the help of his old friend and special ops army veteran, Moses White.

Frank Grimm left behind a notebook with a list of interesting names. At the top was Senator Royse Mickelson.

Stan assembles a small crew to build evidence against the Senator to bring him to justice, but when the senator dies in a terrible — and suspicious — car accident on the way to the police station after his public arrest, Stan must once again go into hiding.

Cold Justice is the first book in the new King & Wright Cold Justice series. Start reading your favorite new vigilante-noir thriller today!

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Featured Book: The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann

About Featured Book: The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann

FREE 6/13-7/8/22

I’m the daughter of American royalty, but our family is falling from grace. My reputation is tarnished, my love life is in tatters, and my life is in danger. There’s no way out of the mess I’ve created until the Crown Prince of Androvia arrives in his white private jet to rescue me.

Darkness lurks beneath Henry Von Stratton’s expensive tuxedo and regal smirk. A dark side I’m just learning about. Power play, punishment, and mind games are his favorite pastimes. Despite my fears, I’m captivated by his air of command and his blue-green eyes. They’re the color of the Aegean Sea; warm, clear, and bottomless. The most beautiful waters, however, often hide the most threatening dangers. And this man—this beautiful, enigmatic, virile man—will protect me from the father who wants to kill me. The price? My hand in marriage.

If I want to live, I’ll accept his proposal. If I want to protect my heart, I need to run.

Lies, seduction, and the struggle for a kingdom will heat up your e-reader. Grab this page-turning contemporary royalty romance today.

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Featured Book: Fireworks with Three Mountain Men by K.C. Crowne

About Featured Book: Fireworks with Three Mountain Men by K.C. Crowne

My sister’s ex wants to make me his.
And his two equally hot friends are ready to join the party.
With all this sexual tension between the four of us…
I’m feeling sparks like the Fourth of July!!

Dylan is my sister’s ex-boyfriend and as dreamy as they come.
He’s protective, strong, and as big as the mountains he calls home.
Red is quiet and thoughtful. Like a huge teddy bear, I want to cuddle with all night long.
Cash is wild, flirty, and a complete force of nature. Oh yes…. this should be fun.

All of them have bodies to die for.
Three rugged Mountain Men.
Two fierce UFC fighters.
And one VERY lucky girl.

But my life is complicated and in no way am I ready for a serious relationship.
So I’ll go into this with zero expectations.

But two pink lines on a pregnancy test tell me life just got way more complicated! Yikes!

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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The Prayers of the Righteous: 10 Prayers to Get God Moving by Val Mitchell

★ My prayers are heard by Jesus? YES! ★
The question of whether Jesus hears my prayers engulfs me countless times.

Prayer is used to redirect God’s attention to you. Many of us are unaware of our special relationship with Jesus. His ultimate sacrifice on the cross opened the door to approach God with anything.

Righteousness is quite simple. When you allow God to take the lead, He takes you to a victorious destination. This path followed leads the way to righteousness. Regardless of your past, you have a place in God’s heart.

Whether your motivation is praying over your children, family, or your career, this book will provide fresh encouragement. You, too, can be counted as having a Righteous Prayer Life.

The book also includes a link where you can download a free guide to 7 Step Guide to Why We Pray.

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Beyond The Steps Of Stone by Beth A. Freely

cover of Beyond The Steps of Stone featuring a man and a woman in a romantic embrace

One Army Colonel. One alien leader. One prophecy. The fate of Earth is in their hands. Can they come together in enough time to save it before an old enemy arrives?

Army Ranger Colonel Morgan Langtree has awoken from cryogenic stasis to discover that her own world has become alien to her. Earth, now a virtual Garden of Eden, is both beautiful – and dangerous. Now responsible for all of the survivors of the Area 51 base, Langtree sets out to discover what happened to her world…

…and why they slept for 1,500 years longer than intended.

Following her late commanding officer’s instructions, Langtree and her team set off for the Belize Valley Area and the city of Lamanai. She finds a thriving society based on Central American Indians of millennia before in the remains of the city as well as the Lamanai’s gods.

Enter Lord Jericho Juriath, the charismatic leader of a race of aliens known as the Allorvians. He has brought the remainder of his people to Earth, a planet his own ancestors helped seed long before the birth of Christ. Earth was to be a safe haven, a thriving planet his people could settle on, disappearing into human society. But, like Colonel Langtree, Juriath has found a world devoid of cities and technology. With too many riddles that need solving – and a prophecy he’s not sure he believes in – Juriath is left wondering what happened.

Both leaders are forced to make a choice: forge an alliance with one another or go their own way. Can they move past their differences and find love, securing the prophecy that will save both of their people before the Allorvian’s enemies find them? Or are they doomed to repeat history and become slaves to a race older than time?

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Featured Book: Sisters In Cold Blood by Kay A Oliver

About Featured Book: Sisters In Cold Blood by Kay A Oliver

Keri Shaw discovers a confession letter dated 1909 written by a serial killer who is already dead and was never charged with a single crime. The letter holds clues to where the bodies may be buried but they need to figure out this puzzle first by following the twisted path laid out by a ruthless killer years before.

What Keri and her husband, Jade, did not account for was Detective Alison Valencia, ties the serial killer had with another famous killer, and the shadowy figure that is following their every move.

Will Keri and her husband find the serial killer's dumpsite and prove the letter is real or become his last prey?

This Mystery book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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The Akashi Records Keeper by David Gaughan

The project rainbow Philadelphia experiment 1943, the wartime experiment with radar invisibility that resulted in a ship disappearing physically, is the starting point of this time space adventure. Zakeera, a starship commander, is tasked with rescuing the pilot of a spaceship that was dragged in with that experiment, trapped in hyperspace. However, his real mission is to find the location and purpose of a mysterious force called the ARK, an acronym for the Akashi Records Keeper, which has been associated with the Earth since the beginning of time on this planet. It is believed that the ARK is the main hub that feeds the akashic record, containing information on every living entity and every action, past, present and future.

Traveling back in time, Zakeera merges with the pilot of the trapped spacecraft and, as a result of that mission, stumbles across a hollow earth entrance that leads to the kingdom of Agatha Shamballa. Upon meeting the ruler of the the hollow earth Agatha, his adventures continue, leading him back to the surface of the planet and also time travel into the future, where he discovers the purpose of his mission. It is said that the one who discovers the power of the ARK and comes in control of that power, has the ability to control the universe. What he discovers, is a clue for all of us to become masters of our destiny, opening the possibility of a brighter future for all humankind.

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You Do You by Daphne McDonagh

You Do You by Daphne McDonagh

Daphne McDonagh shares her life experiences with you and hopes you may find that one nugget in her story to assist you on your journey. For everyone that has struggled through life and felt they could not be themselves.

Yes, tragic and horrible things happen, but you do not need to stay stuck in the lower vibrating energy.
The choice is yours about what comes next.

It is time for all of us to shift our energy to one of compassion vs. competition.
May this inspire you to follow your heart and do what brings you joy.

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Featured Book: Of Men and Dragons: Jack’s Landing by Steven Hayen

About Featured Book: Of Men and Dragons: Jack's Landing by Steven Hayen

Jack was having a very bad day. He'd been scouting the edges of the known galaxy when he'd crashed onto a planet at the beginning of its iron age. What was worse, the natives are seven-foot-tall carnivores who are faster, stronger, and every bit as clever as himself. The only saving grace was that they seemed too afraid to get close to his ship for some reason. Hopefully, that would hold true long enough for him to repair his ship and get home…

S'haar was having a very bad day. First, she'd gotten herself kicked out of the guard, then the hunters, and finally, she'd rejected the village lord's son. Now it was early winter, and she'd been tied to a stake to appease the new dragon that had made a fiery appearance last night. If she managed to avoid being eaten alive or freezing to death, someone was going to pay…

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: Conversations with Ayahuasca by Ol Serbon

About Featured Book: Conversations with Ayahuasca by Ol Serbon

Promotional sale: E-book for $0.99. Dates: June 21st – July 26th

I wasn’t planning on becoming an author, but a writing spell suddenly kicked in during an ayahuasca ceremony that took place at one of the spiritual retreat centers in the Sacred Valley, Peru, in 2019.
Voice: “Write this!”
Me (under the influence of ayahuasca): “Write what?”
Voice: “Start writing whatever you are experiencing now…”
Me (uncomfortable since I am taking to a voice in my own head): “But … it is impossible to describe in words what I am experiencing now!”
Voice: “Stop whining and start writing.”

What you just have read is an excerpt from one of a series of conversations I had with a guide named Aya that began during my last ayahuasca ceremony at the retreat center in the Sacred Valley and which continued for several months after I came back home from Peru.

Upon my return, a strange story started flowing through me that I recorded on paper. At first, it seemed almost like a dream. The writing turned into a mental and emotional purge, which continued until there was nothing else for me to say. Once it was over, I knew that it was the end of that story. As the result, I felt transformed. I had eliminated the need to blame others for my misfortunes or to see myself as a victim of circumstance. In the process, I learned that we are the masters of our own reality. We create it one thought at a time.

My book, Conversations with Ayahuasca, is a unique blend of a memoir and ayahuasca-induced visionary experiences that began with my rendezvous with la Madre Ayahuasca and resulted not only in a complete transformation of my everyday life, but also in developing an ability to tap into what seemed to me as a different reality system, one where I perceived myself as a Lemurian girl. If this perception of me being in a different body in a different time-space reality was indeed a window into a past incarnation in Lemuria or if it was just a figment of my imagination is for you to decide.

In brief, this book is about the transformation of my perception of reality, which took place over a four-year period as a result of partaking in ayahuasca ceremonies and subsequently integrating what I learned into the way I lead my daily life with greater ease, joy, and peace of mind.

This Memoir book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

This book is in Kindle Unlimited and is a new release.

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Then There Were … Two Murders? by P.C. James

Then There Were … Two Murders? by P.C. James

‘Then There Were … Two Murders?’ is the second book in the Miss Riddell Cozy Mystery series. It follows directly after ‘In the Beginning, There was a Murder’ where, at the end, Miss Riddell receives a letter asking for her help.

The letter is from an elderly widow living out in the English countryside. It’s winter 1953/54 and England is still suffering from the after-effects of WW2 and the costs of the ongoing Korean War. Miss Riddell goes to meet the woman, arrives at her house only to find her dead, suicide apparently.

She tells the police why she was invited by the woman — the woman thought her friend had been murdered months before. However, the police and coroner rule this death to be suicide and dismiss the idea the earlier old woman’s death was anything but natural causes.

Miss Riddell sets out to prove them wrong with her friend Poppy and the old lady’s dog, Jem. Unfortunately, like the police, Miss Riddell can find no conclusive evidence and her supporters give up. Her only hope in the end is to put herself in harm’s way and hope the murderer takes the bait.

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