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Featured Book: Tapotement by Spiffie Tiffie

About Featured Book: Tapotement by Spiffie Tiffie

Her lover has a dangerous secret that will change everything in this unexpected, explosive romance.

In this erotically charged masseuse romance novel, parlor owner Jay needs a security system installed—especially since her ex, Kyle, can’t seem to let her go. When security system owner Reed arrives, Jay wants so much more than protective equipment from him, and the feeling is mutual.

But just as things get hot and heavy between them, Reed leaves town for stretches at a time with no explanation. What, exactly, is her new boyfriend with a mysterious job hiding?

When things spiral and Jay’s life is put at risk, all secrets are revealed. But can she forgive and forget what Reed has kept from her? Or is the truth of their love no match for the lies?

This erotica with a mysterious past plot twist will have readers on the edge of their seats as they blaze toward a potential happily-never-after!

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: Buried Treasure : Lost Worlds, A Search for Aztec by Hep Aldridge

About Featured Book: Buried Treasure : Lost Worlds, A Search for Aztec by Hep Aldridge

In 1521, the Aztec empire fell to Spanish Conquistadors in bloody genocide. The Aztec ruler, Montezuma, was murdered, and his treasure… disappeared.
Legend says the treasure was spirited away by Montezuma’s elite Eagle warriors, headed for an unknown desert location in the southwest of what is now the United States. It has never been found.

Dr. Colten X. Burnett and the Risky Business team have a lead. Will the unexpected map they now have in their possession guide them to the long-lost treasure in the land of the Mescalero Apache?

Join this bold, inimitable team as they face new dangers and uncover secrets that the mountains and deserts of New Mexico hold as they search for the lost Aztec treasure.

This Thriller book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: My Ex-Best friend’s Daughter by K.C. Crowne

About Featured Book: My Ex-Best friend’s Daughter by K.C. Crowne

Imagine my shock when I see my former best friend’s daughter.
Her smile making me hard the moment I catch her sweet scent.
Those firm bre@sts peeking out from a sexy little business suit.
All the sass and confidence wrapped up in a petite curvy frame.
Safe to say we know which head will win this battle.

Eden’s father may have been my best friend before an epic clash…
But I know what I want. Right now that’s his daughter.
More specifically speaking…
Her bent over my knees.
Begging me to claim her innocence.
I can already picture the headlines.
‘Hot shot Director beds his much younger assistant.’

I’ve tried for years to rid myself of my darkness.
But screw being Mr. Nice Guy.
The beast inside can only stay locked away for so long.
And tonight it’s salivating for a taste of the forbidden fruit beneath Eden’s business suite.

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Beau-laid by Justin Bourne Boring

Logan Lepozod was born into a cruel and cold existence, void of love and human connection, but his brilliant talent as a painter, and a tragically ironic life event would lead him to an epiphany of self-realization, transcendence, and true love.
Tess is a beautiful, quick-witted, calamity magnet, on the run from an abusive and sinister ex-boyfriend. Tess crash-lands into Logan’s life, forever changing it – and him. An unlikely love blooms between the two wayward souls amidst the milieu of a candid and unflinching journey that changes them both profoundly.

Logan and Tess have complicated and thorny pasts that demand reconciliation before they can move on, and into each other’s hearts. However, with the grand thrill of burgeoning love, comes the painful stab of growth and risk, as the two are plunged into a life adventure filled with laughter, love, friendship, passion, and danger.

Balance is the ultimate power in the universe, and unless Logan and Tess can find theirs, the flowering love between them may only be the first of many casualties.

There is no light without shadow, no reward without risk, and no beauty without ugliness.
Beau-Laid: French term, a person who is beautiful because of their flaws.

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Autism: One Grandparent’s Roadmap by Geoffrey Robinson

Although written in a grandparent’s voice, the book is also for parents. When our family received our Autism diagnosis, we had to Google Autism, because we knew so little about the condition. The book is a compilation of live links and articles to get you started on your journey. For the child’s sake, you can’t afford to be behind in knowledge. Everything you learn makes life better for the child.
When it came to learning and understanding what autism is and isn’t, and how to appropriately support our child; we had to dig out every word on our own. Where do we go? Where do I find this? How do I do that? What does stimming mean?
After six years with a lovely grandson on the spectrum, I decided we needed a roadmap. With luck, someone smarter than me will write a better one.
The links embedded in the book are live so, you can go directly to the resources or articles I’ve cited.
I’m not a therapist or clinician but I’ve spent years accumulating information to help my grandson: I wish I’d had the day he was diagnosed.

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Irrelevants: An Uneasy War by Geoffrey Robinson

First, they find a dead guy in a cargo box, then a bomb blows a cargo bay out the side of the ship, now they say the dead guys not really dead. For a simple prisoner transfer, this trip was slowly circling the drain. As an Aberrant Behavior cop, Celta was accustomed to strange doings, but in space had no authority to investigate. Unbeknownst to her and insurrection had begun in Earth Agency controlled space and hers wasn’t the only ship attacked. In the near future, a ship being sabotaged wouldn’t rank very high on her list strange doings.

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Featured Book: Blood Ties (The King’s Chosen Book 1) by L. Waithman

About Featured Book: Blood Ties (The King’s Chosen Book 1) by L. Waithman

At the heart of an ancient prophecy is young Lucas, who has the sole power to save two medieval kingdoms from destruction . . . but will he discover this ultimate secret before it’s too late?

Lucas has been raised as a blacksmith’s son; an outsider ostracized by the other village children. One night at a nearby monastery, a mysterious black stone whispers a haunting premonition to Lucas. When his father is murdered, the monks take Lucas in, convinced he is an extraordinary hero foretold by destiny. However, a restless Lucas runs off to join a circus where he draws the attention of the powerful King Itan, who believes Lucas is one of “the chosen”―a group of boys who are descendants of great warriors. The king will stop at nothing to compel Lucas to join his chosen army, all while the soldiers who killed Lucas’s father are closing in. Before long, Lucas is embroiled in a plot to defeat the king while an unseen enemy begins planning to bring the young man down before he learns of his remarkable power.

This first novel of L. Waithman’s richly imagined fantasy series will leave you eagerly awaiting Lucas’s next adventure.

This YA book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: Codename Poltergeist: Some call him a ghost by William Joel

About Featured Book: Codename Poltergeist: Some call him a ghost by William Joel

The CIA and presidential cabinet members covertly enter into an agreement with the Palestinians to remove certain key Israeli government figures in a plan to enable the United States to claim that they engineered peace in the Middle East and gain the favor of Arabic countries and likely gain favor to increase energy supply. Sentinel, a group of angelic-type beings who monitor the Earth, are very concerned that the United States could be igniting a major conflict if the Israelis learn of the plan and retaliate.

Taneen, an unscrupulous and deadly CIA operative convinces the CIA deputy director of operations to eliminate the agency’s most highly regarded operative, James Halyard, Codename Poltergeist, believing Halyard was a possible threat to their plans. Taneen won’t admit it, but he’s scared of Halyard who moves like a ghost through his missions and is jealous of Halyard’s deadliness. The attempt to kill Halyard fails, but they kill Halyard’s wife in the process. An angelic-like being from the Sentinel rescues Halyard who was seriously injured in the explosion that practically destroyed the hotel room he was sharing with his wife.

Sentinel heals Halyard of his wounds. They have been monitoring Halyard for some time and give him the option of becoming an agent for their purposes with highly augmented mental and physical abilities. He agrees and truly becomes Poltergeist able to move silently with the grace and ease of a large predator. His earing, vision, and cognitive abilities are highly elevated, and he has the ability to move through the transparency to escape from confined spaces. Sentinel sends Poltergeist to unravel and thwart the conspiracy. Even with Poltergeist’s impressive abilities he finds Taneen to be elusive and very deadly. Poltergeist encounters several unforeseen allies, a highly capable and equally lethal MOSSAD agent, Deborah Eisman, who at first sought to eliminate him and a crusty homicide detective, Harry Sullivan who help Poltergeist battle Taneen and the CIA.

This Thriller with a twist book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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The Book of Mathew L. by David Culp

It’s not too late for Mathew Larsen to make it in the big leagues.

Mathew grew up in a small town in Ohio in the 1950s, a loner with a bossy older sister, sweet twin sisters who ignore him, and a loving younger brother who leaves too early.

When he gets to grad school in Chapel Hill in the 1960s, Mathew knows he’s got the talent to conquer the halls of academia. But, as often happens, life gets busy.

There’s a lot that can distract a person like Mathew from finishing his thesis for a Ph.D. in economics.

His long-time partner Judith is a well-respected math professor, but has “emotional issues.”
As the sixties slip into the seventies, their “overly precocious” daughter Linda all too quickly turns into a teenager.
It’s not easy to balance the loving and feeding of his eclectic family with his commitment to social justice, the need to make a living, and the temptations that can pop up on a university campus.

Perhaps Mathew would be content to spend the rest of his professional life teaching the same five courses a semester at a community college.

But it might be nicer to move out of his grad school apartment into a house for his family with a yard and a fence and a cat and a dog, and to send his daughter off in style on her own search for social justice.
The challenges his sisters presented in his early years, he realizes, might now be giving him strength.

One day Mathew and Linda set out on the road to the mountains of Damascus, North Carolina to support some Black hospital workers seeking to unionize, facing opposition from a racist management.

Mathew has a lot to do to get to the mountaintop, and finish his Ph.D. thesis. David Culp’s The Book of Mathew L. tells the tale of that journey.

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Forging of a Knight, Against the Alliance by Hugo Negron

Forging of a Knight, Against the Alliance by Hugo Negron

Despite warnings from the Kings of the Alliance and the elves of Hermstingle, a disgraced knight named Qualtan moves forward with his knightly Order, prompting war against his former allies. Only one thing can save them all: for Qualtan to reproduce the quest his uncle and father had undertaken many years ago to defeat Those That Stand in Shadow – to find the Master of the Great Beasts, the Dragon King, and bring him back in time to stop the battle.

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Featured Book: Cherokee Summer by Susan Antony

About Featured Book: Cherokee Summer by Susan Antony

Kindle edition in sale for .99 from August 5th to August 26th 2022.

When Ace leaves home to spend the summer in Cherokee, North Carolina the last thing she expects to find is a boyfriend—until she meets Cherokee Tribe member John Spears. As Ace and John’s friendship blossoms, they find their life experiences mirror each other and they fall in love. Despite hurdles thrown by well-meaning family members and jealous frenemies, the star-crossed lovers remain committed to their mutual belief that the universe has drawn them together. However, when Ace sends John a strange text and then suddenly disappears, the two must rely on their trust in each other to save both their lives and their love.

This YA book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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