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Featured Book: Whisper County by Teresa E. Nelson

whisper county book cover
About Featured Book: Whisper County by Teresa E. Nelson

A missing waitress. A blood-spattered farm. And a handsome cowboy in town. Farmer Gus Olson finds himself in jail after his chickens get loose in a small-town parade. In a flash, his life turns into agonizing nightmare while his dreams of life with the lovely Annabelle go up in smoke. Meanwhile, a ladder-climbing detective does his utmost to gather evidence for a conviction, while a humble attorney and his wife work around the clock to save this alleged "nice" guy from a life behind bars. The small town people are convinced he's the ruthless killer. When a handsome cowboy arrives in town, another waitress swoons making heads turn and tongues wag. This intriguing tale where fear and faith collide, shocking twists and a touch of humor keeps readers turning pages until the end.

This Mystery book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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The Trash Harem by Marilyn Meredith

Newly retired as a deputy, Native American Tempe Crabtree is called to help out an old friend who is suspected of murder. He and his wife have moved to an over 55 gated-community in Temecula, California. He discovered his dead neighbor and immediately became the prime suspect. The mystery involves some of his other neighbors, Old Town Temecula, the Pechanga Indians, the ancient oak, and Erle Stanley Gardner

Targeted Age Group:: All audiences

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My daughter and her husband live in a similar gated community and when I visited, ideas for a mystery kept popping into my head. Watching my son-in-law helping his widowed neighbors was one of the primary inspiration for this tale.

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Defying the Ghosts: A Haunted House Story by Joan Marie Verba

Charlene Griffin never thought she’d be without a home. But when she’s kicked out on her eighteenth birthday, she has no choice but to sleep inside an ominous Victorian mansion. And with the owner offering the estate to anyone who can spend a full night in the haunted property, Charlene decides to risk life and limb to get off the streets.

Refusing to heed the warnings of those sent running in fear for their lives, Charlene is confident she can last from sunset to sunrise. But she’ll need all her wits about her to withstand the hours of terror, because these ghosts are determined to get rid of her.

Will Charlene outsmart her supernatural foes and make it to dawn?

Targeted Age Group:: Young Adult

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
When I was in elementary school, I read a short story about a haunted house that remained in my memory. I was impressed by the fact that a haunted house story could resonate with me so strongly, and thought I could write a haunted house story that would also resonate with readers.

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Featured Book: Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor by K.C. Crowne

About Featured Book: Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor by K.C. Crowne

Eight years older.
Hot cardiologist.
My brother’s best friend.
And now my accidental baby daddy. FML!!!

Aiden was my sworn enemy for years.
Devilishly handsome. Charming.
But overly self-confident and always rude.

We reunited at my brother’s wedding.
Where we walked down the aisle as a pair. Not by choice. [Read More…] about Featured Book: Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor by K.C. Crowne

A Korean War Odyssey by Tom Gormey

In the biography and memoir A Korean War Odyssey, the story of the Forgotten War is told through the alternating perspectives of two young men from similar situations but born on different continents, followed by the efforts to locate one of them many years later. Small-town Missouri boy Donald Matney joins the army during peace time to see the world and is posted to the good life performing occupational duties in Japan. Woo Kyu Chul lives simply growing rice with his wife and young daughter on their ancient family farm in Korea. Both of their lives are upended when the North Koreans attack. Kyu and family flee southward on foot just steps ahead of the invaders. Donnie and the 24th Infantry Division board ships to sail to Korea to stop the North Koreans in what is termed a Police Action. Both learn firsthand that the North Koreans bandits are vicious and intent on taking over Korea. Donnie disappears. Sixty years later, his relatives set out to discover what happened to Donnie and attempt to locate and bring him home. A Korean War Odyssey tells the story of the war from participants’ viewpoints and adds the twist of a family who didn’t give up the search for their missing loved one.

Targeted Age Group:: 14-90

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The "Forgotten War" as the Korean War is known, was the most brutal and violent during its short duration. It was the first foreign war where soldiers who died were brought home to the US for burial. But many were lost or unidentified and buried as “Unknown.” Through much effort, we were able to put together the short life of one such Unknown and have his body identified and returned for burial beside his mother. The people of Missouri grandly welcomed him home.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Data Driven Technologies by Steven Finlay

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business delivers a simple and concise introduction for managers and business people. The focus is on practical application and how to work with technical specialists (data scientists) to maximize the benefits of these technologies.

This revised and fully updated fourth edition contains several new sections and chapters, covering a broader set of topics than before, but retains the no-nonsense style of the original.

Steven Finlay is a data scientist and author with more than 20 years’ experience of developing practical, business focused, analytical solutions. He holds a PhD in management science and is an honorary research fellow at Lancaster University in the UK.

Targeted Age Group:: 11+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I like to talk to people about what I do and have always enjoyed writing simple, non-technical books that help more people to understand what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are.

The challenge I most enjoy is trying to translate what can be complex mathematical subjects into something that is non-technical, without any formulas or equations, and can be understood by anyone regardless of their background.

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Mutiny In The Dugout by Rod Kent

Parents send their kids to the newest craze in Little League baseball: military boot camp on a diamond. The kids have had enough of out-of-control parents, coaches, and abusive drill sergeants. After a typical day of coaches cursing and hitting kids, exploding bases, booing from the stands, and parents fighting in the parking lot, the kids are at their wits’ end. It’s mutiny in the dugout. The kids go on strike, pulling out picket signs to let their parents know they’ve finally crossed the line.

Charlie, 29, a pro baseball player with a third-rate minor league team, comes home to visit his ailing father, Gordon. Gordon’s wish is for Charlie to take his beloved team to the Little League World Series. His past mistakes overshadow Charlie’s reluctance. In high school, a jealous Charlie hurled a fastball at Abe, smashing his brother’s collarbone and a shot at a scholarship. Angry at Charlie’s lack of remorse for his action, Gordon sends Charlie away to face the world alone and a life of endless wondering.

After helping the team T.P. his dad’s house, Charlie reluctantly agrees to coach the kids
for the Little League championship. Abe, now a minister, reluctantly agrees to help. Herbert, who runs his own military-style baseball training camp, has other plans. With the aid of the League President, Judy, they conspire to beat Charlie’s team and franchise his boot camp across the country. In a cliffhanger playoff game, Seth, Charlie’s star pitcher throws a secret new pitch forcing the batter to strike out and lose the game. The celebration of their stunning victory is short-lived when Charlie witnesses how Little League destroys kids. While delivering a motivational speech to drug-abusing teens at Abe’s church, Charlie sees first-hand how organized sports can negatively affect kids. Charlie then realizes he has exiled himself from life and love in an internal east of Eden. Reaching a peace treaty with Abe, Charlie sets out on a path to
destroy Herbert and restore the innocence of Little League.

In the final battle to determine which team will be going to Williamsport, Charlie’s team faces impossible odds after being forced to trade on their star player, Casey. After adding Casey to his arsenal, Herbert secretly recruits 6-foot tall, 12-year old twin ringers.So, Charlie turns the final game into a literal three-ring circus. But Charlie saves the best for last when his players go on strike. The kids march to the outfield with pickets signs and are soon joined by 200 fellow little leaguers. In a last-ditch effort, Herbert protests, with a megaphone in hand, that he is the true winner. Charlie proves that sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.

Targeted Age Group:: 12-21

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was inspired by a Preacher who was giving his first sermon at our church on Cain and Abel and seeking forgiveness. He started off by telling everybody how much he loved baseball. He preached about what if Cain came home and asked for forgiveness.

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Featured Book: Unraveled: A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption by Laura Cook Boldt

About Featured Book: Unraveled: A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption by Laura Cook Boldt

$0.99 for a limited Time! June 1-30, 2021.

With intense courage and candor, mother and son coauthors, Laura and Tom Boldt, share the raw accounting of Tom’s journey into alcohol and drug addiction and how that trauma reverberated throughout their circle of family, friends, and extended family. The book also charts Laura, who has a backstory. She is more than a mother standing by watching the life of her promising young son come undone. She has struggled with alcohol addiction firsthand but remains emotionally and physically sober and present for her son during his collision course with disaster. The Boldt family’s love and compassion is palpable as they work their way through deep fear, sleepless nights, and crushing setbacks.

This is a riveting portrayal of the agonies of addiction and how one family faced their issues and found a stronger, more sustainable path forward. Many readers will undoubtedly see themselves in these stories and will come away with an abiding sense of hope—not just for Tommy and Laura, but for themselves, too.

The writing in Unraveled is brilliant and fresh, and the two voices working together and against each other makes Unraveled even more memorable. Tommy's gift for zingy one-liners energizes the story and contrasts cleverly with Laura's witty yet measured and concerned maternal tone.

Unraveled is a tale of chaos and near-death experiences that shares personal and private moments and the intense challenges and grueling work it takes to get sober and remain sober. It’s a unique story of a mother and son’s journey that ends with on-your-knees epiphanies that leave both parent and child asking for help. This tandem narrative is a compelling testimony of bravery and honesty that, with edgy and surprising humor, charts a family’s slow climb out of the abyss of pain into the full power of faith, redemption, and healing.

This Memoir book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

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