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I AM… by T.H. Moore

“I AM…” follows a young successful African-American couple, police sergeant Xavier and trauma surgeon Sandy, who are forced to pick up the pieces of their marriage after the violent loss of their young godson at the hands of a local police- man. The couple’s tragic loss sparks not only their community’s anger but also the rage of a vigilante. A nationwide killing spree ensues, targeting corrupt police
officers, beginning in Texas and spreads to the nation’s capital in Washington, DC where a suspect is ultimately charged. The burden of justice falls upon a DC jury who must deliver the country from the brink of anarchy. Yet, regardless of their verdict, America will never be the same.

Targeted Age Group:: 13+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
In my upcoming novel, "I AM…", I instigate an unsettling conversation America has willfully ignored. That the existence of ingrained cultural bias in our law enforcement system has spawned a cultural reckoning on the verge of eruption. And the consequences of further denial will be equivalent to a seaboard state ignoring the fury of a hurricane barreling towards its shores. Simply stated, ”I AM…”, is a literary warning.

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The History Teacher by Susan Bacon

During the blizzard of 1978, a woman is discovered face down at the edge of her Delaware estate. Nearby, in a deep ravine, a CIA officer lies buried under two feet of snow. Their secret meeting—sabotaged. When a young Columbia University professor gets the call—your grandmother, found dead in the snow—she’s drawn down a rabbit hole of political intrigue and family secrets that harks back to the beginnings of the Cold War. And is forced to confront the truth about her family—and history as we know it.

Targeted Age Group:: adults

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
THE HISTORY TEACHER is set in the 1970s and the 1940s. It was inspired, in part, by classic political thrillers of the 1970s such as Six Days of the Condor and Marathon Man, both of which were made into great films. But the original idea for THE HISTORY TEACHER sprang from my interest in the Alger Hiss case, which plays a role in the story, and in the history of the Cold War.

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Featured Book: Wicked Beginnings by L A Cotton

About Wicked Beginnings by L A Cotton

Free throughout December

An edgy, angsty, addictive YA/NA crossover series from bestselling author L. A. Cotton

Sometimes wrong feels so right…

When seventeen-year-old Eloise Stone finds herself halfway across the world, moving into her uncle’s pool house, she expects things to be … awkward. She doesn’t expect to come face-to-face with the boy from last summer. The boy that made her feel things she’d never felt before. But a year is a long time, and Lo isn’t the girl she was then. Besides, they’re family now.

It’s weird.

Maverick Prince acts as if he doesn’t remember her, treating Lo like nothing more than an annoying younger sister, and not in a ‘he cares’ way, just in a ‘he’s an arsehole’ way. One thing’s for sure, he isn’t just dangerous for her sanity–he’s hazardous for her heart.

Lo thought moving to Wicked Bay was the worst of her problems, but as life begins to unravel around her, she’s going to find out it’s only the beginning…

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Featured Book: Vikings’ Bride by Jessica Knight

About Featured Box Set: Vikings’ Bride by Jessica Knight

A Complete Box Set Full of Excellent Viking Stories!

Book 1 – The Viking’s Bride
I tried to run. But there’s nothing he won’t do to have me.
I was forced to marry a ruthless Viking Warlord.
Now, I’m carrying his twins.
Could I get the happily ever after I’ve dreamed off?
Or will I always be his captive bride?

Book 2 – The Viking’s Wedding
Big, gruff, dominant… and utterly dangerous.
Einarr Thor is a beast of a man. A beautiful savage.
And not to mention we’re different in every way.
The fierce Viking Warlord wants me to be his bride.
And there’s nothing he won’t do to have me.

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Featured Book: Mistletoe Surprise by K.C. Crowne

About Featured Book: Mistletoe Surprise by K.C. Crowne

My friend’s daughter just told me she’s been saving herself for me under the mistletoe – and it’s screwing with my head.
Santa knows I’ve been a very naughty boy and this must be my punishment.

Guess you could say life as me has its perks.
At my age, I still have the stamina of a stallion – and I’m happy to say that parts of my body have been compared to one.

Being a single overprotective dad means that I’ve always lived two lives – and it has worked out just fine.
Then, my long time friend’s daughter walked into my life – and I now can’t get my head straight.
Just a teenager when I saw her last – but now those ocean blue eyes, full lips and long luscious legs leave me wondering if I’m being punished for all the cr*p I put women through in the past.
I want to own her. Dominate her. Teach her how to use her sweet assets.

Turning down an opportunity to take her virginity will take every fiber of my being – I just hope I’ve got the self-restraint to do it.

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Featured Book: Mark IV by James Ostby

About Mark IV by James Ostby

In our world of increasing complexity and the resultant human and physical constraints–overpopulation, global warming, rampant stupidity, unchecked evil, corruption, scientific advances used for ill–what is to be done? Are even the best governments incapable of maintaining order? Is the future of humankind at stake?
How many of us have wondered what we would do if we had some kind of world dictatorial power or other absolute influence? Many would find that conjecture to be overwhelming. Yet what if we limited our scope to, say, evil and corruption? The next barrier to fighting such iniquity would be the realization that too often world governments are inept when it comes to such endeavors. Inadequate due to legal, religious, intellectual, political and traditional moral strictures.
In view of that, what then if a choice had to be made between the world falling into chaos, and one in which there is secular salvation, but only through efforts that lie outside the normal bounds of the best of civilizations? There are immeasurable individuals and groups outside the laws who are vile and malevolent; why not a last-resort counterpart–unfettered by normal laws; practical and down-to-earth–dedicated to good, but who find it necessary to resort to harsh measures? Those who realize that we have come to a point in history where we must fight fire with fire.
Enter Ragnarök, a secret organization that inflicts punishments in the forms of Mark I, II, III, IV, or worse, Mark V (death).

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Featured Book: Daddy’s Secret Baby by Natasha L. Black

About Daddy’s Secret Baby by Natasha L. Black

Losing her the first time damn near killed me.

We were kids then, crazy in love.
Her dad found out, and just like that I was shipped back to college early.
No goodbye, nothing.
After that, I always found an excuse to stay away.
Nothing short of my dad’s cancer could’ve brought me back to town.
Now I find out I have a child, one that was kept a secret from me.
I’m pissed. I’m hurt. I’m confused.
And I can’t get Ari off my mind.
The woman she’s become, so beautiful and strong.
An artist who put her life on hold to support her child—our child.
All those years ago, we broke each other’s hearts. We lost everything.
Can we ever get it back?
Is it too late for a second chance with my first love?

Or will Santa bring me everything I’ve ever wanted this Christmas?

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Featured Book: The Clutter Remedy: A Guide To Getting Organized For Those Who Love Their Stuff by Marla Stone

About The Clutter Remedy: A Guide To Getting Organized For Those Who Love Their Stuff by Marla Stone

The Way to a Perpetually Organized Lifestyle
There are many valid approaches to creating neat and tidy spaces, but these approaches tend to fail over time because they suggest that we dispose of our stuff, and most of us love our stuff! Marla Stone’s fresh and friendly approach, based on her work as both a professional organizer and a former psychotherapist, goes beyond tidying up to offer the Clutter Remedy strategy that will create spaces you love and keep you perpetually organized. Marla walks you through a process of getting to know yourself and your values and then visualizing your ideal lifestyle and optimal surroundings. From that perspective, you’ll learn step by step (and room by room) how to create your ideal lifestyle and organize your space to support it.

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