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The Oldest Word by Johnny Firic

The Oldest Word cover image featuring starry sky, meditating woman, prehistoric symbols and bullfinch

The story opens with the discovery of a mysterious box from the distant past. Its makers are five orphaned friends who hope to help civilizational knowledge survive disruptive climate change centuries in the future: the ending of the Ice Age. The bar is continuously raised as the box traverses more than a dozen settings, some explored in detail, others merely sketched. Readers are tacitly encouraged to partner with the author and fill in the blanks by considering their metaphorical boxes, lessons for the future from their past.

Exchanges between cultures and generations highlight human transience. Adoption is the preeminent motif, many characters being orphaned, or having adopted, or both. Nature’s agency is felt throughout the story, with animals, plants and landscapes presented as respected partners rather than resources to be exploited. Nothing can fully reconcile human contradictions, and true equilibrium must come from a transcendent perspective. Plural identity followed by association with all humans, past, present and future, is only a good start. Can we progress beyond all life forms? The book ends on the question: what can you do but hope?

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High Clowder Cats by Ruby Knight

Life is not easy for a feral cat at the best of times, but the difficulties Bushytail faces on his journey to search for a home are far from ordinary.

Bushytail wants to find his own territory, but the journey is dangerous. He has to avoid the humans and their noisy machines as well as being on alert for other toms that may want to challenge him. He is used to relying on his wits to survive, however, Bushytail realises that this time he needs friends to help him. He joins up with a band of clowderless young toms. After being on his on for so long he is glad to have company, but this is just the start of the long journey Bushytail makes, along the way discovering who he is and how he fits into the world of cats.
Bushytail is guided by the enigmatic Bristle, who insists that Bushytail needs him as a mentor. At first, Bushytail does not see the point of the rules Bristle is trying to teach him, but in awe of Bristle’s powers, and with much encouragement, he perseveres. Unfortunately, the things Bristle is trying to teach him do not come naturally to Bushytail, but Bristle is convinced that Bushytail will need the skills being taught and will not take no for an answer.

Like any young cat, Bushytail has high hopes and dreams, however, in the end his destiny is thrust upon him rather than being a path of his own choosing. There are many times when he nearly gives up, but, with the help of the Stone, he learns to put the needs of others before himself and accept the future that is laid out before him. Bushytail is eventually transformed into a spiritual guardian and master warrior. Every step of the way his self-doubt threatens to overwhelm him, but somehow, despite his misgivings, he becomes instrumental in creating a new order for catkind through High Clowder.

Unfortunately for Bushytail, not all cats are convinced that the new order is best for catkind. Cats have always walked alone, with power being bestowed only on the strongest. Those cats who are weak or infirm, generally do not survive for long. For a long time, this has been the natural order of things. Some cats question whether the idea of a new community – where the very young, elderly, weak and sick are cared for – should be allowed.

The question is, even if he is successful, will Bushytail be able to live out his life in peace with those he loves, in the clowder he is trying so hard to make a safe haven for all?

High Clowder Cats is the first book in the series Clowder Cats by author Ruby Knight. This series follows the adventures of feral cats living together and their struggle to survive.

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TempestFray by Scott Strozier


Two close friends grow up together, one has an airship more technologically advanced than any plane. The other the first submarine ever made altered to be more powerful than nuclear subs. They find themselves with clashing ideals and their personal war spills into the United States where an entire military base was helpless to stop them. Three soldiers stumble onto the airship and realize its captain is the only one capable of stopping the submarine. The soldiers want to help but the captain is determined to get them off his ship as soon as possible. While the captain of the airship wants to stop his friend, he is far from a hero being fully willing to allow an entire submarine crew to drown just to capture his friend. It does not help that he is the great-grandson of a madman who used this very same airship to destroy half the armies in the world. So the Americans have to ask themselves if they can really trust him.

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Featured Book: Christmas in Idaho by Ray Downing

About Featured Book: Christmas in Idaho by Ray Downing

Christmas in Idaho is an allegorical Christmas story which follows the adventures of a snowman experiencing Christmas for the first time.
The book is aimed at family members of all ages and explores the religious significance of the holiday.
It is highly illustrated and captures the sights, sounds and feelings of Christmas.
You will find Christmas within these pages.

This Christian Focused book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

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Becoming: The Red Nova Chronicles Book One by N. N. Barefield

Where are you, Sean?

I’m right here, he said slowly. In fact, I’m right in front of you. I’m the dragon, and I don’t want to freak you out… but Sachie, you’re a dragon too.


Sachie and Sean were sixteen year old twins who’d always led fairly normal lives. Yes, their parents had been mysteriously murdered about a year ago, and they were now living with a man who claimed to be their grandfather, but other than that, they were just your typical high school kids, right? At least that’s what they thought until that fateful night on All Hollow’s Eve when their lives changed forever…

Dragons were real! Their family had kept this secret from them their entire lives, but now the giant, flying lizard was out of the bag… literally. Suddenly, Sachie and Sean find themselves being flung into the past to attend a Dragon School that’s hidden in time, but they’re not alone. Another set of twins will accompany them and help them form a powerful Nexus that is destined to fulfil the prophecy which will restore balance to the world. If this all isn’t crazy enough, Sachie and Sean have to succeed at learning how to become dragons all while being chased by an ancient enemy. Four teenagers saving the world against evil, what could possibly go wrong?

If you loved The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter or Dragon School, then get your copy today, and join Sachie and Sean as they become dragons and discover who they were always meant to be.

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Featured Book: Four Daddies for Christmas by K.C. Crowne

About Featured Book: Four Daddies for Christmas by K.C. Crowne

Four untamed ex-military daddies.
One very unassuming girl.
Who said Christmas miracles don’t exist?

My family’s failing farm combined with my father’s debt has me tossing and turning.
Luckily a chance rescue brings me face to face with an opportunity I can’t resist.
I’ve been hired to take care of an adorable set of twins.

But I’m nervous for three VERY good reasons:
1. All four of my bosses are constantly working out in their mansion.
2. They’re older and more experienced in ALL facets of life.
3. It appears I’ve ignited a desire in them that can’t just be brushed under the rug.

I must be imagining it, right? How can all four men want me?
Well, one thing’s for sure: I’m ready to see where this takes us.

But the weather calls for a scary winter storm on the horizon.
And this storm brings all sorts of trouble.
Not to mention unexpected surprises.

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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InnerPixel – We are all the same inside by Brian D Wilson

Set in the computer world, Inner Pixel explores the relationship between pixels of different colors. The story is narrated by Peter Pixel. He’s a black pixel who realizes that he’s invisible on the screen without the help of others.

Combining with pixels of various colors, Peter uncovers some of the science behind pixel technology. He learns how computers create onscreen colors and how it takes teamwork to generate the images we see on our computers, tablets, and cellphones.

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The Stone of Radnor by Paul R Somerville

The war is over, but the battle begins…

A thrilling and fast-paced story of one boys determination to seek revenge in a war ravaged land. Jaydon Riler lives in a world where the weak are easily preyed upon, but one where gods and magic guide his every turn. If you are a fan of fantasy, celtic mythology and historical fiction alike, then the Stone of Radnor is the perfect read for you.

Fourteen-year-old Jaydon sees his family murdered by warriors led by the feared warlord Landis Thornheart. The land is littered with bandits and mercenaries, and Jaydon’s life is threatened at every turn. When Jaydon finds a sword, his father’s sword, he swears to take revenge on Thornheart. Meanwhile, Thornheart, guided by the fallen god Elokar, seeks a stone, a powerful link to uncompromising power.

Jaydon seeks help, and unwittingly finds it from unexpected sources…downtrodden soldiers from the old wars, a blacksmith and a mysterious servant girl, Raven. Together they take Jaydon on a journey that he never expected, one where he encounters the dark forces in a world of myth and religious conflict, and one where he discovers family secrets kept hidden along with his true birth right.

The Stone of Radnor is a powerful tale and fine debut novel from a promising new author.

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Land of the Noble Free by Toliver Dare

The indigenous population of North America (now Vinlandia) has retained its own sovereignty avoiding European conquest. No one speaks English or as even heard of the United States of America. Tom Hathaway from 1976 Virginia finds himself stranded in Kameechee, a large nation on the coast. To survive, he must adapt to the ways of the Vinlandians and become one of them. During the next seven years, he becomes a military hero, marries the Commander’s beautiful daughter, and re-invents the airplane for the alternate history. Will the military versions of his flying machine make the difference in halting a naval attack by the evil cutthroats who bloody the waters off the eastern coast of Vinlandia? If he chooses to return home to his former history, he may never find out. If he chooses to stay, his family back home may never know what happened to him when he disappeared without a trace seven years before.

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Transit by J.D. Smith


Transit, J.D. Smith’s debut fiction collection, ranges from Central Mexico to the Asian side of Istanbul, with stops in Houston, Chicago and Washington, DC. Working in flash fiction, the traditional short story and a series of linked stories, Smith takes on race, ethnic identity, class and disability, along with the power dynamics of how they play out in everyday life. He also skewers the pretensions of those who think they are—somehow—above the fray.
Heartbreak leads to a drunken foray into vigilante justice, and the stresses that underlie achievement in high school come to light. A brick from a nineteenth-century city hall in Illinois finds a new place in twenty-first century Texas. Commerce shapes character, but not without resistance. Smith’s fictional world has more than a little in common with other parts of the world—what some continue to call the “real world,” with all its sham and venality. Decisions made in a moment, with incomplete information and uncertain judgment, have permanent consequences. The sins of the fathers are indeed visited upon both sons and daughters.
With intelligence and compassion, as well as illuminating flashes of wit, Smith shows us how character, faith and sheer guesswork collide with circumstance. If Flannery O’Connor and Mickey Spillane had spawned a love child—whose godparents included Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges—it would look a lot like Transit.

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Featured Book: The Dark Secrets of Oliveto by Stefano Giovannoni

About Featured Book: The Dark Secrets of Oliveto by Stefano Giovannoni

Every state in the U.S. has one…that one small town where mysterious things occur unbeknownst to most of its inhabitants…where the veil between the natural and supernatural converge.

Some say these towns are built on mystical ley lines; others say settlers from Europe brought their local superstitions and magic with them.

For Nico and his best friend Sofia, their spring break trip to his hometown of Oliveto will open their eyes to things they never thought existed; an adventure full of mysterious clues, unique beings, magic, and secrets that will change the course of their lives forever.

This Fantasy book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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