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Featured Book: Facemate by Steven Greenberg

About Facemate by Steven Greenberg

Want to find your identical double? You sure? Alex Daugherty’s new website can do it–But what happens to you and your identical double when it gets found? Ben Atherton, legendary billionaire investor is about to find out.

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The Furies by Corey Croft

The city of Fury is a mother that eats its young. It is a working class melting-pot found at the end of the line on the Quad-City Express. It is a place with where the predators are equal to the number of those preyed upon.

Living in the city is tough, and growing up there is even harder. Cava, Luc, and Sally each face their own demons trying to make it through their final year of high school. Surrounded by fiends, thieves, prostitutes, and gangs, the crew must find their own path to overcome the temptations and obstacles, and make it through just one more year.

Targeted Age Group:: 18-35

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I am fascinated and inspired by street culture and urban scenery. The Furies is an era-defining piece that offers a snapshot the past as I witnessed and remember it. The pivotal moment was when I moved away from my home town as a youngish man and started chopping it up with people from other cities and then countries. People always share stories from their youth as a means to achieve understanding, familiarity, context and even pride. The things that I would recount, which I assumed were completely normal, were seemingly exotic and entertained people. In other cases, there was instant recognition and understanding from people that did share a similar background. They didn't even have to be my stories, but the kinds of things that just happened in my city, word of mouth and gossip. There is a rugged and naked charm nestled in the times before cell phones and internet, when an event or story wasn't subjected to a simple post and then shared globally. Mine was the last generation where the transmission of true, traditional oral storytelling was vital; where the absence of a someone sharing it would spell the end of the tale. I wanted to pen the joint so that my memories and stories wouldn't be swept away and forgotten. For the people that grew up before, after or in a different setting, it offers an introspective look at a foreign world that existed alongside their own. For those that did, it's relatable: the tropes, the influences and the situations that will hopefully call back some memories to a different time, as recent as it was.

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Featured Book: The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann

About The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann

A billionaire prince searches for a new wife in this intriguing tale of power and seduction from USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann.

When I walk into a room, people look twice. Once because I’m the Crown Prince of Androvia, and twice because I’m that guy—the one who makes your panties wet with just a smile. My life is grand until the unexpected death of my father. To claim the throne, I’ve got to find a wife in twenty-four hours or be forced to marry the woman who cheated on me.

A chance encounter with the daughter of my sworn enemy changes everything. The first time I saw her, she was chained to a dungeon wall. The second time I saw her, I took her to my bed. The third time, I proposed marriage. If she accepts, I’ll rule her body the same way I intend to rule my kingdom—with an iron hand and no mercy. The stakes are high for both of us. If she turns me down, I could lose the throne to my traitorous uncle. Even worse, if she accepts, I might lose my heart.

Lies, seduction, and the struggle for a kingdom will heat up your e-reader. Grab this page-turning contemporary royalty romance today.

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Featured Book: Junior For The Mountain Man by K.C. Crowne

About Junior For The Mountain Man by K.C. Crowne

The marines prepared me for everything…
Except for the most important job on the planet.

A f*cked up world made me into the man I am today.
Then Piper walked back into my life.
She woke up the beast I had locked away.
I need to have her.
Own her.
Taste her.

But, men with a death wish want to harm her and Caleb.
I’ll protect them both…
And finally show my little sister’s best friend…
What she’s meant to me all these years.

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Family Life – A Bridge Between Harmony and Agony by Gheorghe Virtosu

Family Life – A Bridge Between Harmony and Agony is a novel which skillfully binds together the idyllic and the mundane as two sides of the same coin. The driving force behind this masterful writing is profound sorrow experienced by author Gheorghe Virtosu in his relationship with his older sister, Maria, throughout their childhood. It is the gritty testimony of a child struggling to come to terms with his own feelings and thoughts, with his nearest and dearest, and with the world around. The quest becomes a meaningful and empowering statement of self-belief and self-discovery, as in the end, the sworn-enemy siblings turn out to be the best of friends throughout their teenage and, really, for the rest of their lives. The autobiographical recount gently and seamlessly seeps into fantasy, bringing to the forefront the charming story of a duckling and his family. An unmissable must-read!

Targeted Age Group:: all ages

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Suffering in confinement has been a fact of Virtosu’s life. While living through a period of incarceration in France — Virtosu felt abandoned that is inherent when one is separated from the outside world. He took up writing and painting as a form of self-therapy. The struggle to find meaning and beauty amidst the harsh reality of life — is a powerful narrative force in his work.

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Featured Book: The Olympus Project: The Phoenix Series Book 1 by Ted Tayler

About The Olympus Project: The Phoenix Series Book 1 by Ted Tayler

Free on Amazon on Monday 16th September 2019
Rescued by strangers from a watery grave and given a new identity.
The Phoenix is a stone-cold killer.
An ideal fit for the Olympus Project, a secret organisation fighting injustice.
In the first story in this thriller series, Phoenix meets the five senior Olympians who occupy the Project’s HQ at Larcombe Manor. Erebus, the elderly gentleman who started the Project. Athena, his beautiful lieutenant. Minos, Alastor and Thanatos, all of whom have a personal reason to join the cause.
Phoenix receives specialist training from ex-SAS operative, Rusty Scott and has cosmetic surgery to mask his true identity even further. To prove to Erebus he can match the Project’s high standards he undertakes three solo missions.
Phoenix demonstrates his ability to exact revenge and right wrongs in his inimitable style. Erebus is content but is concerned whether his protégé can take the final step. Always a loner, can Phoenix work as part of a team to prevent a terrorist attack in Central London?
With hard, fast action and a cast of characters you can reach out and touch, this is the thriller series for which you’ve been searching.

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Featured Book: Sunken Treasure Lost Worlds by Hep Aldridge

About Sunken Treasure Lost Worlds by Hep Aldridge

Bargain price: 0.99 from 9/10/19-9/30/19
His knowledge can make them all rich… or get them killed.
From the depths of the Atlantic off Cape Canaveral Florida, searching for sunken Spanish treasure, to the Andes mountains of Ecuador chasing the legend of a lost golden library, Dr. Colten X. Burnett and the Risky Business team are on a quixotic adventure.
While trying to make an honest, well sort of honest living, searching for remnants of the lost 1715 fleet, Risky Business Ltd. becomes entangled in a mystery that covers two continents and may rewrite history.
The lure of uncovering a lost civilization, as well as the secrets it holds, motivates the team on their dangerous journey into a cosmological unknown.
-Sunken Treasure Lost Worlds is the first book in Hep Aldridge’s action and adventure series about Dr. Colten X. Burnett and the Risky Business team

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Featured Book: DON’T TELL by Willow Rose

About DON’T TELL by Willow Rose

Available for $0.99 from 9/9 to 9/14-2019

This novel is based on historical events.

One close-knit family. Too many secrets.
When detective Jack Ryder is going skiing with his family in the mountains of North Carolina, he hopes for a week of fun in the snow with the ones he loves.
But then the body of a teenage boy turns up in the cold waters of the creek behind the cabin they have rented.
Don’t tell or you might be next.
The find shocks the rural community of Maggie Valley and rattles local law enforcement. What happened to the boy is more than strange.
Soon more bodies are found, and Jack Ryder digs into the case that seems to be anything but ordinary. What happened on that night that Benjamin Rutherford disappeared from the porch of his childhood home? Is his father – the local pastor – telling the truth? Is his sister?
As Jack digs deeper into this seemingly perfect family, he begins to wonder if any of them are what they pretend to be and what secrets they are hiding beneath the surface.

DON’T TELL is the seventh book in Willow Rose’s bestselling and addictive Jack Ryder series but can be read as a standalone.

This Mystery book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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