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Featured Book: Never Been Born by Kimberly Hammer

About Never Been Born by Kimberly Hammer

When the devastating loss of her only son plunges Gina Martin into utter despair, she grapples with the age-old question of why a loving God allows bad things to happen to good people. And she finds herself reflecting on her own mortality.
Through a chance encounter with an angelic stranger, Gina learns things about her son that astound her. This stranger provides Gina with a glimpse into the future, as well as into the past.
This knowledge shakes Gina to the core; twenty-five years ago she nearly ended her pregnancy. She almost didn’t meet her son.
Could it be that life events are orchestrated for a reason? An astonishing revelation moves Gina’s life in a direction she would have never thought possible.
This inspirational novella examines whether the length of one’s life is related to fulfilling one’s purpose for existence.
The stunning revelation to Gina’s search for answers will leave you pondering your own mortality and your path. A must read for anyone who has suffered the loss of a child or contemplated ending a pregnancy. Featured at $0.99 from November 13 through November 15.

This Christian Focused book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print.

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Featured Book Surprise Daddies by K.C. Crowne

About Surprise Daddies by K.C. Crowne

Don’t Miss This Collection of Five Hot Daddies, featuring a Brand New & Exclusive Surprise Baby Romance by Amazon Top 20 Bestselling Author, KC Crowne!

All five standalone full-length novels come bursting with alpha baby daddies who are sinfully hot, larger than life and protective of their special ladies.

Come ready to load up on hot doctors, taboo older men, steamy paradise flings, fantasy worthy fake fiancés, drool-worthy brother’s best friends and wild forbidden office flings… that somehow all end up with an adorable baby wrapped up in a pretty little bow. [Read More…] about Featured Book Surprise Daddies by K.C. Crowne

Featured Book: My Work & Fun In Architecture by Peter Dare

my work funAbout My Work & Fun In Architecture by Peter Dare

The book covers the author’s personal experiences from commencement in the 1950’s until approx. 2002 working in various Architectural and project management positions for practices in London And Johannesburg South Africa. It mainly reflects the atmosphere of the times along with social activities and even a spell of Army National Service. Included are many humorous anecdotes as well as more serious and in South Africa dangerous incidents in Soweto. People will find it both fascinating and very entertaining. WARNING:- The book accurately reflects mores of the times and no attempt is made to be, so called, Politically Correct.

This Non-Fiction book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Illusions: Ravens of Darkness by Elle Preston

The Ravens of Darkness is a secret society of gifted elites: seers, shifters and telepaths that have controlled history from the shadows. They have remained hidden for centuries, until now.
Living in a quiet beach town on Lake Michigan, sixteen year old Evie Willow is terrified of drowning, but she’s even more afraid of letting her feelings out. She hasn’t cried in ten years. When the charming, telepathic lifeguard, Talon Renwyck, suddenly turns his affections toward her, Evie’s ability to rein in her feelings is threatened. Talon knows a secret which plunges Evie into the deep waters of her emotions.
As she drifts away from the life she knows into Talon’s beckoning arms, she learns he is more than just the handsome guy she’s falling in love with. Caught in a supernatural addiction and tied to the mysterious raven cult, Talon is crying out for help. Can Evie save him from himself?
Is their love the real deal or is it an illusion?

Targeted Age Group:: Teen+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The idea for Illusions: Ravens of Darkness started years ago when I was in high school. I would often secretly write in class as a diversion from subjects I was not interested in. I've always loved the idea of regular people in a familiar setting having supernatural abilities and being able to interact with and impact their surroundings with their special skills. I started writing it long ago, then life happened and I forgot about it. A few years ago, I came across an old notebook with bits of the story. I reworked it and completed it. It's not exactly the same story I started back then, but it has some of the original ideas in it.

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Featured Book: Ghost in the Graveyard by Charlie Comparetto

About Ghost in the Graveyard by Charlie Comparetto

A little girl, who dies playing “Ghost in the Graveyard” comes back from death to haunt her friends. But why?

Haunted by her past, Sally Sullivan returns home 10 years after little Martha’s death seeking to uncover the mysteries of her childhood, which include Martha’s “accident”, her Mother’s disappearance, and the baby her family has suddenly been entrusted with. Although she seeks a “normal” life back in her hometown of Mount Moriah, the ghosts of her past still linger… figuratively and literally. The “mean girls” who still blame her for Martha’s death, the cute boy who always stood by her, the secrets of her family still hidden somewhere out there. As Sally struggles to discover her true identity her family and friends struggle with their desire to protect her and her need to know the truth. And as Sally gets closer and closer to the truth, forces beyond her comprehension come to bare against her. The answers will be beyond anything she can ever imagine and her story just begins with her discovery of the truth.

This YA Paranormal Thriller book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Military Romance Anthology: Wounded Heroes Anthology by Pamela Ackerson

About Wounded Heroes Anthology by Pamela Ackerson

Five Degrees of heartwarming to melting stories ─ Five stand-alone swoon-worthy heroes that will leave you breathless from award-winning International, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors Pamela Ackerson, Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, and Nia Farrell.

* A Rosa for Russell ~ Who in their right mind falls in love with the enemy?

** Two Step, New Steps ~ Wounded cop Len Yardley doesn’t expect to find love while he’s healing from a gunshot wound but the air force veteran can’t help falling for perky Leanne Bobbin who brings out his protective instincts and makes him laugh.

*** Bringing Her Home ~ Can Thomas Raintree bring home the woman he loves, but had to leave behind?

**** As Time Goes By ~ Blake’s determined to find out who killed his best friend, and his widow holds the key …not only to the murder, but also to Blake’s heart.

***** Fallen ~ An Army chaplain priest’s faith is tested when he falls for his PTSD therapist.

This Military Romance Anthology is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Romance Book: A Small Town Christmas Anthology by Ciara Knight

About A Small Town Christmas Anthology by Ciara Knight

ONLY $0.99 for a limited time!

Are you looking for a clean and wholesome holiday romance? How about five heartwarming stories from USA Today bestselling and Maggie Award-winning author?

These “feel-good” yet “deeply emotional” stories offer second chance romance, mistletoe weddings, and even a splash of miracles with the promise of a happily ever after that will warm your hearts and curl your toes.

This Romance book is available in these Formats: eBook

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Don’t Eat the Scraps by Jules Price

“Don’t Eat the Scraps” describes the crucial and (as of now!) unknown theory of a behavior that men exhibit in the first six to eight weeks in dating. Women everywhere find themselves scratching their head, asking themselves the chin-quivering question, “Where did it all go wrong?”

In a lighthearted, provocative and hilarious way, Jules lays out all the things that women need to know in order to navigate, step-by-step, through the first months of any relationship, armed with some of the soundest Jules’ Rules dating advice they’ll ever receive to overcome future hurdles (and scraps!). It is a one-stop guide to thriving in the murky waters of the dating world… and have a few out-loud chuckles along the way.

Why aren’t MEN allowed to read the book, you ask? It is not a male-bashing book by any means! But if they were to become aware of their own unintended pattern of scrap-flinging behaviors, they would start implementing anywhere from minuscule to dangerously large changes that would ultimately affect the entire balance of this delicate relationship equation.

Armed with this new alarming knowledge, men’s behavior would most certainly morph into some kind of odd and unique strain of the original virus that would be much harder to identify, combat, and eventually eradicate! We simply need more women to understand that this pattern exists so that we don’t misconstrue their intentions, and we can all live harmoniously.

So please, for the sake of all man and womankind, no men allowed…

A MUST-READ, hilarious and considerate insight into how men and women interact and ultimately misunderstand each other’s intentions. Here’s the secret key to go from “Scrappiness” to “Happiness!!”

Targeted Age Group:: 21-59

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have been teaching women this fun theory of dating for the last 15 years! It arose out of my own dating experiences in New York City and seeing this strange pattern of behavior emerge in the first 6 to 8 weeks of dating. Back to back relationships (including my husband of 15 years!) all seemed to follow this same pattern of behavior. For all these years, every time I found myself in a position to explain the theory, the women around me have listened with eyes wide and their jaws on the ground, saying "You have to tell people about this! You have to save them!" And I have story after story of amazing women who feel like this advice they received has significantly attributed to their happy marriages today! Written over the span of 10 years and encompassing some of my friends' stories from the day I gave them this advice to now when they're married and happy with kids, this hilarious and oh-so-true theory is finally coming to light. Hopefully more and more people worldwide will firmly clamp their mouths shut in the silent war against the Scrapsters… and laugh all along the way at the wisdom they've gained!

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