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Featured Book: OFF GRID: Is There Anywhere Left to Hide from the Surveillance State? by J. P. Redding

About Featured Book: OFF GRID: Is There Anywhere Left to Hide from the Surveillance State? by J. P. Redding

Philosophical fiction, wrapped in a political thriller, with a sci-fi/romance twist. OFF GRID is a wild ride through a dystopian near future.

First COVID-19, now terrorist attacks. With the economy failing, the Feds employ every power of the Welfare and Surveillance State to control the populace. A key tool is PivPal, an indispensable smartphone used to track citizens. As civil liberties crumble, resistance is relegated to flyover country whose residents—derided as off-gridders—cling to the time-honored virtues of freedom, self-reliance, and charity.

Against this backdrop, Jenny Hernandez struggles to keep her rural church community nourished and safe. Hiding from the Feds, a team of inventors, and Jenny’s ex, arrive to complete the amazing plasma drive. They bring hope, but also the watchful eye of Big Brother. From the halls of D.C. to the remote wilderness of Upper Michigan, OFF GRID explores the trajectories of community, statism, and revolution in a fragmenting America.

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Featured Book: Moraturi Lost by Marti Ward

About Featured Book: Moraturi Lost by Marti Ward

After a wormhole radiation incident, a 20-year-old vetinerary nurse finds herself in charge of a mission to another solar system in another galaxy… with as motley a crew as had ever graced sea or sky… a crew of amnesiac patients.

Many of them don't know how they got there; none of them know where they are…

Three of them are teens who will find unexpected responsibilities, two of them are cats who seem to know more than you'd expect, and one character is a basic level-one AI who will need to step up to replace the unrecoverable level-three Quantum AI.

Hard Science Fiction, Space Travel, Time Travel, Young (and not so young) Adult

Moraturi Lost is the first book in the Moraturi arc and the second in the Paradisi Lost Missions series. Price has been reduced to $2.99 during September 2020.

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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The Cookbook & Guide For Your Probationary Firefighters & First Responders by Michael W.L. Fields

Hi, I am Michael Fields I have been a Firefighter for over 10 years, I wanted to write a book that is not only a guide to becoming a probationary firefighter or first responder, but also a cookbook to share my passion for cooking. This book will teach you the basics of what you need to know as a probationary first responder, and will teach you the basics of cooking.

Targeted Age Group:: 18 and up

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I've been in the fire service now for 10 years and I love the fire service and hope to be doing this job as long as i possibly can! My dreams are to show the world what firefighting is like and teach people about the fire service that are curious. I also have started a business called Fire and Entrepreneurship Services, this business won't just encapsulate the fire service, it will also become a business that teaches about relationships, finance, and overall personal motivation to get you where you are to where you want to be in life! I hope you stay up to date with my content and books i have or will publish in the next few years. Stay up to date on my website @ fire-and-entrepreneurship-services.com . Thank you for reading and i wish you all a happy and prosperous life!

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Cross Waves by Amanda Uhl

She can kill with a thought.
Gifted with an explosive psychic talent, Geneva Ericksen can’t risk letting Rolf Jorgensen in her life. If she does, she might accidentally kill him. But when Rolf’s sister goes missing, Geneva and her extraordinary abilities may be his only hope to find her.

He’s hiding a deadly secret.
Rolf‘s not about to let Geneva slip away from him, even if it means protecting her from his dark gift. As Rolf and Geneva trail his sister, they soon uncover a life-threatening plot: someone is attempting to profit from stealing and trapping their power in crystals.

To outsmart the enemy, it will take all their combined strength. But can they trust each other enough to survive?

Targeted Age Group:: 18-100

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Cross Waves is the second book in the Mind Hackers series, which is largely inspired by my work at a major Fortune 500 company in cybersecurity and my love of beach glass. I write paranormal because as I like to say, I’m a bit paranormal myself.

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A Way Forward: My Years In The Marine Corps by Christian Dattwyler

Can a teenage boy struggling with school, family, and drugs turn his life around to become successful? Not without the help of a nearly two-hundred and fifty year old institution…The United States Marine Corps!

A Marine recruiter uses every old trick in the book to compel young Christian Dattwyler into swearing his life away for government service. The biographical memoir delves into Christian’s mind as he experiences Parris Island recruit training followed by cross-the-world experiences in the Fleet Marine Force

Targeted Age Group:: 16-90

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I originally wrote two separate family memoirs. The first covering my family's arrival to Ellis Island through my teenage years. The second covering my four years in the Marine Corps. After distributing both memoirs to family members, my sister commented on my writing and asked why don't I submit as a book?

I spent years editing out details that don't progress the story and combining parts of both memoirs into the book with the goal of a full flowing story to be read as a novel

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Featured Book: The Future Was Now by J.R. Harber

About Featured Book: The Future Was Now by J.R. Harber

In a future world ravaged by ecological devastation, a remnant of humanity survives—safe and with every need met—under the watchful, calculating eye of the State. Gabriel is the best Contract Enforcer the State has ever created, trained from childhood to efficiently identify and eliminate threats to society’s vital balance and ensure every citizen adheres to their Social Contract.

Asa has spent his life in one of the State’s carefully planned farming communities, but he yearns for something more. The day after his twenty-first birthday, he sets out for the metropolis of Horizon—but compliance with his Social Contract turns out to be more complicated than he could have imagined. He soon meets the girl of his dreams, Eve, an outsider in Horizon who has learned to survive for years using her guile and beauty.

When an unexpected tragedy forces Asa and Eve to go on the run, Gabriel is determined to track them down and deliver the State’s justice. Their joined paths will take them into the Waste, farther away from the State’s seemingly omnipresent gaze than any of them have ever been. The truths they uncover will force them to reexamine everything they know.

The Future Was Now grapples with current themes of comfort, privacy, money, and societal norms in the creation of a world able to support all. This introduction into a post-apocalyptic world draws a head-scratcher as it provokes readers to consider what values they cherish most.

This YA book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: A Promise Given by Michelle Cox

About Featured Book: A Promise Given by Michelle Cox

This third book in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series provides a delightful romp through the English countryside and back.

Anxious to be married, Henrietta and Clive push forward with their wedding plans despite their family differences, made worse now by Oldrich Exley’s attempts to control the Von Harmons. When the long-awaited wedding day arrives, there is more unfolding than just Clive and Henrietta’s vows of love. Stanley and Elsie’s relationship is sorely tested by the presence of the dashing Lieutenant Harrison Barnes-Smith and by Henrietta’s friend Rose—a situation that grows increasingly dark and confused as time goes on.

As Clive and Henrietta begin their honeymoon at Castle Linley, the Howards’ ancestral estate in England, they encounter a whole new host of characters, including the eccentric Lord and Lady Linley and Clive’s mysterious cousin, Wallace. When a man is murdered in the village on the night of a house party at the Castle, Wallace comes under suspicion—and Clive and Henrietta are reluctantly drawn into the case, despite Clive’s anxiety at involving his new bride and Henrietta’s distracting news from home.

Delicately attempting to work together for the first time, Clive and Henrietta set out to prove Wallace’s innocence, uncovering as they do so some rather shocking truths that will shake the Linley name and estate forever.

This Mystery book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

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Featured Book: Burning Up by K.C. Crowne

About Featured Book: Burning Up by K.C. Crowne

This burnin' hot firefighter series will transport you into the blazing firehouse of NYC’s finest fire-fighters.

The men are as rough, rowdy and heroic as they come and they each have a special spot in their burnin’ heart for one very lucky lady.

From International Bestselling author, KC Crowne. Over 450 reviews on the individual books! One Click, and snag your special limited time pre order priced at just 99 cents. Price will go up!
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