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Featured Book: White Lightning by Jan Crossen

White Lightning childrens book cover
About Featured Book: White Lightning by Jan Crossen

She stood by herself. Her head was low, almost touching the ground. Her lower lip hung down and her eyes were closed. I knew her name so I called to her. “Winnie?” I said but she ignored me. She looked sad, forgotten, and alone. “Hey, girl!” I called, louder this time. Then I tried whistling to get her attention. Nothing. No movement. No response.
I stood there for at least a full minute, willing her to open her eyes and look at me. I knew that she needed a home and a second chance. I needed a riding horse. Could this depressed and angry mare be transformed into my riding partner for life?

Q – Why did you write this book?
A – I wanted to introduce readers to natural horsemanship as a way to connect and interact with horses. Horses communicate with one another through body language. Natural horsemanship utilizes applying pressure and release to communicate. This is a gently, non-bullying method of working with a horse. It’s a great way to build trust and partnership.

Q – Is there a deeper meaning to the story?
A – Yes. This book opens the pathway to discussions about our our own complex personalities. Each of us has multiple aspects to our personality, just like the mare in this story. Also, this story is about second chances. I’m a big believer in the magic of second chances.

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Featured Book: War of the Staffs by Steve Stephenson

About Featured Book: War of the Staffs by Steve Stephenson

War of the Staffs takes place on a world called Muiria, where a powerful vampire wizard named Taza is brought through the void, space between the planets, by a vengeful goddess named Adois. She lends him her powerful staff so that he can take over the planet and turn it from good to evil. Taza slowly convinces the Illanni, a race of dark elves, to take on the cloak of vampirism.

Nearly two thousand years pass before the scheming wizard makes his move. But his careful planning is jeopardized when Prince Tarquin is born to fulfill a prophecy and confront the evilest creature Muiria has ever known. The prince, however, cannot succeed alone, and when Morganna, an Illanni noblewoman, threatens Taza’s plans by starting an underground movement against him, she strikes her severest blow when she saves Tarquin’s life as he is struck down at the end of the book.

He is also championed by the wizard Celedant, and the young man is sent to the dwarvan army to learn combat skills. Tarquin joins an elite group of soldiers known as the Borderers to better prepare him for the coming quest. Then the wizard begins his search for the Staff of Adaman – the only object capable of defeating the Staff of Adois. [Read More…] about Featured Book: War of the Staffs by Steve Stephenson

Featured Book: Pretty Killer by Nolon King

pretty killer book cover
About Featured Book: Pretty Killer by Nolon King

Revenge is served…

Twelve people bound by a secret arrive for an exclusive dinner only to find that the other guests are familiar in the most troubling of ways.

Ella Boyer isn’t looking forward to attending the Bayshore alumni dinner with her husband, Noah. There aren’t enough pills in the world to numb her fears of seeing her classmates again … especially after what she did all those years ago.

Her sorority sister Heidi Blanchard, equally guilty, will be at the same exclusive restaurant that night. In the aftermath of their secret shame, Heidi’s turned lying into a sport and has lost her compass for truth. She’s there for a job … or so she thinks.

Bindi Bridges, former guidance counselor at Bayshore, has no idea about the alumni dinner or Heidi’s job offer. She’s at Crave to learn who her husband’s been sleeping with, tipped by an unknown source.
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Featured Book: God’s Gift by Remi DeWitt

gods gift book cover
About Featured Book: God’s Gift by Remi DeWitt

The world is messed up. Bad people are everywhere, and some make selfish laws so they can take everything for themselves. Devon wants to make it better, but she doesn’t know how, until a big, silver humanoid with lethal powers appears before her. Devon figures it’s a gift from God, sent to help her make everyone be nice to each other.
They set out together to confront the president. Along the way, they meet many people, some friendly, some not. Devon must work out who is good and who is bad. Who wants to help her, and who wants only to use her?

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

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Featured Book: Pitty Party by Lori R. Taylor

About Featured Book: Pitty Party by Lori R. Taylor

Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who loves you.

Maggie Allen hates being a delivery driver, but she can’t leave her small town to find a better job; her father’s too sick to take care of himself, her younger brother Jake can’t stay out of trouble, and her nagging aunt won’t stop meddling in their lives.

The last thing she needs is a dog to take care of. Especially one that’s spend most of his life chained up by neglectful owners.

But when Dad goes behind her back to adopt a pit bull named Cappuccino, she has to admit that the dog is good for the family — Dad’s tackling physical therapy with new determination, and Jake’s been helping out more. Despite the messes he makes, Maggie’s fond of the eager-to-please dog. [Read More…] about Featured Book: Pitty Party by Lori R. Taylor

Featured Book: Dark Desires by Summer Cooper

About Featured Book: Dark Desires by Summer Cooper

A Complete 8 Book Boxset of billionaire romance novels that is naughty, sweet, satisfyingly sexy, and sure to provide hours of reading pleasure that will leave you breathless and wanting more… Are you ready to live out your deepest, darkest desires?

This Erotica box set is available in these Formats: eBook

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A Whisper of Wind by Aaron Scott Wickel

Kinara Katari and her fiancé, Alator, both serve in the Guardian Forces of Alympia, each with different talents and levels of experience. When the unrelenting enemy Javelar attacks, they join their comrades in battle, but the results are devastating to both civilians and fighters. Suddenly, Kinara is no longer a bride planning her wedding but a warrior fighting for her place in the ranks.
At the same time, in a small rural town on the planet’s poorest continent, the Khiings family is beginning to plan a celebration for their oldest son’s return from college. Then Kinara, an old family friend, shows up on their doorstep, and an unwise choice first puts her life in jeopardy, and not long after makes her the custodian of Zaelek, the second Khiings son, who is just beginning to find the source of his own power.
As Zaelek struggles to discover just who and what he is, events no longer allow for a leisurely exploration of his progress but accelerate the process in ways he could never have imagined as he is swept along by forces beyond his control.
Everyone has secrets here, and as life devolves into chaos, some are exposed while some remain hidden as everyone must do what they can to survive.

Targeted Age Group:: 13+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was inspired to let my day dreams out of my head. I have always loved fantasy, adventure, elemental forces, and swords. So, I mixed those together. Of course, this was when I was new to writing and didn't know much about stringing scenes together to make a story.

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