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Featured Book: NO OTHER WAY by Willow Rose

About Featured Book: NO OTHER WAY by Willow Rose

Available for $0.99 from 03/25/2020-03/31/2020

Shocking evidence hits close to home for Miami PD’s Detective Harry Hunter as Willow Rose’s bestselling series continues.

Three women went on a road trip to Key West. Only two returned. When asked what happened, their stories don’t completely match.

Who is telling the truth?
What are they hiding?

Detective Harry Hunter of the Miami PD is in church on a peaceful Sunday morning when a young teenager pulls out a gun and shoots his own father.

Once the shock is gone, Harry starts to ask himself the question no one else seems to care about: What makes a young boy want to kill his own father?

When more blood is shed, Harry suspects there’s a secret buried in this town that no one wants unearthed. What are the people around him not telling him?

NO OTHER WAY is the third book in the Harry Hunter Mystery Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Featured Book: Lessons From My Mother’s Life by Tam May

About Featured Book: Lessons From My Mother's Life by Tam May

On sale for $0.99 March 29, 2020 – April 5, 2020

It was the 1950s. The war was over and women could go back to being happy housewives. But did they really want to?

Women should have been contented to live a Leave it to Beaver life in the mid-20th century. They should have been fulfilled. Women’s magazines told them so. Advertisers told them so. Doctors and psychologists told them so. Some were. But some weren’t.

In the 1950s, women were sold a bill of goods about who they were and who they should be as women. Some bought it. But some didn’t.

These five stories are about the women who didn’t.

A teenage bride sees her future mirrored in Circe’s twisted face. A woman’s tragic life serves as a warning about the dangers of too much maternal devotion. And the lives of two women intersect during two birthday parties, changing both of them. These and other moving tales of strength, discovery, and hope are about our mothers and grandmothers and the lessons their lives have to teach us.

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Featured Book: Call Me Sugar by Lacee Hightower

About Featured Book: Call Me Sugar by Lacee Hightower

One is my first love. The other my first lust. Fourteen years later, my feelings haven’t changed. But it’s not that simple.
I’m right back where I said I’d never be. Living in the house I was raised in, giving up an action-filled job in the city to return to a town that’s emptier than a tomb, working in a place that once made my skin crawl. All for a boy I lusted for who turned me down flat, and a boy I loved who walked away with my virginity.
But things aren’t as they seem.
Keith Ryker and Jason Lee are no longer boys … and love one another.
Can I forget the pain of the past?
Can this small, judgmental neck of the woods embrace my choices?
Can the secrets of yesterday become the foundation of tomorrow? Or will they crucify me against Springhill, Texas all over again?
I want two men. Is that wrong? Is it immoral? Probably. But I’ll fight until the end for the men I love. And if that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook

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Praying for a Miracle When it’s Hopeless by Isabella Milan

“Praying for a Miracle when it’s Hopeless” is about my physical, mental, and emotional struggle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer
while going through a gut-wrenching divorce, and a fight for custody of my son. In 2004 and 2005, I had many battles with
breast cancer resulting in two mastectomies and two reconstruction surgeries. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer
with a metastasis to my brain. Shortly after my surgery, I was sent away in a wheelchair and a diaper by my husband back to my
family in CA; leaving me penniless and hopeless. In 2008, after being sent to CA, I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus by Stanford
Medical Center. A shunt was surgically inserted into my brain to drain the water to my bladder.
I have no answers as to why my husband tried abandoning me, divorcing me, and leaving me for dead fighting for my life, and for
visitation and custody of my son. I may have lost a few battles along the way.
But, thanks to God, I won the war!! Included in my book are tips that helped me to recover.
I am currently enjoying seeing my son experiencing college life; a site I never thought I’d survive to see.
Praise the power of God!!

Targeted Age Group:: 18+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
After experiencing and surviving stage 4 breast cancer for 15-years, I wanted victims, survivors, families, & friends to know that getting diagnosed with this ugly disease is not a death sentence. Move through your stages of grief and fear so you can fight! There were tips I used to get better. Which is included in my book. There is so much that cancer cannot do! Re-frame how you view what your going through to potentially extend your life. Positive self-talk is a powerful tool. Negative thought stopping is another. I wanted victims & survivors to understand that they have the power! The power not to chose life or death, but how they will survive this deadly disease.

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My Sister’s Murderer by Serenity Marie

Samantha and Linda were twin sisters whose mother had died while giving birth to them. Their brother and father blamed them for the death of their mother and this became the sole reason for never ending hate for them in the heart of their other family members. Tired of being treated worse than trash, they lose all hope of strengthening ties with their family when their father announces that he won’t fund their academic anymore. Disappointed and exhausted by their lives, the two of them decide to run away and start a new life. Samantha wanted to continue her education and that’s what she did while Linda becomes an escort to improve their financial position and support Samantha in her dreams. Everything was finally becoming okay and their life was getting better but then Samantha disappears one day and 3 days later Linda finds her body, cut into pieces, in a sac outside their apartment. [Read More…] about My Sister’s Murderer by Serenity Marie

The Traveler of Truth (Sojourner Truth) America’s First Superhero By Gee Monte by Gee Monte

A slave woman escapes with her infant daughter in the dead of winter then returns to the town she had escaped from to legally outwit her former master, winning freedom for her abused son. She then went on to fight for women’s rights and laid the groundwork for allowing women to vote. All the while, risking her life to help other slaves and abolish slavery. Amazingly, she wasn’t able to read or write but met with three presidents, hundreds of politicians, gave speeches to crowds all over the country, found jobs for freed slaves. She spoke in front of congress. Challenged the first desegregation laws and helped shape the future of America becoming a national hero during the Civil War.

America’s First Real Superhero nobody hears about,
The Traveler of Truth (*Sojourner Truth).

This is not the normal boring documentary about Sojourner Truth. This makes it real. Her personal story. Why she escaped. The people she met. The problems she had to overcome. How she became so intertwined into American History and why the nation loved her.

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Featured Book: Jonquils for Jax, The Rousseaus #1 by Katy Regnery

About Featured Book: Jonquils for Jax, The Rousseaus #1 by Katy Regnery

*FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME: A USA Today Bestselling Romance!*

Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau is vivacious, rich, smart and beautiful…but that doesn’t mean she’s lucky in love: she’s dated doctors, lawyers, actors and politicians who’ve all managed to end up disappointing her. In fact, she’s on a self-imposed hiatus from love when she has an unpleasant run-in with her neighbor’s gorgeous new landscaper, Gardener Thibodeaux. Jax is not accustomed to gruff, ill-mannered men that can’t be charmed, but when he saves her skin, she realizes that something about Gard intrigues her…and if she can find her way through the armor that surrounds his heart, she might finally find a love that won’t let her down.

This Romance book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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