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Featured Book: Last Bite by Kai Lesy

About Featured Book: Last Bite by Kai Lesy

He's the beast that bites. And I can't stay away.

Meet Xavier.
Tall. Dark. Mysterious.
Older. Much Older.

The man I grew up fantasizing about.
I'm all grown up now.
And my hot neighbor, turned demanding boss is beginning to finally notice.

I'm feverishly waiting for the Halloween Ball to profess my love.
I mean he's pretty fr*ckin perfect.

Except for the small part about living off human blood.
Or him potentially planting a seed inside me that could change everything.

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Baby Bear’s Spaghetti Misadventure by Linda Karimo

Meet Mama Bear and her sweet little bear child, Baby Bear.
Sometimes he doesn’t do what Mama Bear says, sound familiar?

This one particular day when Mama Bear was cooking spaghetti and meatballs, Baby Bear bounced his ball against the cave wall.

Baby Bear knew it was on the forbidden list.

He did it anyway.

Mama Bear gave him the look.

He did it again.

Find out what happened to Mama Bear’s spaghetti dinner and naughty Baby Bear.

Targeted Age Group:: pre school through second grade

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Back in the Stone Age, well maybe not that far back…
When I was very young, I learned to read at the knee of my Irish immigrant grandmother. Nannie, as she was known to the family, was just learning English herself. We read all the classic children’s stories together. There was one in particular that became the inspiration for my current series of children’s books.

Moving forward, I was always a ravenous reader. I would often read all the books by a given author and then go onto yet another great fiction author. Espionage, legal, medical, suspense, and some “who done it” were my game.

My day job as a Copywriter paid the bills while I dreamed of writing an extraordinary series of children’s books.

So, what childhood story prompted me to write a series about those characters?
It was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My nickname was always Goldilocks.
I transport my readers into the world of bears whose lives are not much different than humans, just bear style.

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Sex, Race, and Robots – How to Be Human in the Age of AI by Ayanna Howard

In the movies, robots can be terrifying. In reality, thinking machines are disrupting the world in ways that are even more disturbing than in Hollywood fantasies – but they also have the potential to change our lives for the better.

In this stirring, visionary work, acclaimed roboticist Dr. Ayanna Howard explores how the tech world’s racial and sexist biases are infecting the next generation of Artificial Intelligence, with profoundly negative effects for humans of all genders and races.

Drawing on cutting-edge research, and her own experience as one of the few Black women in the field of robotics, Dr. Howard shares how she navigated bias in her own coming-of-age as a roboticist. She also reveals how the world of computer programmers and engineers, which largely lacks women and people of color, is producing thinking machines that too often think like their flawed creators.

The danger of bias in our AI-powered machines has never been greater. Governments are using supercomputers to track COVID-19 patients. AI is being employed to monitor Black Lives Matter protests. Voice recognition systems have been rolled out that can’t hear female voices. Dr. Howard delivers a stirring warning about the risks of AI and robots – but also offers an uplifting message about empowerment and where we need to go next.

Targeted Age Group:: 18-100

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The future of AI is now; it is seeping into our lives at an exponential rate. But rather than asking what sort of impact AI will have on our society, we need to start asking what sort of impact we want it to have. Although we might blame companies, developers, or even the government, ultimately we are responsible for the good as well as the harmful impacts that will rain down upon us. AI isn’t some natural disaster we have to accept. AI is being set in motion by humans. Through this audiobook, I wanted to be people's guide, pointing out solutions to mitigate bias in AI, suggesting self-reflections we can make to ensure we’re not simply passive consumers of AI, and sharing lessons from my life in the world of technology to show how we can all become better humans in the age of AI. As people's guide, I wanted to show how not only can we can build better AI, but also how we can become better humans in the process.

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The Sorcery Trial by Claire Luana & J.A. Armitage

Welcome to The Faerie Race—an epic adventure through a realm as compelling as it is deadly…

Fame. Fortune. Your most extravagant wish granted. These are the prizes promised to the team that wins The Faerie Race, the first and only reality television show to venture into the dangerous realm of the fae. But that’s not why Jacqueline Cunningham wants in. She’s after any sign of her sister—who vanished without a trace into the faerie world two years ago.

Jacq thought getting into the race would be the hard part. But she didn’t count on the other competitors—who will stop at nothing to finish first. Or her distractingly-handsome jerk of a partner, who seems to be hiding secrets of his own.

Plunged into a world where everything wants to kill her, what starts as a hunt for the truth turns into a desperate contest for survival. Now that Jacq’s in the race, it will take all her wits to make it to the finish line alive.

Targeted Age Group:: 20-45

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
We thought it would be a fun idea to play off the idea of a reality tv show, but set it in a fictional world with magic. The Amazing Race is a fun, fast-paced show, and seemed like a natural choice for the setting of the book. So, the Faerie Race series was born!

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Celestial Summoner: An Esoteric Paranormal Suspense Thriller by Kyle Robertson

A veteran New York homicide detective moved for the quiet of the middle of the country to Kansas, but violent murder has no area code jurisdiction.
He was assigned to a serial killer case in the middle of the country. There was no motive, clues, or reason to these murders. He was stumped.
That was when his partner suggested a psychic profiler she used to solve her cases. John was skeptical, but he had no other leads, so he agreed.
Can this small Czechoslovakian woman help this ‘by the book’ detective solve this puzzling case?

Targeted Age Group:: 18+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wanted to attempt a new genre in fiction. I am very comfortable with sci-fi, but crime novels and paranormal activity were some other interests.
I know this is a diction tale, but I wanted it to feel realistic. Even when you write fiction, you have to study facts to understand how to augment them believably.

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Featured Book: The Days the Lord Made by John Meza

About Featured Book: The Days the Lord Made by John Meza

Free ebook October 17th, 2020. The Days the Lord Made is the adventure of a mixed African-American teen, Michael Kelly. After moving to a small Midwestern town, Michael falls for the police chief's traditional daughter, Jenilee. Jenilee's brother is the head of the junior police cadets and takes issue with the young romance. He opposes Michael and Michael's new group of friends, the Latino teens of the town.

This YA book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

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Twilight Shepherd: A beginner’s guide to looking after your ageing parents by John Oakstone

So your parents are getting older, say they are managing fine but phone you every day for help? Your brother says he lives too far away to do anything? They need to downsize but the house is full of junk? Trips to your parents with your young children are driving you crazy? John Oakstone combines his experience of looking after his two elderly parents in their last years with his day job as a doctor to produce a pithy but optimistic guide to looking after your parents in their final years.

There is clear, honest yet sensitive information about planning care, ceilings of treatment, and how the process of dying actually unfolds. There are also some excellent tips on navigating the NHS on behalf of a confused and/or reluctant parent and effectively dealing with healthcare professionals. Most poignant, and perhaps most important, however, are the tips on staying sane, having a laugh in spite of it all, and making special memories in those final few years

Targeted Age Group:: 40-60

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
When my Mum finally passed away it was the end of a tumultuous 5 years during which my sisters and I had learnt a lot about looking after parents in their final years. But I had a big advantage, I was a doctor working with patients and their families in similar situations, so I had experienced this process from both sides.

The purpose of writing this book was to pass on some of that knowledge to make those last few years as smooth and rewarding as possible as you navigate this difficult terrain.

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20 Seconds at at time by Akshat Agarwal

Destroy the one thing that is holding you back from living the life your dreams in just 32 pages.

Targeted Age Group:: 14-55

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My own personal struggle with procrastination and huge amount of resistance I felt when ever I tried to do anything productive. So when I discovered this easy process of destroying procrastination and resistance from my life I wanted to share it with the world.

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