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Featured Book: Stiger: Tales of the Seventh by Marc Edelheit

About Stiger: Tales of the Seventh by Marc Edelheit

The long awaited prequel to the Award Winning Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer series that started with the bestselling military fantasy book Stiger’s Tigers.

A nobleman from an infamous family, Ben Stiger finds himself freshly assigned to Third Legion, Seventh Company as a lowly lieutenant in the opening stages of war between the Empire and the Kingdom of the Rivan. Third Legion has been tasked with pursuing a retreating Rivan army back to the border where the Empire can take the fight into enemy territory. However, a major obstacle stands in Third Legion’s path: the river Hana. The crossing is sure to be contested and dangerous. Should Third Legion fail to force a crossing, the entire campaign could grind to a disastrous halt.

This is Stiger’s first military appointment. Inexperienced, young and unsure of himself, Stiger is ostracized by his fellow lieutenants. Worse, he’s been placed under the command of an incompetent officer. With life and reputation on the line, he must learn to understand men far beneath his station and lead them into battle. Stiger struggles not only against the enemy, but against his family’s history and his own side to prove himself worthy of serving the empire he loves and earning the respect of the men he leads.

Set amidst the backdrop of an epic war, there are greater forces at work than the young Stiger can even begin to imagine, setting him on the dangerous and lonely path of destiny.

This Fantasy book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: Mirror, Mirror, A Legal Thriller by Deborah Hawkins

About Mirror, Mirror, A Legal Thriller by Deborah Hawkins

On the day that Jeff Ryder learns he is going to be made a partner at Warrick, Thompson, and Hayes, his past catches up with him. The State Bar of California accuses him of coaching witness Marty Lewis to lie seven years earlier while he was working as a prosecutor in order to convict small-time con man, Dillon Reese, of the attempted murder of police officer Christopher Rafferty, a former Navy SEAL.

Jeff loses his million-dollar lifestyle, but sets up his own law office, determined to clear his name, by proving Reese is the shooter. Jeff discovers that Chris was wearing defective body armor made by Armor Up Corporation on the night he was shot. Jeff persuades Chris and his wife Beth to bring a negligence suit against Armor Up and the San Diego Police Department for millions in damages. Jeff forms a deep friendship with Chris, but that friendship is challenged with Jeff falls in love with Beth.

On the eve of proving that he never coached Lewis to lie, Jeff is arrested for a double murder. If he uses his alibi, Chris and Beth will be destroyed.

This Thriller book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: The Fall of Lilith by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

About The Fall of Lilith by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

99¢ 10/15/2017

The Fall of Lilith is a dark and epic fantasy about the origin of angels, demons and other supernatural beings. The new spins on heaven and earth and angels and demons make this a unique and fascinating read.

“Fallen angels battle for survival in Quiroz-Vega’s fantasy novel. [Read More…]

Featured Book: The Single Most Important Health Secret Of All Time by Ronald M Bazar

About The Single Most Important Health Secret Of All Time: Personal Testing Via Body-Energetics: The Breakthrough Way To Make Optimal Decisions For Your Health and Well-Being by Ronald M Bazar

Free Book Sale: discounted from $2.99, October 14-18, 2017

Recent advances in the new field of body-energetics (informed body energy awareness) make it possible for anyone to learn how to apply its principles in order to learn what is best to eat or do for optimal health and well-being.

Imagine having a simple tool or technique that helps you know whether a particular food or supplement is what your body needs.

It is important to remember that we are all unique beings with individual needs, and with that, our eating and wellness choices will be different for each of us. [Read More…]

Featured Book: Forbidden Beginnings: Jacqueline’s Tragedy by William Rubin

About Forbidden Beginnings: Jacqueline's Tragedy by William Rubin

Promo Price of 0.99 from 10/12/17 -10/15/17

A senseless assault. An agonizing, life-threatening decision. In the moment of truth, with countless lives at stake, how can justice hope to prevail?

Forbidden Beginnings is the exciting, new prequel to Forbidden Birth, both of which are regular Amazon Best Sellers for Medical Thrillers.

With over 40 reviews and a 4.3 average star rating this thriller is sure to entertain. Order your copy today before this special ends!

This Thriller book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: Lethal Lawyers by Dale E. Manolakas

About Lethal Lawyers by Dale E. Manolakas

$.99 Kindle Promo October 12th-October 18th
☆ See trailer on YouTube Channel Dale E. Manolakas ☆
Infighting, carnage, and sexual favors are the law at the Los Angeles law firm of Thorne & Chase. Experience the cutthroat culture of big money law firms—firms where partners and associates must win at all costs. They cannibalize each other battling for money, power, love, clients, and ultimately their own survival. With blue-collar idealism and onerous student loans, first-year associate Sophia Christopoulos covets the firm’s money and power. But her new friendships, love, and success come with the shocking price of disillusionment, murder, and betrayal. When Sophia is hurled into a murder investigation, she is torn between ethics and firm politics, as well as love and truth. Fighting to save her career and life, she becomes the star witness—and then a target. ☆THE GUN TRIAL ~~ Second in Series☆
5-STAR REVIEWS: “Warning – don’t start reading until you have time!” “…fully-realized characters who explode off the page. Visceral. Sensual. Alive. Highly recommended.” “A strong, scathingly entertaining commentary on the Los Angeles legal community.”

This Thriller book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Featured Book: Dragon’s Flame by CHRISTY MOSS

About Dragon’s Flame by CHRISTY MOSS

A tragedy. A secret. A journey to find the truth.

Sybel watched as her mother burned on a funeral pyre, but she never expected her father to push her into the flames. When Sybel survives the pyre without a single burn she is banished from the village. Cast out as a magic user. [Read More…]

Featured Book: Sweet Desire Part 1 by Tanita Rose

About Sweet Desire Part 1 by Tanita Rose

Noah was everything she ever wanted, everything she ever dreamed about, and yet he was the one she could never allow herself to have. Her best friend’s brother.

She was too sweet, too innocent, too fragile for someone like him. Someone whose tastes ran on the darker side. Someone broken and cynical, steeped in shadows of his past. Someone who exuded control in every aspect of his life, craved and needed it more than he needed to breathe. She could never handle all he would demand of her.
Or so he thought.


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