Free Book: The Miranda Contract by Ben Langdon

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Supervillain. Pop Star.

Sometimes the life we’re given isn’t the life we’d choose for ourselves.

For the past five years, Dan Galkin has been lying to everyone about just how ordinary he is. But Dan’s the grandson of The Mad Russian: one of the world’s most powerful, and insane, supervillains. And Dan has powers too. He’s a living battery, able to absorb and discharge electricity with his mind. Normally he keeps his powers hidden, but when the old man returns with an offer to make his grandson heir apparent, any chance at an ordinary life is blown apart.

Miranda Brody thought she wanted to be a pop star, but now she’s got the international profile and the entourage, she doesn’t recognize the Miranda she has become. After getting caught up in the cross-fire between Dan and his grandfather, Miranda realizes there’s more to life than being famous. Staying alive, for example, becomes a high priority. And not falling in love with the pizza boy comes a close second.

Labeled by society, trapped by expectation.
Dan and Miranda might actually be able to change everything.
As long as they don’t kill each other first.

About the Author
Ben Langdon lives and writes in Narrawong, which is at the end of the picturesque Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. He has been a comic book junky since his teenage years, and now has three inspiring heroes of his own: Jack, Eliza and Luca.

Ben writes neo-pulp, which is a fancy term for superhero fiction. He loves the fun and bizarre aspects of early pulp stories, but does so with an underlying respect for the genre. It’s kind of a post-modern treatment. Think beyond the spandex and the superhuman clashes above city streets.

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Free Book: Stepping Out of Time by Rick Townley

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No one wants to believe the truth about what is happening to infants in a sleepy suburban town. No one, except a retired psychiatrist who learns the newborn fatalities are connected to an ancient Hebrew legend and a romantic triangle as old as time itself. Psychology blends with parapsychology in this fast-paced thriller about a doctor who must help the living survive the homicidal excesses of supranormal beings that step out of time into the modern world.

About the Author
Rick Townley is a short-story writer, columnist, editor and copywriter with a long list of credentials from major news organizations and publishers. He has long had a fascination with the occult and the supernatural, and bases much of his work on actual experiences. He currently lives in southern Alabama with his eight-year-old granddaughter Chloe, also an avid fan of paranormal fiction.

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Free Book: Relative Strangers by S M Mala

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An unconventional love story about babies, brothers… and the occasional secret bonk.

Family ties don’t come easy to Ella. When her widowed father Reggie marries divorcee Jude, she is inflicted with two step brothers to add to her current one.

She doesn’t want to be part of the mixed race ‘Brady Bunch’ and neither does one of the objectionable step brothers, Daniel. He constantly rubs her up the wrong way over the years, challenging how she acts towards her family.
But he’s no angel and is equally determined not to get involved in the family side of things hiding his own little secret.

But life starts to hand Ella some bitter blows, unexpected and heart breaking. She finds herself picking up the pieces for the loved ones around her, against her will and better judgement, while trying to hold fast to a family she never expected to have… or indeed ever wanted.

As the years unfold, there’s more emotional family conflict for her and everything she thought she hated, she starts to unexpectedly love… including the illusive and ever so slightly obnoxious Daniel.
But is he worth taking a risk on when they are relative strangers?

About the Author
Here’s the bottom line… I love to laugh, I love to drink and I love to eat.

I also love writing.

As a child I had stories going through my head. It took me a long time to realise I should write them down, therefore clearing my mind. Little did I know another one would pop up!

I wanted to be painter since I was a child. I was told, while being assessed at the end of my art foundation, I should go into drama or be a stand-up comedian. I’m short, so even if I did ‘stand up’ it’d be hard to see me and I realise that was their way of telling me I was rubbish at art.

I’ve worked in various jobs and I have been extremely lucky to do what I wanted to do… though I have a habit of changing my mind every so often.

If you want something, go for it. The only thing holding you back is you. You only have one life so don’t say ‘if only’ say ‘well at least I tried’.

Writing, like anything creative, is an exposure. Not everyone likes what you write, what you say or what you think… but some people do. That’s my focus. On the people who like what you write… what I write.
The stories are written in British English… and translates perfectly for all!

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Free Book: Evidence of Guilt – A Kali O’Brien Mystery by Jonnie Jacobs

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When a local waitress and her five-year-old daughter are murdered, attorney Kali O’Brien’s former classmate Wes Harding, with a reputation as the town’s worst troublemaker, becomes the prime suspect. Kali agrees to represent him, but is stunned when he refuses to help in his own defense, and won’t explain why.

This is the second in the Kali O’Brien series.

About the Author
Jonnie Jacobs is the author of fourteen mystery and suspense novel.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a law degree from UC’s Boalt Hall School of Law. She also holds graduate degrees in English and in counseling psychology. She is an active member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and has served on the Edgar awards committee. She is a frequent lecturer on both the craft of writing and the world of mystery fiction.

A former practicing attorney and the mother of two grown sons, she lives in the East Bay with her husband.

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Talon’s Touch by P. E. Sibley

This book is bargain priced from 07/31/2014 until 07/31/2015

The second year of their partnership finds Alex and Praed on the farming planet, Tallis, hunting for Talon, a particularly nasty but elusive terrorist. They have a lead: Randall Hamish, a drug dealer, has contacted Talon to help him clear the settlers off the planet.

Posing as a convicted felon, Praed infiltrates Hamish’s gang while Alex is sidelined in the farming settlement as his contact. When the meeting with Talon’s second in command takes place, Praed learns there is more to the terrorist than anyone realizes. Then Hamish discovers Praed’s deception, and Talon is anxious to take delivery of the operative as part of the deal with Hamish.

With Praed’s capture, Alex must choose: Does she disobey Henry Davison’s orders and go after Praed? Or does she wait for backup?

But Alex can’t begin to anticipate the events that follow, and the final outcome is staggering.

Talon’s Touch is the second novel of a Science Fiction Series about Mark Praed, a half-human half-alien operative working with the Commonwealth’s counter terrorist task force. The series follows Praed and his partner, Alexandra Lansing and the work they do investigating and fighting terrorism throughout the Commonwealth of Planets.

Targeted Age Group: 18+
Book Price: $2.99
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Last PLane out of Paris: Collectors Edition by Paul Moxham


When the Germans invade France in June 1940, two British officers parachute into the country in an attempt to rescue a French aircraft designer, a man whose designs could decide the fate of the upcoming war.

With the help of the French resistance they manage to get their man, but are pursued by enemy agents who blow up the rescue plane. With no other options, and with the full force of the German Army heading their way, the team decide to make their way to Paris, where allied forces still remain in control.

And so the desperate race to get to Paris before the Germans begins. Follow them as they escape a burning barn, get swept into a raging river, and survive a tank attack. Read with bated breath as they try to escape the clutches of a traitor, have the Gestapo breathing down their neck, and much more!

Blending fact with fiction, this account of one of the darkest days of World War 2, told through the eyes of two British airmen, is a rip roaring novel that will have readers eagerly turning the pages in an attempt to find out the vital question – will the British airmen get to Paris before the Germans?

Paul Moxham hails from Australia and has so far written three novels, one childrens and two young adult. He has also written a number of screenplays which led to him being signed to a Los Angeles based manager early in 2011. One of his scripts, Blizzard, won the Gold Prize Award at the 2011 Page Awards.

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The Butterfly Storm by Kate Frost @Kactus77″

The-Butterfly-Storm-Cover-SmallFour years ago life for Sophie Keech was perfect. A new start in Greece with Alekos, her boyfriend of just six weeks, removes Sophie from a mundane 9-5 job, takes her away from the difficult relationship she has with her mum, and gives her the opportunity and belief that she is finally doing something positive and exciting with her life.

But a lot can change in four years. An engagement, a domineering mother-in-law to be and the reality of life in Greece not being quite what Sophie imagined puts a strain on her relationship with Alekos.

When an accident forces Sophie back to the UK to look after her estranged mum, she has time to re-evaluate her life, her idea of family, where she wants to be and, most importantly, who she loves.

Targeted Age Group:: 25 – 55

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My time spent in Greece with my husband’s Greek family was the inspiration behind The Butterfly Storm. That and the beauty of the North Norfolk coast. The setting came first followed by the characters and then the bare bones of the story.

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The House On Blackstone Moor by Carole Gill @creativiapub

This book is bargain priced from 07/31/2014 until 08/06/2014

Unimaginable horror awaits you in The House on Blackstone Moor…

Rose Baines’ journey into the dark begins with the murders of her family by her insane, incestuous father. Evil has found a way in, as has the world of the undead. Will she become one of them?

The horrific discovery causes her to be incarcerated in two madhouses. Doctor Bannion, superintendent of Marsh Asylum, helps his favorite patient obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House, but why is he so adamant? The house, her charges tell her, is built on haunted moorland. Nothing is as it seems for Blackstone House, and its inhabitants have hideous secrets; the greatest secret of all is that of the blood.

Amid the unimaginable horror there is love – which comes at a terrible price. The House on Blackstone Moor is the first novel in Carole Gill’s Blackstone Vampires Series. It is an epic tale of the eternal struggle of good vs. evil, and a story of love that strives to prevail, despite all odds.

The House on Blackstone Moor is a sure pick for fans of gothic horror novels and darkest vampire romance.

Targeted Age Group: Adult
Book Price: $0.99
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Primani (The Lost Soul Trilogy) by Laurie Olerich @LaurieOlerich

This book is bargain priced from 07/31/2014 until 10/21/2014

Budding psychic Mica is a walking miracle. After surviving a brutal attack, she vows to live each day to the fullest. Little does she know her life is no longer hers to control. When Tall, Dark, and Annoying shows up to shadow her, she’s intrigued…

Powerful and ruthless, Sean’s assigned to guard more than Mica’s body. Her future is at stake, and it’s his job to keep her on the right path. There are plans for her. Plans that’ll change everything she believes if she lives long enough to learn the truth. Guarding one human shouldn’t be this complicated, but Mica makes it anything but easy.

As the clock ticks, Sean pulls Mica deeper into the Primani world until there’s no way out, and she doesn’t want to leave.

The Lost Soul Trilogy is a sexy rollercoaster urban fantasy romance that follows a budding psychic and the tight group of powerful warriors charged with her journey to immortality. Dark, funny, full of twists, and steamy passion, The Lost Soul Trilogy proves no one is truly lost.

Targeted Age Group: 16 and up
Book Price: .99
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The Picture of Cool by Laurie Boris @LaurieBoris

This book is bargain priced from 07/31/2014 until 07/31/2016

Television producer Charlie Trager spends his days working with beautiful women on a daytime talk show. But underneath his cool façade, there’s a hollow spot in his heart, waiting for the right man to ease his loneliness. Then he meets the show’s next guest, a handsome young politician with a bad case of nerves—and a secret that could turn both their lives upside down. (Short novella: 14,000 words)

Targeted Age Group: 17+
Book Price: $0.99
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Back to Santa Fe by W.T. Durand

back2santafefrontcover2rgb96-smIrish-Mexican-American Sullivan Ortega returns to his empty childhood home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to pay his respects to the last of his family, his sister Maggie, killed in a single-car crash. He’s driven to try to put his life back together, but he’s saddled with a terrible temper. He has few prospects or real friends, a taste for too much beer and not just a few run-ins with the local police. Most of the time, he just doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. While bringing his pain and anger under control, he finds a series of tormenting clues left on his doorstep. It seems Maggie’s death was no accident. Investigating the shattering details of her hidden sexuality and tangled connections in the world of fine art, antiques and the scramble for status, Sullivan struggles with long avoided questions. He uncovers things about his family that have been buried for many years. In a turn of luck, he discovers allies he didn’t know he had, including a girl he let down hard, a local Police Sergeant and a studded, lesbian barrista. It’s a rugged journey, and it may not lead him to a peaceful conclusion, but it is one he’s prepared to endure alone if he has to.

Targeted Age Group:: Adult

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Having spent many years in the world of trading American Indian arts and retailing Fine Arts, I wanted to tell a story of something of the crazy world that lies just below the carefully studied, tourism approved Land of Enchantment. Santa Fe was recently voted the best small city in the USA and I agree in spades, but maybe not for the same reasons as those who voted. If you’ve ever wondered where you might really fit in, and had moments where even home with family all around seems oddly surreal, you’ll be completely familiar with Sullivan Ortega!

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Arach – Whispering Souls by M.G. Schoombee @ReadArach

cover-2Raphael and his gang of otherworldly beings continue on their epic road trip to share their music with the world. Their trip takes unwanted turns as they meet up with supernatural dangers taking them to death’s door. Surprising new friends cross their path as they venture into the other realms, seeking the evilness that they need to destroy before it ends earth as we know it, and we the human race become their only food source. The same evilness who is sucking all beauty, light and love from our precious mother earth. Can all beings, humans and those from the unseen worlds, stand together to fight this darkness devouring us? Do they want to ? Arach – Whispering Souls is the second book of this young adult fantasy series, following Raph and his band of misfits on their journey of discovering their inner beings and the other worlds around them, whispering through the veils. It’s an adventure, with slaps of humor and romance, exploring the end of the world prophesies, in a new magical, mythical light.

Targeted Age Group:: All

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My love for fantasy and all things otherworldly.

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