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Featured Box Set: The Sweet Series Box Set: Books 1-4 by Bailey Ardisone

thesweetseriesboxsetAbout The Sweet Series Box Set: Books 1-4 by Bailey Ardisone

Discounted promotion February 8, 2016 – February 14, 2016.

This is the story of two girls on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Nari is a simple girl with a difficult start in life, but her world grows unbearably harder once she meets Mycah — a boy being chased by two kinds of evil; a boy who Nari is convinced is either the devil or an angel. But she was wrong. He’s something completely different. Now it’s too late – there’s no turning back once she’s secretly intertwined with a dying kingdom and that mysterious, dangerous boy destined to protect it.

Then there’s Namine, an elf in a different realm who is secretly tasked with a mission that could destroy their already dying kingdom if she should fail. She has the weight of the world on her shoulders, but the one thing she didn’t plan for threatens to ruin it all – falling in love.

Once the two realms collide, it proves to hold Nari and Namine’s most difficult tasks yet: Killing the false king before their kingdom is destroyed forever, and even worse, resisting forbidden love that consumes them. Will they do it? Or will they give in to temptation and let their kingdom fall?

Split between their forbidden love and saving their people, it’ll be a fresh take on elves you won’t ever forget.

The Sweet Series Books 1-4 Box Set

This box set contains all four books in the Sweet Series:

Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1)
Sweet Escape (Sweet Series #2)
Sweet Requiem (Sweet Series #3)
Sweet Redemption (Sweet Series #4)

This young adult book is available in eBook format.

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Featured Book: To Swim Beneath the Earth by Ginger Bensman

toswimbeneaththeearthAbout To Swim Beneath the Earth by Ginger Bensman

On sale for 99 cents through Feb 11
(Regular price: $3.99)

MEGAN KIMSEY, born and raised in a small Colorado town on the edge of the La Plata Mountains, grows up haunted by images. Straddling cryptic glimpses of events that foretell her own future, and events remembered from a past in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru more than 400 years before she was born, she must challenge her Catholic upbringing and the stigma of a mental breakdown following a childhood tragedy, before she can strike out on a quest for meaning. Megan’s journey leads her to South America and an expedition among the remnants of the Inca Empire, and finally, to a wind-swept outcropping high atop Cotopaxi Mountain in search of the frozen child she sees in her dreams. Accompanied by a team of archeologists and an indigenous woman of wisdom who becomes her mentor and guide, Megan must confront her ghosts and claim her own redemption.

This fiction book is available in both print and eBook formats.

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Featured Book: Dorothy Lyle in Avarice by Ella Carmichael

AvariceMMAbout Dorothy Lyle in Avarice by Ella Carmichael


It’s easy enough to hide the fact that you are a powerful psychic when you’re leading a humdrum nine-to-five existence. Easy enough when you are tucked away in your little house with the precious remote control clasped in one hand, and a glass of red wine in the other. Easy enough when you have made a firm commitment to the single life because having a needy boyfriend would be far too much like hard work.

It’s not quite so easy when you find yourself in possession of a fortune, and suddenly find yourself catapulted into a strange new world.

That’s what happened to Dorothy Lyle on her 40th birthday.

Discover how a woman who has been masquerading as normal for two decades learns to cope with what happens next. And things certainly happen.

Avarice is a work of contemporary fiction set against the backdrop of the global economic downturn. In the Republic of Ireland, all of the property developers have either gone bust or fled the country. Credit has dried up, not only for potential homeowners, but also for small businesses. There used to be a large furry cat that roamed the land and dispensed largesse with a shake of his feline tail. They called him the Celtic Tiger.

The tiger died. Or he went away. Nobody knows for certain. The only certainty now is austerity, misery, disappointment, and a general feeling of having been let down and betrayed by those at the top. Dorothy Lyle is feeling just as disillusioned as everybody else. Until fate intervenes. Or perhaps it’s providence. Or perhaps it’s an angel. Regardless of who or what is watching out for her, she hasn’t got time to be cheesed off right now because she is way too busy transforming herself into the woman she always knew she could be.

Ella Carmichael welcomes you on the first step of the extraordinary journey that is the Miracles and Millions Saga. A story of hope.

This fiction book is available in eBook format.

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Featured Book: Finding Justice by Ciana Stone

Ciana-Stone_FindingJustice_400x600About Finding Justice by Ciana Stone

Bestselling western romance that is capturing the hearts of readers.

It wasn’t just that he wasn’t looking for love, love scared him so he ran from it. Well, he’s gonna have some running to do because someone’s coming to town who’s going to dredge up all those feelings he’s been fighting for three years.

That thing about nothing ever happening in Cotton Creek. So wrong.

Only $0.99 now on Kindle or read free on Kindle Unlimited.

This romance book is available in both eBook and Print formats.

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Featured Book: Wicked Intentions: The Replacement by Theodora Grigore

WickedIntentionsTheReplacementAbout Wicked Intentions: The Replacement by Theodora Grigore

Anna is a mother who doesn’t really appreciate family as most people would, taking her mother and son for granted. Mickey is a sweet little boy, but who’s facing a harsh reality, being abandoned by his father and abused by his mother. Anna’s and Mickey’s stories are connected in a most unexpected way. Discover a story filled with ambition and frustration that can bring out the worst in people, in the first book of the “Wicked Intentions” trilogy.

Only at $2.99 on February the 2nd.

This thriller book is available in ebook format.

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Featured Book: Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales of Mystery from Hawaii by Toby Neal

The ocean, sunset and moonAbout Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales of Mystery from Hawaii by Toby Neal

Let ten writers who love the islands help you savor the tropics while helping children learn to read. All book sale proceeds go directly to Read Aloud America, a Hawai‘i 501.c.3 organization dedicated to improving literacy in Hawai‘i.

From the Big Island to Kauai, the far side of Maui to the bustling streets of Honolulu, experience paradise in all its glory…and darkness. Revel in the beauty of the islands, the passion of the tropics, and, yes, murder. On your virtual trip to the islands, you’ll find the Tiki Goddess Bar on Kaua‘i and a question of murder or Hawaiian legend, a funny locked-room mystery on a tour bus on the far side of Maui, a prison breakout with an unwilling escapee, and much more.

Our writing team consists of Terry Ambrose, JoAnn Bassett, Gail Baugniet, Frankie Bow, Lorna Collins (editor), Kay Hadashi, Laurie Hanan, Jill Marie Landis, AJ Llewellyn, Toby Neal, and CW Schutter.

This mystery book is available in these Formats : eBook, Print,and Audiobook

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