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Featured Books

Featured Book: Ruins of the Fall: Tree of Might by Russell A. Mebane

ruins of the fall book coverAbout Ruins of the Fall: Tree of Might by Russell A. Mebane

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Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violence.

When Black activist, Ramsus Zephyr, decides to stop talking and start taking action, are Black people ready for what comes next? Is the world ready? Enter an apocalyptic world were race and morality begin to blur.

This Science Fiction book is available in ebook format.

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Featured Book: For the Love of Dixie by Shyla Colt

love of dixie bookAbout For the Love of Dixie by Shyla Colt

After having her heart broken by Echo, Dixie Dunn makes a new life for herself, away from the Kings Of Chaos. Now, she must return in order to get her stubborn father back to fighting shape after a heart attack. She knows she’ll have to face Echo, as he has made it clear over the years that she still belongs to him. But she refuses to give him any chance to crush her heart again.

Echo, Joel Spencer knows that Dixie hates him, but he also knows she yearns for him. After being forced by his hateful father to practically leave her at the altar when they were teens, he realizes that he has his work cut out for him. One thing is on his side, he knows what she wants and needs. This time, he WILL make her his again, and to hell with whoever gets in his way.

This erotica book is available in both print and ebook format.

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Featured Book: A Glimpse from Christmas Past…Capture the Magic! by D. C. Donahue

christmas past book cover

About A Glimpse from Christmas Past…Capture the Magic! by D. C. Donahue

Told in the first person…” A story of a magical encounter with Santa, while doing some last minute holiday shopping one Christmas Eve”

While doing some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve a man has a magical experience. He watches a child preparing to get on Santa’s lap through a shop window and is reminded about a special Christmas memory. When the child gets down Santa makes eye contact with the man and they are immediately taken back to a moment they had shared (in his past). So the story unfolds as he stares through a window of time at a Glimpse from Christmas Past…

This Children’s book is available in both ebook and print formats.

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Featured Kindle Scout Campaign: Solar Weapon by DF Capps

solar weapon book cover

About Solar Weapon by DF Capps

When the sun is the weapon, where do you run?

A secret group has broken away from society and now demands the world bow to their power. If every nation on Earth doesn’t surrender total control, a Coronal Mass Ejection will be triggered on the sun, creating an Extinction Level Event that will incinerate the surface of the planet.

As the organization’s deadly power is demonstrated on a terrified populace, FBI agent Jake Hunter and NSA agent Honika Badger must find clues to discover and stop who is behind these attacks before it’s too late.

This thriller will be available in ebook format.

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Featured Book: A Driven Hero (A Hero’s Love Story Book 1) by K.C. Falls

driven hero book cover

About A Driven Hero (A Hero’s Love Story Book 1) by K.C. Falls

A Driven Hero is the FREE first volume of this exciting action packed romantic adventure trilogy. A wounded warrior’s love for a woman is tainted by the past and threatened by the present. When his loyalty calls him back to pay old debts, his bravery is tested in ways even fiercest combat could not equal.

Part One of a Hero’s Love Story:

I married a man with peculiar taste in whores. I didn’t see it coming.
I was a shattered survivor. I didn’t trust myself or anyone else.

Then I met a man who needed my trust as much as I needed his.
His subtle limp was not the only scar he bore.

Finding myself naked beside him was inevitable. The strength I found there revitalized me. The soul-deep longing he inspired brought me back to life. His penetrating wounds were a gift that only I was allowed to share.

He taught me how much loyalty costs.

This is a five-chili hot steamy military romance meant for adults. This book is part one of a trilogy of short and sexy reads and ends in a cliffhanger.

Pick up this romance book which is available in both ebook and print formats. You can get the ebook for free.

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Featured Book: Lethal Lawyers by Dale Manolakas

lethal lawyers book coverAbout Lethal Lawyers by Dale Manolakas:

Infighting, carnage, and sexual favors are the real rule of law at the Los Angeles law firm of Thorne & Chase! Complex characters immerse you in the cutthroat culture of big money law firms—firms where partners and associates must win at all costs. They cannibalize each other battling for money, power, love, clients, and ultimately their own survival. With blue-collar idealism and onerous student loans, first-year associate Sophia Christopoulos covets the firm’s money and power. But her new friendships, love, and success come with the shocking price of disillusionment, murder, and betrayal. When Sophia is hurled into a murder investigation, she is torn between ethics and firm politics, as well as love and truth. Fighting to save her career and life, she becomes the star witness—and then a target.

5-STAR REVIEWS! “Warning – don’t start reading until you have time!” “Author Dale E. Manolakas delivers with fully-realized characters who explode off the page. Visceral. Sensual. Alive. Highly recommended.” “A strong, scathingly entertaining commentary on the Los Angeles legal community. Keeps the reader guessing until the end.” “Wow! Powerful look into the law business!” BUY NOW ~~New Release Coming Soon~~

This mystery book is available in both ebook and print format.

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