Featured Books

Featured Books

FEATURED BOOK: Planet Urth (Book 1) by Jennifer Mar

PlanetUrth_jennifermartucci1Genre: dystopian, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, action adventure

The world has changed. It’s dangerous, deadly. Inhuman creatures rule the planet. Animals have mutated. The land is hostile. But it’s all I’ve ever known. Hunger. Fear. Panic. Those emotions are my reality. They are my every day. I am Avery, and I am seventeen. My father died a year ago. Since then I’ve been responsible for my eight-year-old sister, June.

I worry we are the only humans left.

Humans have been hunted for centuries, to the brink of extinction. I must fight each day to protect my sister. It is the reason I wake, the reason I breathe. But how long can I go on fighting? How long will it be before they find us?

More than two hundred years into the future, human beings are an endangered species. The planet has been battered by war, its inhabitants plagued by disease and death. Few humans survived and remained unaffected. Most changed dramatically and evolved into something else entirely. Irrevocable alterations caused by chemical warfare have created a new species. North America is in ruins and has been overtaken. Humanity has fallen at the hands of mutants known as Urthmen.

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FEATURED BOOK: That Wild Texas Swing by MJ Fredrick

Genre: contemporary romance

Liz Salazar has a reputation for being wild, and it’s well-earned. But the women of Evansville, Texas, choose to overlook it since she’s an excellent stylist, with her own shop on the square. But when the handsome young mayor shows interest in Liz, that’s a different story. Suddenly everyone has an opinion, and none of them are positive.

Killian Dawson has always toed the line. He continued his father’s legacy by running for mayor, and is leading the town of Evansville through the changes brought about by the oil boom. His one rebellion is his interest in Liz Salazar. He’s had a crush on her for years, and he’s ready to make his move despite the town’s disapproval.

The reaction of the town is predictable, but the more time he spends with her, the more he knows she’s the one for him. And she is ready to change her ways, but not until after taking him on a wild Texas swing.

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FEATURED BOOK: Getting Him Off Quickly by C. R. Lemons

Genre: Crime Fiction/Adult Romance

Paralegal Daisy Sinclair works for a well-known successful criminal defense attorney in downtown Fort Worth. She works hard and plays even harder, but has a code to never mix business with pleasure. This code is tested when her boss hires irresistibly sexy Warren Cole, a criminal investigator, to partner with her in a case defending a prominent figure against a double murder charge.

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FEATURED BOOK: Fork In The Road … And Other Pointless Discussions by Linda M. Au

Genre: Humor essays

Have you ever had one of those days when everything goes right, everyone smiles and waves, and everywhere you look, the sun is shining and the world is perfect?

Yeah, me neither.

But, instead of complaining, I knew it’d be more fun to write about everything that goes wrong, everyone who throws me off course, and everything I stumble over on my way from here to there.

Because honestly, it’s all pretty funny when you think about it. And I think about it … a lot.

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FEATURED BOOK: Tide to Atonement by Laurie Larsen

Genre: Inspirational Romance, Christian fiction

Life knocked him down. Faith lifted him up.

Jeremy Harrison served his time — ten years in prison paid his debt to society for bad business practices. Now released, his plan for rehabilitation is clear: put his faith in God, work hard and put his past mistakes behind him. The last thing he wants is to be featured in a magazine article about ex-cons who successfully re-acclimated into society. Worse still, the gorgeous reporter takes an instant dislike to him.

Emma Jean Slotky knows that one of the interviewee names in her new magazine article assignment sounds familiar. Her dad helps her figure out why — Jeremy Harrison was responsible for the destruction of his employer and ultimately, Emma’s family, all those years ago. How can Emma possibly face the man who ruined her family with professionalism, and not disappoint her boss?

As Jeremy works to redeem himself in his new life, acts of sabotage plague his fledgling custom-made furniture business. He and Emma discover growing feelings for each other, but how can their relationship blossom with such a dubious foundation? As pressures mount, an innocent life is put in danger and the two must work together to find the person responsible in time to prevent disaster.

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Featured Book: Aegis Rising by S.S. Segran

Genre: Action-Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, YA

Winner of the 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards – Silver Medal for Fiction

Over a remote northern forest, a small plane carrying five teenage friends flies into a freak storm. Struck by lightning, the aircraft crashes and the passengers find themselves cast into a life-changing adventure.

In a hidden valley, a mysterious people gaze at the stormy sky as a glowing object with fiery wings disappears behind a mountain ridge. The astonishing sight reignites an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of five chosen ones destined to become bearers of light against a dark storm gathering on humanity’s horizon.

In a distant city, a secretive organization led by a shadowy figure initiates a sequence of cataclysmic events designed to wreak havoc across the planet, beginning with a remote mining site in northern Canada.

As the three worlds collide, unlikely heroes arise. Armed with powers entrusted to them by the ancient prophecy and the resilience of their life-long bond, the five teens take a stand against a malevolent foe.


“RECOMMENDED. A title like this is screaming for adaptation as a successful film…” ~The US Review of Books~

“THRILLING!…grips onto the reader and never lets go!” ~Feathered Quill Book Reviews~

“A MASTERPIECE. Hunger Games meets The Eye of God with a dash of Percy Jackson” ~The Star~

“FIVE STARS. Unique and compelling. Delivers on every level..perhaps the best sci-fi adventure I have read all year.” ~Kathryn Bennett, Readers’ Favorite Reviews~

“RIVETING! Takes you on an intriguing ride through mysterious forests and mist-covered mountains to corporate boardrooms and global schemes. Prepare to be swept away on a breathtaking journey!” ~Honore Gbedze, SAGE Foundation~


“As a fantasy fiction writer I have to admit that I am a harsher critic when it comes to novels in this genre. Books in this class I feel should be able to captivate the imagination and place you in a different realm. AEGIS RISING accomplishes that and a whole lot more. It is truly a classic in the making!” ~ Michael Beas – Bestselling Author of ‘Strump’ ~

“If you are looking for a fresh, engaging and unique YA read, this is IT! No vampires, no zombies, no dragons, no teenage love distractions; Only pure, action, adventure, intrigue, mystery, dash of sci-fi, AWESOME characters and an AMAZING plot! This is story-telling at its best. The pacing is great. It starts with a bang then slows down to build the plot and give depth to the characters, then picks up at a furious pace before slowing down slightly to develop two parallel threads and then rockets at break-neck speed to a double whammy climax, ending in a cliff-hanger! What can I say except, ’Give me book two NOW!” Jason A. Joseph

“I could easily see something like this being turned into a movie someday. Gems like this one will surprise and please you!” ~ K.S.Puckett

“This is an exceptional book that will easily fall within the same realm as other mega successful stories of teenage adventure. Would not be surprised to see this adapted into a blockbuster movie.” ~WL Johnson~

“Hold on to your seat and get ready for the ride of your life. The action scenes are incredible and epic, something I can definitely see on the big screen.” ~Amazon Reader~

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FEATURED BOOK: Across the Veil by Alyssa Archer

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Historical Romance

Burned when her ex-boyfriend drains her bank account, practical and independent Cassandra Raines is determined that no man will come between her and the life she desires. Just as she thinks everything is under control an enchanted necklace circles her throat and alters her world forever.

With the aid of a local pagan witch, the magical necklace shows her a time when she was Juliet Claire, a well-to-do 1920s flapper, straining at the social bonds of her mother’s generation. Juliet becomes embroiled in Chicago’s underworld of bootlegging and gang warfare. When events of the present begin to mirror events of the past, Cassandra struggles to learn fate’s lesson in time to avoid the peril from Across the Veil.

Across the Veil blends historical fiction with magical elements to create a thrilling tale of adventure, time travel, and romance. Romantic, passionate, and bittersweet, this intelligent thriller will sweep you away.
Readers love Across the Veil:

“This book literally kept me up until 3 a.m. I don’t know whether to thank you for the amazing story or curse you for my lack of sleep.”

“Incredibly romantic and filled with rich, fascinating history.”

“Beautifully weaves two stories into a deeply entertaining read.”

“A refreshing change from the vampires and werewolves dominating the paranormal romance genre.”

“Archer brings the past to life and makes the impossible seem real.”

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FEATURED BOOK: Head In The Sand … And Other Unpopular Positions by Linda M. Au

Genre: Humor essays

Ever wonder what happens when an average wife and mother goes berserk … and writes it all down? You’re about to find out.


Patricia Lorenz writes in the Foreword: “I love this book. This funny, funny book. (Note the incomplete sentence, Linda?) Every story is funny. The way Linda Au looks at life should be bottled and sold as a panacea for eternal youth. I bet she never gets ulcers because of her funny, irreverent outlook on every single event in her life, big or small. She makes things like her husband’s tool chest and his TV-watching habits funny as all get-out. You need a tissue when you read this book to mop up the laughing tears. She makes teaching her mom how to use a computer, the art of folding sheets, a letter to Santa, renewing her wedding vows in Vegas, a head cold, a water bed, a wedding ring, soap operas, roller-skating, people-watching, bathrobes, fishing trips, and even lunch at the nuclear power plant the funniest things since whoopee cushions were placed on all the nursing home chairs. You’re going to love this book and no doubt you’ll be as jealous of Linda Au as I am.”

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FEATURED BOOK: 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life by S.J. Scott

Genre: Nonfiction and Self-Help

$0.99 during the week of September 22nd to 28th

Do you struggle with completing projects or specific tasks? We’d all like to get things done and become more productive. But what often happens is we put off important tasks and let them slip through the cracks. The end result? We get overwhelmed by the amount of things to do. In other words, “procrastination” causes you to feel stressed when you’re not completing tasks in a systematic manner.

It’s not that hard to stop procrastinating. Really, all you have to do is form the same habits used by countless successful people and make them part of your routine. While these people often have the same fears and limitations as you, they’re able to take consistent action because they’ve trained themselves to do so.

In the book “23 Anti-Procrastination Habits”, you will discover a catalog of ideas to help you overcome procrastination on a daily basis. Whereas many books provide a simple list of tips, you’ll learn why a specific strategy works, what limiting belief it eliminates and how it can be immediately applied to your life. In short, you will learn the root causes of your procrastination and how to overcome them.

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Featured Book: Mudflat Magic Books 1,2,3 by Phoebe Matthews

Genre: Urban Fantasy, contemporary “…Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of non-stop action, fantastic characters and a hero you’ll love…” 4.5 rating, RT Book Reviews This boxed set includes the first three novels in the Mudflat Magic series. Tyrant Trouble, book 1: Claire flees a Seattle gunman and lands in a world of barbarians. Not much improvement there. One aims a gun, the other swings a broadsword. Welcome to Mayhem, Baby, book 2: There is always a guy, isn’t there? He follows Claire back to Seattle and the terror escalates. Barbarian Toy Boy, book 3: Anything called a deathwalker can’t be good. Add thieves and dead bodies, and a girl REALLY needs a barbarian…. Link to buy book Click for Book Sample

More Featured Books

Featured Books

Featured Book: TREACHEROUS: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers by Gary Phillips

treacherous book cover

TREACHEROUS: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers by Gary Phillips

Twenty-one short stories written by Gary Phillips are included in the eBook edition of TREACHEROUS: GRIFTERS, RUFFIANS AND KILLERS. The eBook edition includes three stories (“Masai’s Back in Town,” “Black Caesar’s Gold” and “The Calling”) not included in the TP edition and two stories (“The Thrill is Gone” and “What Shall We Call You?”) were removed.

Alan Cranis on bookgasm.com said, “Phillips obviously loves his anti-heroes, as the stories’ major characters are all, as the subtitle promises, grifters, ruffians and killers. You may not be on their side, but you can’t help but be fascinated by their escapades…Phillips unfaltering ear for contemporary urban dialogue and patois, relentless pacing that grabs you from the opening sentence—oh, and plenty of sex and violence, too.”

Publishers Weekly said of the trade paperback, “Most of the 20 highly entertaining selections in this new collection also spotlight the hip urban scene Phillips has made his own.”

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Featured Book: The Apartment by Amanda Black

the apartment book cover

The Apartment by Amanda Black

Lily has spent a lifetime putting everyone else’s needs before her own.

Ethan is struggling to find a place in the home he left behind.

When the two meet by chance in an empty apartment, everything changes. Drawn together by an inexplicable desire, Lily and Ethan discover a passion neither knew existed. And so, they make a pact: Nothing from their outside lives will enter the apartment—not even their names.

But what will happen when the apartment’s walls inevitably come down?

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Featured YA Book: Brew by David Estes

Brew book cover

About Brew by David Estes

Only $0.99! Save 75% on the regular price ($3.99) when you buy Brew between October 1-17!

“The Walking Dead for teens, with ruthless witches instead of bloodthirsty zombies.” –Katie Reed, agent at Andrea Hurst & Associates

Praise for the Author:
“A worthy edition to post-apocalyptic literature”– Mike Mullin, bestselling author of ASHFALL
“I will be keeping an eye on David Estes”– Emmy Laybourne, bestselling author of MONUMENT 14
“Strong world building and vivid characters”– Rysa Walker, bestselling author of TIMEBOUND

Praise for Brew:
“Brew had everything I look for in a book: action, suspense, awesome characters, chilling twists. 5 EPIC STARS!”– Happy Indulgence Books
“A dark, thrilling, creepy read full of action and the COOLEST DOG EVER!”– Juliababyjen’s Reading Room
“An apocalyptic backdrop perfectly blended with an enthralling story of fight and survival, with a paranormal twist.”– Diva Booknerd

Salem’s Revenge strikes without warning or mercy, ravaging the powerless human race under the forces of united gangs of witches, wizards, and warlocks. During the slaughter, Rhett Carter’s foster parents and sister are killed, and his best friend and girlfriend are abducted by a gang of witches calling themselves the Necromancers, who deal in the dark magic of raising the dead. Rhett’s sword-wielding neighbor with a mysterious past saves Rhett from becoming another casualty of the massacre and teaches him the skills he needs to survive in this new world.

Rhett is broken, his normal high school life of book blogging and football playing shoved in a witch-apocalyptic blender. The only thing he has left is his burning desire for revenge. Armed with his new witch hunting skills and a loyal, magic powered dog named Hex, he sets out into the unknown with one mission: hunt and destroy those who took away everyone he ever loved.

But Rhett isn’t just a witch hunter; he has secrets of his own that he has yet to discover, secrets that his enemies will stop at nothing to keep him from.

And discovering the truth about himself is the human race’s only hope.

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Featured Book: York Street – A Ghost & A Cop Series by Jan Walters

About York Street – A Ghost & A Cop Series by Jan Walters

Brett O’Shea is a street cop, trying to make detective. He goes by the book and doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Until a ghost, Al, appears with an offer he can’t refuse. Al is an irreverent ghost, and claims that the ‘big guy’ sent him to help Brett catch a serial killer. Brett reluctantly believes that Al is real. Even though Al is well-intentioned, his antics are a beacon for trouble. The two men quickly find themselves on a supernatural roller coaster with danger at every turn. Although Brett doesn’t really believe in hocus pocus, he is forced to re-assess his beliefs as they close-in on the killer, who exhibits very powerful abilities. York Street is the first in this new series.

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Featured Book: Empty Shell by Ashley Fontainne

empty shell book cover

About Empty Shell by Ashley Fontainne

A pair of pink, silk underwear…

The quiet world of Melody and Jack Dickinson is about to be turned upside down. Twenty years of marriage hangs in the balance when Melody finds out about Jack’s infidelity. The betrayal is made worse when Melody discovers his lover is Serena Rowland, a young woman who works at Melody’s law firm.

A receipt from an overpriced hotel…

Harsh words are exchanged before Melody storms off to work, determined to have Serena fired. But when Melody hears Serena was murdered over the weekend, everything changes. Serena’s body is found beaten and strangled with a pair of pink, silk panties, in the same hotel that Jack had admitted staying at over the weekend. Within seconds of hearing the news, Melody’s life spins out of control when Jack calls in a panic. The police are at their home to arrest him for Serena’s murder.

Pictures of a young woman’s scantily clad torso on a cell phone…

Was she married to a monster? One who beat and strangled the young woman to death, or was Jack set up? Did Melody’s own dark secret, hidden inside her heart for years, have something to do with the nightmare they suddenly find themselves in?

Melody and Jack are about to discover that one fateful mistake will destroy many.

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Featured Book: Let’s Fall in Love Vol.1, Paris and Dubrovnik

Lets fall in love book cover

About Let’s Fall in Love Vol.1, Paris and Dubrovnik

Falling in love is wonderful! When it happens in a famous or unique city, it is doubly so. The two stories in this book tell of unexpected romance in Paris and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Both stories include U.S. travelers who arrive in Europe on routine flights. Soon, and unexpectedly, they find themselves plunged into fresh emotional encounters.

In FLIGHT TO DUBROVNIK, Dave Michaels is supposed to be in Dubrovnik for five days on work related business. After briefly seeing part of the Old City, he awakens in a hospital emergency room with a broken leg. After his startling introduction to Croatia, he is in for a passionate roller coaster ride of surprise. Dave, and the nurse he meets, discover new romantic facets within themselves and explore emerging love.

In MY TALE OF TWO CITIES, a French girl on holiday from college must return home from London sooner than planned. Soon after, her traveling companion makes a new acquaintance. He’s a young American just starting his own vacation in Europe. When he meets the girl his own age from Paris, who had reluctantly stayed behind in London when her friend departed, their lives become irresistibly intertwined.

You may never visit these places. However, once you read what happens to the unsuspecting strangers in these romantic and heart-warming tales, you will remember them always.

Get The Book From Amazon.

Featured Book: Betrayed by Wodke Hawkinson

betrayed book cover

About Betrayed by Wodke Hawkinson

Brooklyn is taken captive during a botched carjacking. And so her nightmare begins. Escaping her captors is the first step. Now can she survive the snowy Colorado wilderness and its resident recluse?

Lance is happy with his solitary life on the mountain. But his world is about to change.

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Featured Book: Ever After Series: Paranormal Romance Box Set (Steamy Vampire Romance)

ever after book cover

About Ever After Series: Paranormal Romance Box Set (Steamy Vampire Romance)

Fall into the Ever After Series, a paranormal romance box set, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.C. James. It’s only available for 99 cents during preorders–Get your copy before the price goes up to $4.99!

Eternal Ever After – Book 1:

His past holds a secret that becomes her nightmare.

Arie Cush has a secret that he thought he’d left behind. When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he’s tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire–he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade.

Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can’t resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.

Fallen Ever After – Book 2:

He can’t lose her when danger strikes again.

Arie Cush wanted Holly from the very first moment he met her. A night at the Hellfire Club (HFC) is filled with old friends and new danger. The long-standing feud between the faeries that run the Chicago Crew and a lethal toxin puts Holly and other fledgling vampires in danger. Can they stop a vampire-fae war that’s been brewing for nearly a century?

Beyond Ever After – Book 3:

The half-demon unleashed a force that can tear them apart.

On the night, Daeveena, a half-fey, half-demon walked out of the Hellfire Club, she left a tide of destruction, but everyone figured that was the end of it. No one imagined that she would steal something so valuable. Can Arie discover who is harboring her before he loses everything?

As a special BONUS readers get Winter Promises: An Ever After Christmas Story that takes place between book one and book two!

Available at these fine retailers:

B & N

Featured Book: Killing The Blood Cleaner by Davis Hewitt

Killing the blood cleaner book cover

About Killing The Blood Cleaner

Sex! Violence! Barbecue! KILLING THE BLOOD CLEANER (ebook) $1.99 AMAZON September 25 to October 2, 2014.

Take a ride with Dr. Jack Randolph, an Atlanta society doctor, on holiday at the Georgia coast, who finds his brief liaison with an erotic local propels him into the violent world of drug smuggling, a high tech government enclave, and a new life as prison doctor at Georgia Maximum Security Prison, where a vicious inmate, whose blood is the key to curing AIDS, challenges him for a particularly sexy nurse.

Get The Book From Amazon.

Featured Book: Changed, Secrets of the Fitness Industry, Weight-loss Without the Struggle!: Everything from Smoothies to Superfoods

changed book cover

About Changed, Secrets of the Fitness Industry, Weight-loss Without the Struggle!: Everything from Smoothies to Superfoods

50% off of bestselling book from Wesley Virgin!!!

You’ve been told a terrible lie.

The simple truth is that you are probably never going to lose weight by working out and dieting! The fitness industry has been pushing half truths down your throat for years. BUT…

Obviously people do sometimes lose weight.

It’s time to think outside the box.

How can you lose weight without struggle?

Wesley’s secret boils down to a simple 7 minute workout and a series of superfoods, which when taken together turn your body into an automatic weight loss machine that burns off fat while you’re watching TV and even sleeping!

Wesley Virgin is a master weight loss trainer. He has helped 1000s of people lose weight without any strain or struggle.

“You’ll watch the pounds MELT off your body …will throw away your “fat clothes” forever and will be sliding back into your favorite jeans from high school…just by doing a few simple 7 minute exercises and eating DONUTS!”

This is the promise that Wesley Virgin has made come true for thousands of people. Many people losing 1 pound per day! That’s a life changing 30 pounds in 1 month.

Gyms and trainers have already been proven to be highly ineffective (not to mention EXPENSIVE) for people who want to lose weight. Especially in today’s fast-paced fast-food culture.

Stop wasting time and losing money. Start losing weight today!

This book is a must have for anyone who is serious about losing weight but just doesn’t have the time.

This is the book for you.

Get The Book From Amazon.

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