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Featured Bargain Book: Discovery of the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 1) by PP Corcoran

discovery book cover

Discovery of the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 1) by PP Corcoran

99c Special until 5th July 2015.

5 Stars. 70+ Reviews – Amazon UK #1 Best Seller.

Start a new epic Sci Fi Series and explore with scientists, engage with marines. Experience the adventure!

The TDF Marco Polo embarks on its maiden voyage outside Earth’s Solar System leading to the discovery of an extinct civilisation destroyed by orbital bombardment. Deep underground is a mysterious library of alien secrets.

The Terran Republic unravels the clues, forcing its politicians, scientists, navy and marines to engage in an epic journey of space exploration, space battles and combat behind enemy lines. They must rally their forces to defend the Earth as they discover ‘The Others’ are coming…

Readers Say:

“Great sci-fi novel!”
“An enjoyable book for die hard military sci fi fans.”
“One of the best first contact books I have read.”
“Great story, great characters and flavoured with the futuristic spice we sci fi readers love.”
“I highly recommend this series.”

PP Corcoran’s Saiph Series comes highly recommended from fans of the Honor Harrington and Lost Fleet series, the works of Jack McDevitt, The Mote In God’s Eye by Niven and Pournelle, Asimov and Arthur C Clark.

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Featured Book: Maisy and the Money Marauder by Elizabeth Woodrum

maisy files book cover

About Maisy and the Money Marauder by Elizabeth Woodrum

Maisy is back! Lunch money has been stolen at West Valley Elementary, and everyone’s favorite fourth-grade detective in on the case. With a cherry lollipop in hand, her fedora, and her trusty notebook, Maisy steps into her black and white mystery world to search for clues. Join Maisy on her quest to unmask a thief in Maisy and the Money Marauder.

*All Maisy Files books are available for free to Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner Lending Library users.*

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Featured Book: The Selene Experiment by Wendy C. Giffen

selene book cover

About The Selene Experiment by Wendy C. Giffen

Free on Kindle 1 July – 5 July 2015

This is the first book in the new Science Fiction Adventure Romance series by Wendy C Giffen
Long ago a dying star sent humans fleeing across the galaxy. Separated and alone, they discover a gamut of life forms and experiences before they find various places to survive.
But not for long:
On the planet of Selene, an escaped human science experiment, Rowhan, only wants to survive. To do that she needs to prove she’s vital to saving the planet from an enemy within and an enemy from space, and is not the abomination the ruthless hunters believe her to be.

“Did he also object to them being aliens?” I asked.
“Both really. After all, aliens are just that … alien! How could they be like us? It would be like copulating with animals. Our race wouldn’t really have survived. It would have been altered, debased. Our civilization would have decayed before long, and we’d be easy picking for the Natog,” he added gloomily.
I gasped at his assumption of superiority. Didn’t they know anything about the planets we had been taken from?
“They were all taken from very primitive societies?” I asked.
“Well, I’m told that the ships that took them encountered no resistance at all, so they must have been,” Amar responded.
It amazed me that the greatest mistakes could be so elementary.

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Featured Book: Murder Over Kodiak by Robin Barefield

murder over Kodiak book cover

About Murder Over Kodiak by Robin Barefield

Murder in the Alaskan Wilderness
Why would someone blow up a plane over Kodiak Island?

Research biologist Jane Marcus senses something bad has happened as she stands on the dock waiting for the overdue floatplane carrying Craig, her young research assistant. Craig has been on the other side of Kodiak Island digging clams that Jane plans to test for the presence of a toxin that may have caused the death of a woman on that side of the island. It is a beautiful day for flying, but the plane is an hour late, and when the head pilot for the air-charter company arrives at the dock to go in search of the missing plane, Jane accompanies him. The pilot assures Jane that the plane is probably stuck on the beach somewhere, but when they fly through a mountain pass, they spot pieces of the plane and debris scattered in a remote valley. Very little remains of the five passengers and the pilot, and investigators soon determine that the plane was blown apart in mid-air by a violent explosion from a bomb placed inside the cabin.
Jane grieves for Craig and feels responsible for sending him on the field trip instead of going herself. She is determined to find out who planted the explosive device that killed her assistant, but to find the murderer, she first must determine who the intended target of the bomb was. The passengers on the plane included a U.S. senator in the midst of a nasty re-election campaign and the senator’s husband, a corporate raider with no shortage of enemies. The FBI and Alaska State Troopers focus their investigation on the senator and her husband, but Jane knows that each of the other passengers, and even the young pilot, has at least one person in his life with the means and motive to blow up the airplane, and she convinces FBI Special Agent Nick Morgan to investigate these suspects as well.

Darren Myers, the owner of a salmon cannery was going through a bitter divorce, and his wife, Maryann, admits she is happy he is dead. Dick Simms, the wildlife refuge manager was threatened by renegade guide, George Wall, after Simms conducted a sting operation to catch Wall in the act of breaking several fish and game laws. Jane also learns that Wall served a prison sentence several years earlier when he was convicted of blowing up his girlfriend’s father’s truck. Bill Watson, the pilot of the ill-fated plane, had a girlfriend who was possessive and demanding and also has a violent streak. She once smashed in the windshield of Bill’s truck when he went out with his friends instead of spending time with her. Furthermore, she grew up in the wilderness and was heard talking about how she had enjoyed helping her dad use dynamite to excavate an area of their property. Jane’s many questions pull her into the center of the investigation, and soon her own life is threatened.

Since the clams Craig collected were blown up with the airplane, Jane must fly to the other side of Kodiak Island and repeat the collection. She is happy to head out into the wilderness and leave town and the threats on her life behind her, but is she flying away from danger or toward it? Will the mystery of who blew up the airplane follow her?

If you love mysteries and the excitement of the Alaskan wilderness, download your copy of Murder Over Kodiak today.

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Featured Book: Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes

kidnappedcowboy book cover

About Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes

Kidnapped Cowboy will be on sale for .99 cents (regularly $2.99) until July 31, 2015 to celebrate the release of its sequel – Captive Cowboy. Kidnapped Cowboy has 4.3 out of 5 stars – 385 Amazon reviews.

After countless attempts to speak with the owner of the retreat for troubled teens she runs on the outskirts of Lone Tree, Montana, Caitlin Myers resorts to kidnapping Brandon ‘The Ogre of Lone Tree’ Barnes in a desperate attempt to change his mind about turning Stoney Brook into a vacation resort for the wealthy.

Retired rodeo star, Dalton Barnes, gets the surprise of his life when he’s abducted by a soft-spoken female with a ‘gun’ and taken to the retreat his family owns. He soon learns she’s kidnapped the wrong cowboy by mistake. She wanted his brother. Things go from bad to worse when a late spring snowstorm strands them together at the cabin. But it’s during their snow-in that Dalton learns why Caitlin has gone to such lengths to save Stoney Brook. Having had issues with his older brother himself and a not so happy past, Dalton promises to do what he can to help her.

When confronted Brandon tells Dalton he’ll hold off on his plans for the retreat, but only if Dalton agrees to stick around and help run it. Keeping his promise to Caitlin, Dalton agrees and what starts out as a common goal to turn the troubled teens’ lives around that summer ends up turning theirs around as well. Can a man who has always avoided putting down roots and a woman with a deep-seated fear of abandonment hang on to the happiness they’ve found together? Or will the past return to threaten their newfound love?

Love, laughter and a heartwarming read…

(If you enjoy Kidnapped Cowboy, be sure to check out the sequel – Captive Cowboy – where Brandon, the Ogre of Lone Tree, finally gets his very own happily-ever-after!)

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Featured Book: Lonely Heroes by Eddie Upnick

About Lonely Heroes by Eddie Upnick

The main protagonist, Roger Taylor, the CIA’s top agent draws the most dangerous assignments from our government. Taylor later teams up with Zera, an undercover Israeli agent. After working together in the Middle East, they are charged with stopping an alien attack on Earth. Later, they join a cabal of aliens heading into space to try to save distant worlds from extinction.

From a USA READER NEWS review: “After reading all four books in this series, it is clear that these interconnected stories would make for an incredible ongoing TV series. Each chapter in each book seems perfectly suited to become a one hour episode, with seven to ten years of material in these four books alone.”

This book can be borrowed as part of Kindle Unlimited.
Book Formats: eBook, Paperback and Audiobook

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