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The Dar Lumbre Chronicles by Don Johnston

In 2086, NatGov was poised to arrest Dr. Dar Lumbre for performing genetic experiments banned by law, but before the warrant could be served, a solar flare erased large amounts of national census data. During the chaos created by this massive data loss, Dr. Lumbre vanished like a will-o’-the-wisp and hasn’t been seen in fifty years. His disappearance triggered questions…..

Did NatGov assassinate him?
Did he change his identity and go into hiding?
Did he ascend?

Believing the solar flare to be divine providence, the enigmatic doctor’s followers formed the Dar Lumbre Society and proclaimed his timely return, not as a fugitive, but as a sociopolitical messiah destined to unite the divided country by serving as a nexus between science, politics, and religion.

CellTech geneticists, Crane Hopkins and Annie Lee, are thrust into this melee due to the failure of DL-666, the oddly-named synthetic heart tissue developed by Dar Lumbre shortly before his disappearance. Many people, including the First Lady of the United States, are awaiting heart transplants which cannot be performed with the malfunctioning tissue. Crane and Annie launch a frantic search for compatible DNA to make the needed repairs, but are stymied time after time because the records of Dr. Lumbre’s original work have disappeared, if they ever existed.

Dar Lumbre is of Mexican descent, and in Spanish, his name means “to give light.” If he reappears, will he establish himself as a bold new light in the world of medicine? Or will NatGov ban his efforts a second time and impose another scientific dark age, as the number 666 might suggest?

In a future socialist America, Houstonians face the vicissitudes of life as a rising political/religious movement predicts the imminent return of a vanished scientist, Dr. Dar Lumbre, the developer of DL-666, a synthetic heart tissue.

Geneticists, Crane Hopkins and Annie Lee, are called into action when DL-666 fails, leaving many people in cryogenic suspension awaiting heart transplants.

In Spanish, Dar Lumbre means “to give light.” The enigmatic doctor’s followers believe he will reappear as a sociopolitical messiah; however, the possibility exists that NatGov will ban his efforts and cause a scientific dark age, as number 666 suggests.

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Ten Threads by Richard R Becker

Ten Threads by Richard R Becker

Ten Threads is a brisk 125-page, 10-story companion to the bestselling, award-winning collection 50 States.

Published as a Kindle exclusive, it can be read as a stand-alone anthology or as a continuation of stories found in 50 States. Specifically, this collection features stories set in Idaho, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Utah, Pennsylvania, California, Vermont, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky.

• An Idaho farmer who earns a second chance at life finds that the past has a hard time letting him go.
• A risk-averse young man must make a bold move after stumbling into a nightmarish government biohazard. • An aging alcoholic vigilante finds common ground with a teenager in a secret witness protection program.

50 States readers will find that eight stories feel like continuations. The other two, while connected to their counterparts, aren’t strongly linked. Whether read together or alone, Becker’s body of work plays out like a puzzle with new little bits shared a few pieces at a time.

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SMART Objective Setting for Managers by Irial O’Farrell

SMART Objective Setting for Managers by Irial O'Farrell

Looking to make sense of objective setting, strategic goals, employee development, team competency and SMART? Then SMART Objective Setting for Managers is the book for you.

Written by a manager for a manager, this book makes sense of the objective setting process and how it links to both job descriptions and business objectives. It also deconstructs the SMART framework and how to use it effectively with another person.

Along with all that, you’ll understand the different types of objectives, determining objective drivers, and get an insight into both the employee’s and the manager’s mindsets. To finish off, you’ll be guided through both the preparing for and conducting an objective setting meeting.

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Featured Book: Lothar the Lost by Richard R Lockwood

About Featured Book: Lothar the Lost by Richard R Lockwood

Lothar von Richthofen was the little brother of Manfred von Richthofen, known as the Red Baron in the Great War. Lothar was not as famous as his brother, but he was also an ace, shooting down 40 opponents over the Western Front. He was shot down and finished the war in a hospital.

After the war ended a time traveling expedition arrived from the future to prevent the next larger war. The new arrivals built their own military organization, Lothar was recruited into the Terran Fleet and began a new career. Through talent and luck he rose rapidly, becoming a power in a star spanning empire.

An error in judgment brought him into conflict with Fleet Admiral Kosciusko, resulting in his exile a thousand years into the past. That is where this story begins. With a shuttle and a laser rifle he must now make his way in the 10th century. If you think such an event is impossible you should note that the Quantum Theory of the Multiverse requires every possible thing or choice to be realized. This story must have happened in some timeline universe somewhere or somewhen.

This is a four volume story, the next three are in the pipeline.
My goal as an author is always entertainment. I try to keep things informative but not too much, I try to keep the dialog smart and amusing, and never let the story drag. Please give my book a try and I hope you enjoy the adventure.

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook

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Intoxicated by Jeana E Mann

Intoxicated by Jeana E Mann

A handsome bartender with a bad reputation pursues an uptight accountant with a broken heart. There is only one reason Jack Jameson takes girls into the back of his bar, and everyone knows it. On this night, Ally wants to be that girl. Will Jack’s secret ruin it? An enemies-to-lovers, second chances, secret baby, sassy heroine, bad boy romance. Join Jack and Ally and all their friends at Felony Bar where the drinks are cold, secrets abound, and love is always on tap.

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Featured Book: Think Like A Computer by Terysa Ridgeway

About Featured Book: Think Like A Computer by Terysa Ridgeway

Limited Time Free Promotion (5/15 – 5/19)

Looking for an engaging book to teach girls about Computer Science? This is it!

Eight-year-old Terysa loves to solve problems. Give her some time and she’ll figure out how to solve anything.

So when Terysa is given an older computer for her birthday, she faces her biggest challenge yet:

Can she make it talk?

Terysa is full of good ideas, but will any of them work, or does she need to change her approach and think less like a human and think more like a computer?

This fun and interactive story introduces children to the basics of coding through an engaging narrative based on the true story of a little girl who loves to solve problems!

By the end of the book, parents and teachers will have a guide for nurturing early problem solving skills and encouraging healthy curiosity all while simultaneously introducing young girls to Computer Science.

This Children’s Book book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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Rock House Grill by D. V. Stone

Rock House Grill by D. V. Stone

Aden House, successful but driven chef and TV personality, refuses to slow down. His life implodes one night, damaging him both physically and emotionally. He’s rescued by a woman he thinks of as his angel.
Shay McDowell has rebuilt her life after her divorce. She juggles volunteer EMT duties and her job, while dreaming of becoming a chef. She finds her way to Rock House Grill and back into the life of the man she helped save.
Can love be the ingredient needed to survive the many obstacles they face?

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Featured Book: Zoomers vs Boomers by Sawyer Black

About Featured Book: Zoomers vs Boomers by Sawyer Black

They’re live-streaming for their lives.

When the influencers and live-streamers of Jackson High are selected as the winner of the Operation Gen Z contest, Craig Boucher and his friends can’t believe their luck. Sure, it’s a little awkward that Craig’s ex is on the team – and so is the former best friend who abandoned him for the cool crowd freshman year. But at least Craig’s got his BFF to lean on. And his hundreds of thousands of followers, of course.

The Zoomers think they’ve been chosen to compete in a secret competition to win a million-dollar scholarship. But when they get to the site – the rundown building that used to be the Oakridge Academy, an infamous school shut down after rumors of torture and brainwashing – they discover that they’re pawns in a brutal game of survival.

As they search for a way out of the booby-trapped campus, Craig and his friends are hunted by three fanatical Boomers determined to prove that Generation Z embodies everything that’s wrong with the modern world.
Millions tune in as the live stream goes viral, and the cameras transmit every move to the enemy. As the streamers begin to turn on each other in their attempts to survive, Craig doesn’t know who to trust or how to keep his friends alive.

Can these Zoomers come together to defeat the worst of the Greatest Generation? Or will they die before uncovering the truth behind this vicious contest?

Zoomers vs Boomers is an intense new stand-alone slasher-horror novel by Sawyer Black. Fans of Squid Game and The Hunt will be thrilled to death by Zoomers vs Boomers.

This Fiction book is available in these Formats: eBook

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Living Strategically With Joy by Jehiel Zif

Wondering what a fulfilled life of career, family, and joy looks like? This unique guide by a brilliant Ph.D. will help you activate a smart life plan. Walking the reader through events of his incredible life, Zif explains how to work on concrete objectives while recognizing signals for change, steering your future towards the things you want. If you like lessons from theory and life experiences with charming anecdotes, then you’ll love this book.

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You’re A Leader Now What?: The proven path to high performance leadership by Mick Spiers

Have you recently been appointed to your first leadership role or are you in a position mentoring developing leaders? Are you an aspiring exceptional millennial leader who wants to change the status quo and build a different future for other millennials?

In either case, this book is for you!

Your first leadership role is an exciting step, but can simultaneously be a daunting endeavour filled with anxiety. You have most likely excelled in your previous role, but quickly discover leadership is a whole new ball game!

Successful leadership is less about the knowledge and skills you have acquired in your specific domain, and much more about relating well with others, navigating complex interpersonal situations, and bringing out the best in your team.

In his ground-breaking new book, You’re A Leader, Now What?, Mick Spiers equips readers with practical leadership skills never taught in school and rarely developed in early careers. If you are looking to become a leader people naturally gravitate towards that inspires purpose-driven action in your teams, Spiers lays out a compelling blueprint to follow!

In this book, you will find:

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Featured Book: The Seven Hungers by Morgan Quaid

About Featured Book: The Seven Hungers by Morgan Quaid

Regular price $2.99. Sale price $0.99 – 05/13/22 – 05/17/22

“Jaw-Dropping action, a great blend of investigation and horror. I’ve never quite read anything like it!”

Grab your next urban fantasy thriller for just 99 cents!

Censured Crown sorcerer Ambrose Drake is hired to investigate a bizarre emergence in a city halfway across the world from his native London. Drake soon learns that a being from one of the Seven Hungers beneath our world is attempting to cross over. Flanked by his ex-lover and betrayer, Agent Karen Winter, and a young acolyte with a severe lack of magical ability, Drake must plunge once more into the depths to save humanity.
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