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Featured Books

FEATURED BOOK: Scoundrels & Dreamers by Deanna Adams

ScoundrelsandDreamers_600Genre: Popular Fiction

Rock singer, Charlee Campbell, aka Echo, can’t wait to start her new life—as Dusty’s wife and mother to her newborn son. Then the unthinkable happens. Baby Dylan is taken from the hospital in the middle of the night by a woman posing as a nurse. The kidnapping soon threatens the couple’s once-solid marriage, as well as Charlee’s musical career. As the years pass, Charlee begins to doubt that she will ever see her child again. Little does she know, her son, now named Ben, is as close, and elusive, as her next hit record.

From the dawn of MTV and shoulder pads, through leg warmers and grunge, Scoundrels & Dreamers picks up where Peggy Sue Got Pregnant left off. Charlee’s story brings back beloved characters while introducing new ones, whose affairs of the heart create the inspiration from which cherished songs are made.

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FEATURED BOOK: The Revenant by Elise Abram

Genre: Young Adult

Raised from the dead as a revenant more than a hundred years ago, Zulu possesses superior stealth, superhuman speed, and a keen intellect. His only companion is Morgan the Seer, an old man cursed with longevity and the ability to see the future in his dreams. Zulu has spent the last century working with Morgan in order to save the people in his nightmares from horrible fates. Branded a vigilante by the media, Zulu must live his life in the shadows, traveling by night or in the city’s underground unless his quest demands otherwise.

Morgan also has enemies. His twin brother Malchus, a powerful necromancer, is raising an army of undead minions to hunt Morgan down. Will they be able to stop Morgan from raising his army? How will they kill someone as powerful as Malchus? Is there more at stake than just their own lives?

Read more about Elise Abram here
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FEATURED BOOK: The Cloak by Sally J. Ling

TheCLoakAmazonGenre: Mystery

What if the world had access to an ancient garment that would miraculously heal anyone who touched it? Would it be a blessing or a curse?

This question and more face brash, but endearing, freelance writer Shea Baker, as he finds himself hurled headlong into a mystery of biblical proportions. The first in a series of Shea Baker mysteries.

Set in both South Florida and Jerusalem, the contemporary story gives us a fascinating look at biblical archeological history and introduces us to a number of interesting characters, each with his/her own reasons for wanting to possess the power of the ancient healing cloak.

An intriguing story, “The Cloak” takes us on a theoretical ride of world-altering possibilities. It is thought provoking and inspirational, causing one to consider the merit of belief.

Read more about Sally J. Ling here
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FEATURED BOOK: Reflections of Mamie: A Story of Survival by Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

Genre: Creative Non Fiction-Memoirs

Reflections of Mamie-A Story of Survival  is a sad and joyous personal account of growing up under the worst kind of adversity.  It is a story of survival during times of extreme suffering and deprivation that will leave you feeling Mamie’s anguish.

The journey of Mamie’s life began in the early 1950’s suburbs of Houston, Texas.  Mamie is a young child of four who was unwanted, afraid, abused and with nowhere to turn, learned that she had to stand alone.  Her only friends were her older brother, an abused child himself, and her nanny, who begged their mother to stop beating them.  The father, though he loved his children,  remained passive to the end.  A victim himself, the only protection he offered was a warning to stay out of their mother’s reach.

This story shares Mamie’s heroic battle to keep her dreams alive and hold on to her spirit. How she finds her way out of fifty-four years of abuse is yours to discover in her fascinating memoirs.
A must read for  anyone with a difficult childhood or anyone wanting to understand the cycles of abuse!

…S. Allan Kane, MD
“Reflections of Mamie” is the story of a young girl who spends her entire life searching . . . no, pleading for her mother’s love and approval, but instead receives only physical, mental, and emotional abuse in return. This unsettling tale is more a story of hope as Mamie’s fighting spirit leaves the reader in awe at the young girl who comes to life on the tear-stained pages.”

— Peter Healy
During the time this book is feathered, October 27-November 7th- it is offered at a discount but only direct from the authors web site. Two versions are available as follows for this special offer:

Paperback with black and white photographs retails for $17.95 but of two weeks is available at $13.95 plus media shipping

Hardcover version with color photographs retails for $34.95 but also available for two weeks at $25.00 plus media shipping You MUST write to me through the web site for this special. Payment will be billed through PayPal.

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FEATURED BOOK: Khe by Alexes Razevich

Khe-cover-brightGenre: Science Fiction, fantasy, dystopian, action/adventure, coming-of-age

Khe loves her simple life on a farming commune, until she discovers that her gift for pushing the crops is a death sentence. Fleeing across the treacherous wilderness, she makes her way to the city of Chimbalay, searching for the orindles who might save her. But Chimbalay has its own dangers. The Powers are there—the secret rulers who have chosen Khe to be the mother of a monstrous new race.

Neither “man in space” SciFi nor classical fantasy, Khe deftly blends elements of both while satisfying those wanting something new in a dystopian story. Readers looking for solid world-building and fresh, fully-realized characters will especially enjoy this book.

Khe has been awarded over 100 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Read more about Alexes Razevich here
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FEATURED BOOK: Roving Enchantments by Bruce Hesselbach

Genre: Poetry

New Formalism is alive and well in this collection of poetry which includes many traditional and innovative forms. The subjects range from alchemy to war, in settings as exotic as the Taj Mahal or as local as a mountaintop in Massachusetts.
“This book is a delight, full of surprises that leave the reader wishing there were more pages to go.” Rhina P. Espaillat, author of eleven poetry collections and winner of the Richard Wilbur award.
“An amazing collection of poetic ventures… truly enchanting.” Joseph S. Salemi, poet and editor of Trinacria.
Bruce Hesselbach is an attorney who lives in Newfane, Vermont. Roving Enchantments, published in May, 2014 by White Violet Press, is his first book of poetry. To date, 62 of his poems have been published in the small presses and another will be appearing soon. His first novel, Perpetual Motion, published by Cogwheel Press in 2013, is a steampunk novel set in Switzerland and Germany from 1876 to 1889, a love story between a time traveler’s daughter and a doomed inventor threatening to help Germany win the Great War.
Previously Bruce wrote High Ledges, Green Mountains (Bondcliff Books 2005), a memoir about hiking Vermont’s 270 mile Long Trail. An avid hiker, he has climbed over 500 different mountains to date. He is the author of nine published short stories, including one just recently published online by Bewildering Stories. As chairman of the Newfane Conservation Commission, Bruce helped create hiking trails in the Newfane Town Forest. He graduated cum laude from Yale in 1972 with a BA in English, and received a JD in 1975 from Villanova Law School. His favorite reading matter includes Travel and Exploration, history, fantasy and steampunk.

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FEATURED BOOK: Dark Digital Sky by Carac Allison

DarkDigitalSkyGenre: Crime/thriller

LA Private Investigator Chalk has pulp fiction ink in his veins. But he brings more than gumshoe wisecracks to the new noir landscape. The tools of his trade are an unregistered Glock, a Porsche 911 and the hacker hardware to read your emails and listen in on your phone calls.

“Dark Digital Sky” is the first in the Dark Pantheon series. It starts with a job to find three adult sons fathered through a sperm bank. But then the brothers connect to a violent underworld heist. They become the critical link to a domestic terrorist stealing pharmaceutical drugs for veterans. And this madman is planning a video game style attack against the nation.

These are quotes from crime blogs and zines:

“The next generation of PI has arrived and his name is Chalk.”
-Crime Thriller Hound

“Fresh. Fast. Innovative. A cyberpunk revival of 1950’s hardboiled crime.”
-Mav Skye, Pulp Metal Magazine

“A geeky technothriller for the 21st Century.”
-Marika, Mystery Sequels

“‘Dark Digital Sky’ is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a model of ‘geek noir.’ It’s a must-read for anyone looking for a distinctive, unique literary voice.”
-Blog THIS Pal

This is a small sample of what readers are saying on Amazon:

“Imagine if Phillip Marlowe’s genes were spliced with Sherlock Holmes in this day and age. You’d end up with the anti-hero of this book, the brilliant, if heavily troubled, cynical gumshoe named Chalk.”
-Rick Gualtieri

“ . . .Chalk is decidedly like Marlowe or Mickey Spillane, Lew Archer or Sam Spade: you want him on your side when the chips are down.”
-E. Lee Zimmerman

“Carac has erected a whole new temple unto crime, which sets the bar extremely high for others wishing to imitate Carac’s genius.”
-D. West ‘Bones’

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FEATURED BOOK: Monsters Around the Campfire by Donovan Scherer

Genre: Scary Stories

Even on a hot summer night, there can be chills around a campfire. For Ollie Carothers and his fellow campers, the goal was simple – have the best time ever.
In the glow of the fire, stories are told, one camper to another. But are they just stories? What snapped the branch? Is that just a shadow? What lurks under the surface of the swimming hole?
Could it really be …

Monsters Around the Campfire is collection of five short stories all brought together by a group of kids at summer camp. The book features 13 illustrations by the author.

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FEATURED BOOK: Swept Away Volume 1 by Jennifer Haymore

Swept-Away-1Genre: Contemporary Romance

He is everywhere. He surrounds me, wends his way under my skin. I can’t escape his strength, his intensity, his presence.

I’m trapped.
There’s nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.

But even if I could escape…would I be strong enough to leave?

I needed something—something big—to get myself out of the rut I’d fallen into after the car accident that killed my sister. This sailing trip was meant only to mark a new chapter in my life. Until Ethan Williams stepped on board.

Ethan radiated confidence. His darkly handsome good looks and ocean-blue eyes mesmerized me. But it was the way he looked at me that drew me in. He wasn’t looking at my past or at my scars, but the real me behind all that baggage I was trying so hard to leave behind.

But Ethan had secrets—dark, dangerous secrets. I was trapped in the middle of the ocean in a tangle of lies, sex, and violence. The problem was, I was happy to be trapped forever…if it meant I could have him.

Warning: Swept Away is a 4-part serial. This story is messy and twisted and very, very sexy. It is not for people under 18.

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Featured Book: 25 Ways To Improve Your Website by Vinny O’Hare

25 ways to improve your website book cover

About 25 Ways To Improve Your Website by Vinny O’Hare – Free 10/20/2014

25 Ways To Improve Your Website is all about simple steps you can take to optimize your website or blog using a common sense approach. In this book Vinny explains a few steps that most people miss when they are setting up a website or blog. You will get steps on fixing your blog so it can be found in the search engines.

25 easy to follow steps that will improve your website and your traffic. Some topics covered in the book are:

Your Website Now – Keywords – Free Tools – Colors – Title Tags – Meta Description Tag – Meta Keyword Tags – Search Box – Logo – About Us Page – Blogs – Contact Us Page – Privacy Policy – Trust – Email Newsletter – Navigation – Backlinks – Images – Videos – Landing Pages – Internal Linking – On Page Content – Site Speed – Blogs in Niche – and Using Forums.

There is also some social media tips at the end of the book as a bonus.

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More Featured Books

Featured Books

Featured YA Book: KissnTell by Allison Swan and Suzy McCoppin


About KissnTell by Allison Swan and Suzy McCoppin

Anais and Vaughn are best friends, misfits, and known throughout their high school as Anus and Vag—nicknames coined by the popular Shrew Crew. But after the sixteen-year-olds are the subjects of a humiliating prank involving laxatives, it’s the last social crucifixion they can stand.

So the girls amp up their plain-Jane looks and hit the L.A. scene with a vengeance. What starts as an innocent first kiss with TV star and mega-hunk Baron Caldwell becomes the start of a hot gossip blog, KissnTell.com.

Anais and Vaughn soon secure their place in the limelight. Anais finds a boy she really cares about, and Vaughn finds the popularity she’s always wanted. But when the girls are shaken by a devastating situation, they see their friendship fall apart. Can they use KissnTell to their advantage while getting the revenge they deserve? Or will Anais lose Vaughn to the Shrew Crew forever?

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Featured Book: The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton by Rene Natan

The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton book cover

About The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton by Rene Natan

In short: Three women scar Detective Stephen Carlton’s heart. There’s April who makes him know the vortex of passion and then Gillian who gives him a family. But misfortune seems to befall his lovers. Only after years of tribulations Stephen falls in love again—this time with beautiful Livia—a fugitive accused of a horrendous murder. Now he has to choose between duty and love.

More of The Loves and…

A native of New Brunswick, Canada, Stephen William Carlton has looks and ability, but poor luck in love.
Raised by a single mother, Steve gives up the dream of being a pilot to appease his mother’s anxiety; Steve’s father died while testing a new aircraft when Steve was only a few weeks old.
After following a training course with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he finds a job as a constable with the Leesmer police squad.
His first real love is April, a beautiful young woman of loose morals. Even if in love with her, he refrained from dating her, providing her, however, with emotional and professional support. He longs for her, though—but this romance is not in the cards.
Steve licks his wounds by plunging into work—and soon he makes a name for himself as one of the most capable detectives in the province. He solves difficult cases and is promoted to sergeant.
Sometime later he meets Gillian, a student in journalism. Eros strikes again. They fall in love and get married. Family life seems bliss, as three children enrich their lives. Destiny is not in favor of this relationship either, and, once more, Steve finds himself alone; he dives into his work and parenting, suffering in solitude.
Years pass before the next woman comes into Steve’s life—she has been trained as an athlete, she is blond, attractive and twenty years his junior. This woman, Mary Livia White, plays with high stakes—her own life. She is being chased by the law for the hideous torture and murder of prominent lawyer Peter Bishop.

Peter Bishop’s murder is quite gruesome—and the entire police squad is on Livia’s track. It is a massive manhunt played on the table, on the computer networks, and on the phone: done with anger, viciously, without sparing any semi legal actions.

And Deputy Chief Stephen William Carton is dispatched to South America to catch her.

A tapestry of characters surround Steve. There is Albertine, a titled lady of the jet-set whom Steve had met while vacationing in Italy; Steve’s half-brother Michael, who needs Steve’s help to free his girlfriend from the kidnappers; Steve’s children Gordon, Larry and Luke with whom he goes moose hunting in the forests of the north; his colleague Carl Atkin of the Leesmer police squad; Osvaldo Castillo, Livia’s friend and trainer; the old chief of police, who hired him and guided through his career; Vern Simpson, the new police chief who had failed to arrest Livia when he had the occasion; Edward White, the founder and supporter of an organization to protect marine species, and Marline Ferguson, an amateur theater director.

Follow the vicissitudes of Stephen William Carlton as his personal life and career unfold before your eyes.

Directly from the author.
I structured this novel in three books. Each book contains a mystery/crime that Steve solves brilliantly. Each part, however, also contains a different kind of love. Book 1 is about the emotional and physical reaction a person experiences when she/he is attracted by another human being, for the first time, and very strongly so. Book 2 focuses on one of those extended relationships that gives stability to everyday life: the ideal setting for raising a family. Book 3 is about the courage of risking your heart one more time. Three women make a mark in Steve’s life: April, Gillian and Livia. The first is passion, the second is family, the third is partnership.

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Featured Book: SEO 2014: Learn Search Engine Optimization by Adam Clarke

seo 2014 book cover

About SEO 2014: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke

Time-limited sale for 99c down from $4.99

Learn little known SEO techniques to rank at the top of Google with SEO 2014. SEO 2014 walks you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless companies online, and show you how to rank at the top of Google.

– Social media hacks to skyrocket traffic and rankings for your site.
– How to find “money” keywords that will send customers to your site.
– How to get expert SEO or internet marketing advice, completely free.
– 20+ of the powerful tools top internet marketing experts are using to automate their search engine optimization (most of these tools are free).
– Latest Google updates and how to avoid being penalised.
– Bonus chapter on pay-per-click advertising

SEO 2014 contains everything you need to learn SEO and dominate search engines in 2014. Click through to have a look and get started right away!

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Featured Book: His (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel) by Aubrey Dark

His book cover

About His (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel) by Aubrey Dark

I never meant to be here: tied up in bed next to a serial killer.

When I followed him home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out his secret. His kiss was intoxicating, and I thought he was harmless.

I was wrong.

Nancy Drew never ended up in a basement, handcuffed to a radiator, teased to the edge of insanity, begging to be let go.

Soon, I stopped begging to be let go.

Soon, I started begging to be HIS.

Author’s Note: This is a dark romance novel with mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable.

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Featured Book: Healing Submission: Tales of Hurt and Comfort Boxed Set

healing submission book cover

About Healing Submission: Tales of Hurt and Comfort Boxed Set

Safety. Security. Trust. Discipline.

How do you heal a shattered heart? With their dominants’ masterful handling and unique approaches to comfort, these lovers with hurt and trauma in their pasts get another chance at finding the love they deserve.

This boxed set contains ten novels from bestselling D/s romance authors including NYT/USA Today bestsellers Anna Antonia, Adriana Hunter, Selena Kitt and Linda Barlow. Some books are from existing series, but each book stands alone – no cliffhangers!

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Featured Bargain Book: Royal Institute of Magic by Victor Kloss

royal institute of magic book cover

About Royal Institute of Magic by Victor Kloss

Book on sale for $0.99 (original price $2.99).

Two years ago, Ben Greenwood’s parents walked out the door and never returned. The police have all but given up finding them when Ben stumbles upon a peculiar letter addressed to his dad. “You are the most wanted man in the Unseen Kingdoms. Unless you come to us, we cannot help. For your child’s sake, tell us what you know.”

The letter is from an organisation called the Royal Institute of Magic and is dated a day before his parents disappeared. Like most people, fourteen-year-old Ben hasn’t the faintest idea what the Royal Institute of Magic is, but he has his first clue: the logo on the letter.

Armed with nothing but his wits and the help of his good friend Charlie, Ben sets out to find the Institute and, through them, his parents. To succeed, he will have to navigate a land filled with fantastic creatures and Spellshooters, where magic can be bought and sold, to unravel an ancient family secret that could hold the key to defeating an evil the Institute has been fighting for the last five hundred years.

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Featured Free Book: Complicated Creatures Part One by Alexi Lawless

complicated creatures book cover

About Complicated Creatures Part One by Alexi Lawless


A hot new author has hit the scene, and you are not going to want to miss this book. Alexi Lawless, whose profile describes her as a “corporate runaway, novelist, wanderer, and bourbon drinker,” makes her debut with a book described by reviewers as “un-put-downable,” “alluring, suspenseful and compelling,” and “completely addictive.”

This fast-paced, smartly-written book is driven by characters that are as fascinating as they are complex. In anticipation of the upcoming Complicated Creatures Part Two, Vivrant Press is excited to announce that Complicated Creatures Part One will be free on Amazon October 22-26 only.

What happens when curiosity becomes obsession?

From author Alexi LAWLESS, the first part in a provocative romantic suspense series…

Luck is Jack Roman’s middle name— and Chicago is his Empire. He lives to work, loves to play, and makes no commitments. But when the mysterious S. Wyatt moves into the adjoining penthouse, he’s immediately drawn to her, a striking, elusive woman who transitions seamlessly from wood-paneled board rooms to high-stakes, high-risk rescue operations in the most dangerous parts of the world.

Intrigued by her self-possession, aroused by her incredible passion, and disarmed by a vulnerability she cannot hide, Jack pursues her into the nexus of her dangerous present and her enigmatic past. An entire world is revealed to Jack, where living for pleasure becomes fighting for survival. And the only woman he wants may be the one he cannot have…

COMPLICATED CREATURES is a mesmerizing, labyrinthine erotic romance that will leave you wondering:

Do you really want to know everything about the one you love?

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Featured Book: Bury Me With Barbie by Wyborn Senna

bury with barbie book cover

About Bury Me With Barbie by Wyborn Senna

Most Barbie collectors have been known to say, “I would kill to have that…”

Caresse Redd is an underpaid journalist, an overworked single mom, and a Barbie doll enthusiast. She spends her free time writing for Barbie International magazine and chatting on the Best Barbie Board, where collectors from across the country unite online to talk about everything Barbie—usually.

Lately, they’ve been talking about murder.

P.J. Croesus has been wronged by the Best Barbie Board one too many times. Now, she’s out for blood. Her murders are becoming more and more gruesome, but that’s OK with P.J… She’ll have all of their dolls when she’s done.

As Caresse is about to find out, playing with Barbies just isn’t the same these days.

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Featured Box Set: Captured Boxed Set: 9 Alpha Bad-Boys Who Will Capture Your Heart

captured book cover

About Captured Boxed Set: 9 Alpha Bad-Boys Who Will Capture Your Heart


CAPTURED is a steamy collection from today’s hottest authors featuring 9 sexy bad boys trying to capture your heart, every way they know how. New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Opal Carew, Cathryn Fox, Eve Langlais, T. J. Michaels, Sharon Page, S.E. Smith, and Pepper Winters, along with Teresa Morgan and Mandy Rosko bring you nine tales of sensual seduction featuring alpha male heroes determined to have their way, and willing to do anything to get it, even if that means a little seductive persuasion…

We’ve included a real mix of stories, from light & funny to dark & sinister, contemporary to paranormal.

DEBT OF HONOR by Opal Carew
Held captive by a domineering sheikh… and made to pay for a crime she did not commit

YOURS TO TAKE by Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.

Fall in love? Never! An alien assassin turned pirate has no use for an emotion he can’t sell, but that doesn’t stop him from falling for the human he captures.

JAGUAR’S RULE by T. J. Michaels
After an irresistible night of passion with Reya, Aaron James longs to hold her close forever. Little does he know that the tall, sleek beauty has a carnal secret–and he’s the one who needs protection.

The last thing Maxine Foss ever expected was to be handcuffed to a sexy, but crazy, guy who claims he’s an Arabian prince… and is determined to seduce her. Best. Abduction. Ever.

FAST AND MINE by Sharon Page
College student Claire gets lessons in seduction from sexy, hot street bike racer, Sawyer. But when she’s kidnapped by his psychotic sponsor to force him to race, can Sawyer save her and win her heart?

BURNS LIKE FIRE by Mandy Rosko
Jack Marilla is out for revenge for the deaths of his family, and the burn scars that cover his body. To get it, he has to hunt down the woman he used to love, the paranormal fire starter who set his house ablaze with him, and his family, locked inside of it. When he catches her, however, he faces his biggest challenge yet. To not believe her when she claims to be innocent, or fall for her seduction..

DEBT INHERITANCE by Pepper Winters
Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. Her life is his until she’s paid off a debt that’s centuries old. He can do what he likes with her–nothing is out of bounds–she has to obey. There are no rules. Only payments..

Things take a turn for the worse when Riley St. Claire is kidnapped by aliens and forced to choose a mate. The problem is, it would have been better, and safer, for the aliens if they had left Riley back on Earth.

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Featured Book: DEATH ON DAYTIME, A Tess Darling Mystery by Tash Bell

death on daytime book cover

About DEATH ON DAYTIME, A Tess Darling Mystery by Tash Bell

Tess Darling is a feisty blonde TV producer, who solves media murders with the help of her hunky (but hapless) cameraman Miller.

In this, the first book of the series, Tess is forced to investigate when a ruthless presenter is murdered – live on TV. Digging up the dirt on daytime, can Tess outfox devious TV stars, bristling talent agents and vicious competition from her own (very famous) father?

When the killer strikes again, Tess finds her own life threatened. As the stakes rise, inhibitions drop: Tess may have Miller by her side, but it’s hunky Detective Selleck she’s got her eye on…

“Impossible to read without laughing out loud – black, knowing and funny as hell.” – Tony Parsons, bestselling author of ‘Man and Boy’.

“Cheeky, sassy and very readable.” – Lorraine Kelly, star of UK TV show ‘Lorraine’.

“Tash Bell is a genuinely fresh and extremely funny voice.” – Penny Vincenzi, bestselling author of ‘Wicked Pleasures’.

DEATH ON DAYTIME is a funny, fast-paced mystery with an endearing (if somewhat short-skirted and foul-mouthed!) heroine at its heart. Download it now, and let Tess Darling whisk you away from the winter blues!

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