Monster Vice


The time is tomorrow. A meteor storm has allowed monsters of every order to run free across the planet. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons and other atrocities are the new bad guys on the block. To contend with this prevalent threat, various law enforcement agencies have created special divisions to deal with the monster epidemic. LAPD has created Monster Vice, and its senior cop is Dick Pitts — a specialist in monster extermination. On a daily basis, Pitts stakes vampires, executes werewolves, and exorcises demons. When his partner is killed, he is assigned a new partner named Curadel — who is in fact Dracula — a greatly misunderstood Dracula through the ages and a Dracula who has become a cop to help humanity deal with the vampire plague. Now, Pitts and Dracula must team up and fight a Grand Master – the most powerful vampire in the world – who is hell bent on transforming every child in Los Angeles into a bloodsucking killing machine. Pitts and Dracula create a special platoon of ‘fang warriors’ — their mission: to find the Grand Master and shut down his evil plans before the streets of LA are flooded in a sea of blood.

George P. Saunders is the author of the celebrated and controversial international anomaly, The Art of Whoring – Adventures in Prostitution. He is also the author of Monster Vice, Gray Area, The Last Elf and Mars, The Bringer of War. His recently produced and critically acclaimed contribution to the zombie-genre film world Mutant Vampire Zombies From The Hood, starring C. Thomas Howell is now in worldwide distribution. A former Juilliard alumni and retired ballet dancer, Saunders plans on donating much of the proceeds to his books to the men and women of the combined armed forces of the United States of America. During his time as head writer for Military Films in the early 1990s, wherein he was the liaison for that company to the State Department to acquire combat footage for production, and provide narration over picture, Saunders had the opportunity to work with the U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and with the invincible U.S. Navy Seals in Coronado, California.

Saunders spends his leisure time, when not producing, directing, writing, or acting in feature films around the world, playing chess and perfecting his martial arts, 5-Animal Kung Fu. That is, when he’s not enjoying a single-malt scotch, Glenfiddich being his favorite, in which event, he allows his mind to become his own private playground to nurture ideas for future books and screenplays. Saunders will be introducing his very first novel written at the age of 24, Whatever Gods May Be, in March of 2012, followed thereafter by Peter at the Bat, a novel revolving around an ex-Navy Seal fighting domestic terrorism.

Saunders lives in Beverly Hills, attempting to mesh in with the plastic beauty of the landscape, and failing miserably.

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