Joseph Picard Author Interview

Sci-fi author Joseph Picard joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss his journey from writer to publication as well as his current projects.

From Joseph:
I’ve been fumbling with self-pub for roughly a decade, when it was becoming apparent I had a novel on my hands. After looking into (but venturing into) the tedium of submitting to traditional publishers, self-pub seemed the way to go. But of course, it’s not all simple, and there’s a lot of scams (and plain bad deals) out there to avoid.

I was lucky enough to have a skillset (graphic arts, photoshop, patience for general computer BS) that allowed me to get most of what needed to be done on my own, and am working on my fourth book.

Joseph Picard
Sci-fi author of Lifehack, Watching Yute, and ‘Echoes of Erebus’
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See an introductory video of Joseph too:

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