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We require 5 business days lead time before your book is free. Books submitted less than 5 business days before your free day will not be posted. We have a $5 listing fee. Your book post will go on our website, out to our social media and be sent to our free and bargain (non-featured) books email newsletter.

For same day free postings go to BookGoodies Facebook page and post your book – be sure to post it ONLY once or you will be blocked from future posting to the page. This option is free, but does not go to our mailing list.

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    Listings submitted without payment will be deleted.

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  • Please post your link to your free book. This MUST be a direct link to your book - not a short link of any kind. You can link to Amazon, Smashwords, BN or any other bookseller where your book is free for the duration of your promotion. No affiliate links or tracking links allowed.
  • Name your image with your book title (no spaces) and upload an image no larger that 400 pixels wide and smaller than 100mb. Large images will cause the form to fail. Inappropriately named images will overwrite existing images and may cause your own images to be overwritten in the future.

  • You are encouraged to also post your book in our Tell Us About Your Book (link will open in a new window) which is not limited to your free days and gives you more permanent exposure. Posts listing free book days will be removed monthly to avoid confusing our readers. Posting via the Tell Us About Your Book link will give you a permanent link on our site.
  • This is the date your book free giveaway is posted on our site.

    We require at least 5 business days lead time before your book is free. After that time we cannot guarentee your book will not be posted. If your book is free sooner, just put the start date as the date to be posted to our site.

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    We reserve the right not to publish announcements at our discretion. Our decisions are final. No public domain or plr books will accepted.

  • VAs and submission services MUST include your own name or company name, or fiverr gig link. Authors just put your own name here. Thanks!

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Authors that submit books that are not free on the day they are supposed to be will be blocked from future submissions. Our readers expect that if a book is listed as free that means it will be free. We understand occasional issues with Amazon or other sites, but repeat offenders will be blocked. Also authors that consistently submit books and do not pay the listing fee will be blocked.