With Cruel Intent by Dennis F. Larsen

With-Cruel-Intent-LargerA stagnant heat and economy push Blanche Delaney, a beautiful 33-year-old librarian, to pack her bags and head for Valdosta, Georgia in search of happiness, adventure and love. Concerned that life is passing her by she is compelled to travel the thousands of miles away from family and friends to start a new life among a host of Southern characters that will ultimately change her life forever. Her new home, a temporary room at Caroline’s Bed & Breakfast, introduces the woman to true Southern hospitality. The array of guests, coming and going, opens the door for antics that prove to be both humorous and horrifying.
A trio of unlikely suitors enters the librarian’s life, each with unique capabilities and characteristics; Jasper, a black bodybuilder who is liked by all, an unlikely hero in Seymour, an awkward university student that falls for Blanche and lastly, an accomplished burglar, with no rap sheet but an obsession with the shapely newcomer.
The untimely death of a local real estate tycoon pits Beverly Marshall, the middle aged widow, against her stepson, Jeremy, for control of the estate. A conspiracy develops that draws the unknowing lovers into the fray, leading the reader on a wild crime-ladened ride through the homes and streets of Lowndes County. Before long the entire populace is scared and seeking answers from the local Sheriff’s Office, headed by Sheriff Angelo Lupo, ‘The Wolf’. Twists and turns aplenty as the entire cast of unlikely characters will be pulled together in an explosive and very unexpected ending.

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Suspenseful romance with a fair amount of humor. Readers are reporting a fun book with plenty of twists to keep it entertaining from start to finish.

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Dennis F. Larsen attended Utah State University before graduating from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon with a Doctorate of Optometry degree in May of 1987. He has worked as an Optometrist in a group practice setting since July 1987. His first novel, With Cruel Intent, began as a short romantic story for his wife that took on a life of its own and eventually became the novel you see today, available on Amazon. Dennis is the father and grandfather of four, with one more on the way in 2013. Writing is a new found love for the author who enjoys writing poetry and stories from his youth. With Cruel Intent, a work of fiction, features characters and places that Dr. Larsen has had the pleasure of knowing and visiting along his life’s journey. He and his family look forward to hearing what your experience is with his first novel. Look for his next release later this year. An action themed genre set in a post apocalyptic world with a totally new spin on the after effects of global nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The Larsen’s, married in Logan, Utah March 1981, reside in Edmonton, Alberta Canada with family nearby and their faithful golden retriever, Hannah.

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