Twisted Flash Fiction Volume 1


Twisted Flash Fiction (Volume 1) is a collection of ten really short stories – and we do mean really short, as each of these short fiction stories is just 500 words (which qualifies them as micro fiction).

Even though each very short story in this collection is succinct, they all have a little twist at the end (hence the name – Twisted Flash Fiction).

Jaime and Raechel Faulkner are a husband and wife writing team.

Together, they write fiction, including novels and short stories, although they specialize in flash fiction / short-shorts (i.e. really short stories), and modern, fun poetry.

Jaime is originally from the United Kingdom, but moved to the USA several years ago where he now lives with his wife, Raechel, and their two Labrador Retrievers, a yellow one called Sunny and a black one called Midnight.

Jaime has a wide range of interests, including word-based puzzles such as cryptic crosswords (both compiling them and solving them) and Scrabble, and is an avid reader, which he uses as inspiration for their off-beat stories, many of which have an unexpected twist at the end (something that his peculiar mind loves creating, thanks in part to having read Roald Dahl’s bizarre short stories as a teenager).
Jaime & Raechel Faulkner’s Doggies – Sunny & Midnight

Raechel was born and raised in California. She has lived in both Northern and Southern CA. She prefers a warm climate with little rain or snow. She likes spending time with their hyped-up dogs as there is always something new to learn from them.

Raechel loves to watch action/adventure, science fiction, crime dramas, techno-thrillers, and (good) horror movies with Jaime. She primarily listens to Electronic music, but she also likes R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Easy Listening. She is also very good at problem solving and using her strong visual skills.

Raechel and Jaime love their home life, where they have plenty of quite moments to do their writing – as long as the dogs are running around outside. They’ve read many books that were lacking, so they decided to do some writing of their own and once they got started they haven’t stopped.

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