The Adventures of KatGirl by KatherineMagnoli

SPELLINGBEEMy 3 books of The Adventures of KatGirl can best be described as a fictional adventure for children with real life issues. In each of my stories I tackle a topic of bullying. I do this by showing the main character, in a wheelchair, Katherine use her super hero alter ego KatGirl help each child live out their dreams in spite of the negative comments they hear. She is aware of what is going on with the help of her sidekick Timmy and the vibration of her chair everytime there is someone in distress. When either of these things occur she flies over to where the trouble and gives each child a peptalk that encourages them to accomplish their goals. She so far has been able to help Timmy (her bully now friend) get his kitten from a tree. She has also been able to help Matt, an over weight classmate, live out his dream to ride a horse. Lastly she was able to help a hearing impaired girl named Alicia win the school spelling bee by using Sign Language.

Author Bio:
Born with a birth defect that weakened her spine but not her mind. Katherine Magnoli has spent 28 years viewing the world from her wheelchair. This unqieu perspective of people, places, and things has given her an insight into people that makes her the perfect author to help children understand the challenges facing those with disabilities. Originally from the suburbs of New York, Katherine currently lives in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Though she is in a wheelchair bound Katherine is committed to living the most independent and fulfilling life possible regardless of her disability. Katherine juggles her life as a student working towards her bachelors’ degree in Special Education at Miami Dade College and working as a teacher assistant at Kesher School of North Miami Beach with her writing career. She is also currently taking wheelchair tennis lessons and hopes to show children with disabilities that anything is possible. Katherine Magnoli has been accepted to be an intern in the Emerging Transformational Leadership Progran of University of Miami. Inspite of her busy schedule, Katherine is seen nas a super hero by most because, she is always ready to help family and friends work through the issues facing them.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Children and their perception of disability. I want to transform their fear and curiousity into admiration. I also would like to be a source of inspiration to put an end to bullying.

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