Splitting Images by Gabriel Lugo

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen a slight imperfection? Maybe the colors in your eyes were different; maybe your movements were slightly off; or maybe just for a second you weren’t even there. Doing a double-take you realize everything is fine. But maybe everything wasn’t; maybe your reflection is tired of following your every movement; maybe your own image is trying to split from you; maybe it is time for them to live your life.

Winning a contest to live in the prestigious MS Mansion for 3 months, the Matthews family find themselves locked in a world where their reflections are attempting to take control. As reflections of each family member are brought together into one world; mother, father, brother and sister find it difficult to trust one another. But what they find even more difficult is to trust the person they see in the mirror.

Author Bio:
I am a writer and well rounded reader. From your average 21st century suspense thriller to Victorian Literature; I love it all. But there are always some books that stick out better than the rest, and I can’t help but praise them for a job well done!! The books that will get you to want to read them over. Books that make you wish that they were a movie. Books that just stand out as unique. That is where my heart lies, I crave these books and spend most of my time searching for them.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The following came about from a dream that I had earlier in 2012. I dreamt I was searching for a home, somewhere that my family and I could live. By chance I came across this small yet intriguing home. At first glance the house looked almost too small. But when I entered it, the space seemed limitless and ever changing. From waterfalls to fantastical creatures this small home seemed to have it all. Now, it was a dream and a generous portion of the imagery was vague in my mind. But that idea of a limitless home stuck in my mind and became the base for this novel.
I have written this with the thought of entertaining readers with something unique and different from what even I am used to reading. I had you in mind at all times and I wanted to deliver something that could not only keep you at the edge of your seat throughout, but also intrigue and fascinate you at the world within these pages.
I appreciate the time you will spend reading this novel and hope that you consider your time well spent.

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