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Author Natasha Holme joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about books, writing and current projects.

Memoir author Natasha Holme has written around 7,000,000 words of diaries, exceeding Samuel Pepys’s 2,000,000 and nineteenth century British lesbian diarist Anne Lister’s ( 4,000,000 combined.

Before acquiring a computer, Natasha wrote her diaries in code, based on the ancient Greek alphabet, photographs of which can be seen on her website here:

Natasha is working on further books taken from her diaries, to include subjects such as housing criminals, experimenting with drugs, wandering and sleeping rough, squatting, and unknowingly dating a transsexual woman.

Author Bio:
I am a prolific diarist. I first started writing diary entries as a teenager, until it became an obsession in my early twenties. To date (2013) I have written around seven million words.

Before buying a computer in 1995, my diaries were written in a code based on the ancient Greek alphabet. When I discovered that Anne Lister, the lesbian diarist of two hundred years previous had done similarly, I was thrilled.

I always kept a copy of my hand-written diaries in a different town to avoid accidental loss, theft, or damage.
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