Mirror Face by Meredith Lorimar

Mirror-Face-300dpi-2700x1800In Mirror Face, we meet a young woman of means named Ursula Baker. As she struggles to secure the balance between life experience and sensibility, we descend into her curiosity for a world she is so fascinated by. The novel is told through a series of inter-woven reveries, which explore what it means to love and live with purpose in a challenging, complex society. Will Ursula be able to secure her niche in life, when her closest friends are threatened by the consequences of their dangerous and out-of-control lifestyles? One friend has lost all ambition to become a singer/songwriter and has descended into a world of amphetamine and an obsession with Lady Gaga; another lies in hospital, battling the effects of HIV/AIDS. It will take conviction to be of assistance to those in crisis but will this strength be at the expense of something Ursula needs to maintain her own sanity?

Author Bio:
Author & self-proclaimed media psychotic seeking the TRUTH of love, through removing all media absorption. Enter: the wisdom of that terrible honesty.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
As an emerging novelist, I wanted to write a novel for budding readers in the YA market but I was challenged by the fact that the genre is heavily dominated by Paranormal escapades and a fixation with immortality and eternal love, tagged with that Faustian price. There is no reason to create another tale of this ilk so I went back to basics and tried to create an intimate, coming-of-age novel, in the Jane Austin tradition. I wanted to both engage and challenge my reader and I believe I have been successful in this resolve.

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