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Alan Cook
Print Books
Dangerous Wind
Mail to USA, UK, Canada

Dangerous Wind
Kindle, Nook, Smashwords

Deborah Lloyd
Print Books
Autographed copy of Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons

Mailing restrictions: US

Kathleen Dexter
Print Books
Fifth Life Of The Catwoman
Will ship 2 paperbacks anywhere in the world.

5 eBook copies of Fifth Life Of The Catwoman

Available in mobi/Kindle format or PDF format.

Jean Gill
Print Books
3 signed copies of How Blue is my Valley
no mailing restrictions

Jodi Cardin
Print Book
The Magenta Man
I am happy to ship anywhere. :)

Other Stuff
The Magenta Man pens

Kim Smith
Gamer. Ebook and paperback.

Leigh Podgorski
Print Books
Desert Chimera
Gallows Ascending
Ship within the USA

Desert Chimera
Gallows Ascending

Jason Harvey
Print Book
Achieve Anything In Just One Year
Mailing restrictions: Open to USA, Canada, UK, & Ireland only

Anne Allen
Dangerous Waters – all formats – kindle, pdf, epub

Monique Sorgen
How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex: a Novel

Alesha Cary
One eBooks of each of the following:
The Mermaid of Redwood Cove
The Beacon of Redwood Cove

The Shaman of Redwood Cove

Amy Freeman
Print Books
SHINE, The Knowing Ones
No mailing restrictions

SHINE, The Knowing Ones
Kindle and PDF copies available

Annette Gisby/
eBooks – all available as mobi, pdf, epub
The Chosen
Shadows of the Rose
Silent Screams
The Prince’s Guard
Of Pets and Pleasures

Ben Zackheim/
Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest (Kindle)
Shirley Link & The Hot Comic (Kindle)

C. S. Johnson
Print Books
I will be happy to donate 2 books of mine: a softcover and a hardcover of "The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering,"

Connie Flynn
Print Books
Shadow on the Moon
Shadow of the Wolf
Only to U.S. addresses.

Shadow on the Moon
Shadow of the Wolf
Kindle and ePub versions

Oversized promotional postcard showing all of Connie Flynn’s books

Deborah Epperson
Print Book
Breaking TWIG (1 copy of paperback to give away)
Mailing restrictions: 48 continental states – USA

Diana Wilder
The City of Refuge
Pharaoh’s Son
A Killing Among the Dead

The Safeguard
The Orphan’s Tale

Jams N. Roses
Son of a Serial Killer
Finding Her Feet
Get Clean
Extremely England

Audrey Digne – erotica pen name
Sex in Secret Complete Series

Jemima Pett
Print Book
The Princelings of the East – The Trilogy – ship Europe only

The Princelings of the East

Jennifer Priester/
Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic

Jo Michaels
Print Books
US Only – One signed copy of The Bird and one signed copy of Mystic~Bronya.


JoHannah Reardon
Crispens Point (Blackberry County Chronicles
Redbud Corner (Distant Shores Series)
Summerville (A Maggie & Tim Mystery
The Crumbling Brick (The Land of Neo – for 8-13 year old readers

Joseph Picard/
Lifehack, Watching Yute, and Echoes of Erebus eBooks- the complete series, in EPUB or MOBI.

Katie Darden
Core Values
Targeted Goals
One Page Plan

L.A. Matthies
Print Books
Surviving Curtis Hall:The Lure of Blood
5 paperbacks shipping in USA only

Matt Drabble

Nhys Glover
Nine Lives Bk 1 of the New Atlantis Time Travel Romance Series. PDF or mobi format.

Sandra Almazan
One copy of Twinned Universes, available in Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats
One copy of Lyon’s Legacy, available in Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats

Other Stuff

4 Audiobooks of my SF book, Twinned Universes

Michael J. Webb
10 Kindle Copies of the Giants in the Earth Trilogy:
The Master’s Quilt
The Nephilim Parchments
The Song of the Seraphim

5 Kindle Copies Infernal Gates

3 Kindle Copies of The Oldest Enemy

Suzy Turner
eBooks – mobi/ epub / PDF
December Moon
The Lost Soul
The Temporal Stone
Forever Fredless (out October)

Tony Breeden
Print Books
Luckbane US Only

Johnny Came Home

Natasha Holme
Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary on How I Acquired my Eating Disorder.
Formats: Mobi, Epub, PDF

Stacy Juba
Smashwords copy of the Teddy Bear Town Children’s Bundle
Smashwords copy of Face-Off (YA novel)

Carrie Butler
STRENGTH (Mark of Nexus #1) – EPUB or MOBI

Andrea Downing
Print Books
LOVELAND Paperback mailed within USA only.

LAWLESS LOVE digital version or pdf

Lance Erlick
1 copy each of the following in mobi or epub format
The Rebel Within
Rebels Divided

David Estes
eBooks mobi, prc, epub, pdf
The Moon Dwellers
Fire Country

Deborah Heal
Print Book
Unclaimed Legacy
US only

Kateryna Kei
Raven Boy

R.L. Kiser
Print Book
Crystal Fire (Tales of the Crystal – Book One)
Crystal Fire (Tales of the Crystal – Book One)

Catherine Lea
The Candidate’s Daughter – Mobi, ePub, PDF.

Maryann Miller
Print Books
Boxes For Beds
One Small Victory
U.S. mailing only

Open Season – the first book in the Seasons Mystery Series

Jordan Smith
Print Books
3 signed copies of Finding the Core of Your Story, mailed to USA only.

Mary Smith
No More Mulberries – format: mobi (or epub if preferred)

James Thomas
Audio Books
1 free copy for a total of 4 winners of Joe Devlin: And The New Star Fighter (Volume 1)

Catherine L Vickers
Guardian Dragons, ePub, Word, PDF or Smashwords Code.

Elaine D Walsh
Atomic Summer – kindle, epub or pdf

Stefania Mattana

Cutting Right to the Chase – MOBI, ePUB or PDF file.

Kathryn V White
Heart to Heart

Miv Evans
6 eBooks
How I Exiled My Inner Bitch

Deborah Carney
10 Assorted Photo eBooks

Tara Fox Hall

One handmade cat bed by the author – ship to continental United States ONLY.

Cat Bed Giveaway

Book Bling from My Bling Place


Plus! 13 eBook copies of 13 Bites horror anthology including stories from the following authors:
Joseph Picard
Lynne Cantwell
Catherine L. Vickers
Daniel Fogg
Carla Sarett
Alan Seeger
Terry Schott
Alesha Cary
Shawn Inmon
Jaime & Raechel Faulkner

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  1. Angela Cash says:

    I would love to see more book giveaways and contests from BookGoodies.

  2. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite things about BookGoodies are the PermaFree books and the Bargain Book listings.

  3. sarit says:

    BOOKS!!!!! Oh yea

  4. Jai B. says:

    I would love the cat bed :)

  5. rebeka deleon says:

    i want to win the cat bed

  6. Gaby Metivier says:

    I would love to win any print book because basicly I live to read… and I read to live :) Thank you!!

  7. Patty wright says:

    Print books. I can’t use ebooks

  8. Patricia Dugan says:

    Definitely the cat bed. I will be getting a rescue kitty before the end of the year. My furry companion of 17 years passed away in April and I feel I’m ready now to let another furbaby into my heart.

  9. sirena says:

    Books. Books. Books. Any way. Any day.Book.

  10. Heather B says:

    I am book lover so I really am looking forward to the books!

  11. Holly Storm-Burge says:

    The cat bed!

  12. Trish says:

    I would love to see more bargain books in Kindle format.

  13. Trish says:

    The site is so well designed and it is a pleasure to use.

  14. Trish says:

    Any of the ebooks or the print book Jason Harvey – Achieve Anything In Just One Year

  15. Michelle Kafka says:

    I like the advice, the reviews, and the giveaways. Thanks. :)

  16. Michelle Kafka says:

    I would love to win print or ebooks. Thanks. :)

  17. Leslie L Stanziani says:

    I love all the prizes but esp. the cat bed and the ebook 13 Bites.

  18. rose paden says:

    (: Maybe some more reviews on books that you read or others?

  19. rose paden says:

    I just became a fan of bookgoodies but i will be checking it out often because I love my books!

  20. rose paden says:

    I would love to win the cat bed for my five furbabies!!

  21. Beverly Metcalf says:

    The print books would be great to win, since I love to read. Thanks!

  22. Chris Noe says:

    I like the reviews. It helps to see what others are reading and what they have to say about it.

  23. Chris Noe says:

    All of them? Ok, I would choose the sudiobooks.

  24. Karen Matlock says:

    I want to win that cat bed for my dog who thinks he’s a cat :)

  25. Melissa Battler says:

    Great prizes! Would love to win!

  26. Michelle D says:

    The cat bed!

  27. Heather A says:

    e-Books and Book Bling

  28. Ljiljana says:

    I would be grateful for anything from yor list. I would prefer print books and I hope shipping wouldn’t be a problem.

  29. Daniel M says:

    print and ebooks!

  30. ewhatley says:

    I haven’t gotten an ereader yet so I’m always looking for print books.

  31. Chandra Dimiceli says:

    I would love to win any print book or ebook. Always stuck on certain authors and dont want to waste money finding new authors. This is a great way to explore.

  32. Katrina Fox says:

    I’d love to see you add more young adult fiction. :)

  33. Katrina Fox says:

    What I love most is that I can find book recommendations through Book Goodies!

  34. Katrina Fox says:

    I would absolutely love to win one of the books in MOBI format! :)

  35. hamza ben zaied says:

    I whould love to win the Hunger games

    • Deborah Carney says:

      Unfortunately that is not one of our 175 or so prizes. See the list above! :)

  36. Dominik says:

    I would like to win anything, but if you ask then maybe a printed book.

  37. sarra says:

    I would like to win some books

  38. Jillian says:

    My cat would love the bed and I would love the books

  39. Jesse says:

    I’d love to win something from this!! :D

  40. britanny says:

    Dont change a thing

  41. britanny says:

    I love the all the choices on bookgoodies

  42. britanny says:

    Id love the ebooks or hardbooks the only thing I like to do sincd having my daughter

  43. Danielle Jones says:

    I love the amount of books listed. How can anyone possibly read them all??

    • Deborah Carney says:

      They aren’t all going to one person :)

  44. Danielle Jones says:

    I would like to see a feature where I can learn more about the authors.

    • Deborah Carney says:

      Have you checked out our Author Interview category?

  45. Danielle Jones says:

    I would like to win Believe and it is true. But I love to read so i’d be happy with any hard copy book.

  46. Linda Reuling says:

    It would be so hard to choose just one.

  47. Lisa F. says:

    I would love to see a feature on this site that compares movies to the books they are based on.

  48. Lisa F. says:

    I like the free book listings on this site. Thanks!

  49. Subhojoy Kukali says:

    As a reader I like the vast selection of books here.

  50. Subhojoy Kukali says:

    I would love to have even more giveaways here at Book Goodies.

  51. Subhojoy Kukali says:

    I want to win a copy of How Blue is my Valley by Jean Gill.

  52. Kristeen says:

    All the books ahah

  53. vinitta v says:

    i would love to win the print books please :)

  54. I would honestly like to win print books or EBooks for my Kindle. I read all sorts of books from the sappy to the historical to science fiction :)

  55. Tina M says:

    Would love to win the cat bed..

  56. Love books to read! Bur truly anything would be nice.

  57. Katrina says:

    I prefer print books as I do not have a kindle. I would love to win anything.

  58. Niki says:

    Kitty bed!!! My babies would love it!

  59. DDA says:

    Dangerous Waters looks interesting!

  60. I would love to win anything but especially print books. I love to read!

  61. Dawn Monroe says:

    Of course all the books would be great but I love the USA braclet for my daughter.

  62. Addie says:

    I would love the cat bed! It’s so cute and my cat would love it too!!

  63. Suzanne says:

    i love books so deffinently lots and lots of books

  64. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says:

    I really have no clue on what bookgoodies should add they seem to have it all! I don’t see a chat room or a chat set up so ppl can kinda bookclub online. A section where you log on and there will be a book discussion of the day or week or something similar. =) That would be cool!! Online book club discussion! I should do that! lol

  65. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says:

    What I like about bookgoodies is the reviews on the books, the free kindle books, The site just has all that I need and I love it!

  66. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says:

    I cannot pick just one, I want them all!! Audio books are a fav. of mine, the ebooks all look so good and heck I’ll even take the cat bed!! My cat is so lazy she’d love it! lol

  67. zabunella says:

    Audio books for the commute or print books for snuggling up with at home!

  68. zabunella says:

    This is awesome!

  69. Vicki says:

    A book a month club.

  70. Vicki says:

    To be honest, I just found your site via a link to this giveaway posted by Smarty Saver.

  71. Vicki says:

    I’d like to win audio/print books.

  72. Wanetta Crawford says:

    I like the different types of books. Can always find one that I am in the mood to read.

  73. Wanetta Crawford says:

    I would love to win audio books but would be oh so happy with anything :)

  74. Kat Moore says:

    The cat bed and the 35 print books would be wonderful!

  75. Muhamad Yudistira Muria says:

    Add more something like discount or coupon. And of course giveaway :)

  76. Muhamad Yudistira Muria says:

    What i really love about bookgoodies is the easy access to get any book that available

  77. Muhamad Yudistira Muria says:

    Love to win any thing from bookgoodies :)

  78. Bookgoodies doesn’t need to add anything else to site.

  79. I’m a bookworm and have a cat so the cat bed would be nice to win ,as well as, the books.

  80. Tayden S. says:

    I’d like to win any of these prizes, to be honest. I’m always looking for new reading material.

  81. katrina stubbs says:

    I love that bookgoodies offers a wide range of giveaways and information on books.Great place to meet other readers who enjoy the same passion

  82. katrina stubbs says:

    i’d be happy to win anything. e-books or print books or book bling.

  83. Jayme H. says:

    Wow, hard to narrow down a prize! The cat bed would be awesome. And I like most books. I’d love a fiction novel. The Diana Wilder novels really sparked my interest.


  84. Elsie says:

    I’d love to win the kitty bed for kitty’s bones,
    She’d love the softness…
    For her little paws!

  85. Margot C says:

    I like keeping up with opinions on BookGoodies; there are so many books it’s hard to pick!

  86. Margot C says:

    I want to win all of those books! (print and “e’)

  87. I Would totally love to win the hand made cat bed!!!! and of course the books :)

  88. Kristin Magruder says:

    i would love the cat bed!!

  89. Madelyn says:

    I want to win the print books!

  90. Jeanine says:

    I’d love to win the cat bed

  91. I would love a cat bed for my new kitten!

  92. sherry butcher says:

    Print books! Love the books here and want to read every day. No ebooks because only have a PC so reading here is hard for me.

  93. Heather B says:

    I am a huge book junkie and I love Book Goodies cause I can interact with other junkies.

  94. Heather B says:

    I would love the Alesha Cary books or the cat bed.

  95. Wow so much to choose from. I would love any of the prizes. As a book junkie I love that you keep us informed on what is going on. I am always looking for my next book because I go through them so fast. I love that all the writers are so generous and giving. I think you all are doing a good job and don’t need to add anything.

  96. Amanda says:

    The Giants in the Earth trilogy tops my list.

  97. Helen May says:

    What do I like about Book Goodies? This is my first time here and I like it enough to follow on Facebook! I love to read.

  98. Helen May says:

    Which prize? I like to read fantasy, thrillers, romance, horror and adventures. I have 2 cats so they would like the bed! And I love bling! So I guess any………….Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Marina says:

    I want to win e-books!

  100. I love your collection and i think its wonderful and complete

  101. Its a wonderful thing a special business the ease of sitting at home and clicking the button then reading a great concept.

  102. carolyn coney says:

    id like to win the print book but the entire selection is awesome i would love to win this i love reading thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this blessings to you from my house to your house

  103. Lisa F. says:

    My cat could always use another cat bed. Thanks!

  104. Patty wright says:

    Print books

  105. Gabriel Rossi says:

    I like this giveaway, I would like most to win! :p
    Can I ask for more Bookgodies giveaways? =)

  106. Fantastic giveaway. I love the generosity of BookGoodies writers and the great choice of books featured.

  107. I would like to win an e book.

  108. Natalie says:

    I would love the books thank u

  109. karen says:

    print books is the prize i would love

  110. MaryAlice Tillman says:

    I like seeing what books are out there

  111. Abhilasha Jadhav says:

    I would love to win ebooks, print books or book bling.
    BookGoodies has awesome giveaways and even more awesome books to tell us about. It doesn’t need anything more to add to its website. :D
    For humor’s sake, Maybe change the theme of website? ;)

  112. Linda Kish says:

    I’ve never been here before but I will be checking it out. It looks like a great site. I can’t say exactly what I like yet (other than this great giveaway), though.

  113. Linda Kish says:

    II would like to win print books.

  114. jennifer aikens says:

    I would like to see BookGoodies add some more giveaways!!

  115. jennifer aikens says:

    I love the BookGoodies website cause they have a message board where you can interact with other book junkies!

  116. jennifer aikens says:

    I would really love to win the cat bed for my mom’s cats!

  117. Terri Herman says:

    I think they should add book accessories.

    • Deborah Carney says:

      What kind of accessories?

  118. Terri Herman says:

    Book Goodies looks like a place for everyone: readers, writers, publishers!

  119. Terri Herman says:

    Oh, the books are my favorite! Either print or e!

  120. Angela Cash says:

    I would love to win any of the books but my kitty says to ask for the cat bed. :)

  121. Mihir Chheda says:

    I would love to win the print books!

  122. Vesper says:

    love to win books and more books

  123. kristin sims says:

    i am brand new at book goodies as of about five minutes ago! glad to find it…..i will let you know what i love about it, what i think could be added , etc., …..when i get a chance to figure it out, thanks!

  124. kristin sims says:

    i would love to win the print books….and take them to my classroom, where i teach adults with mental illnesses, they love to read and we are trying to make a classroom library..thanks!

  125. Pearl says:

    This place has just about everything it needs bookwise!

  126. Pearl says:

    I love reading and this website is a haven for my bookwarm side!

  127. Pearl says:

    I would love to win books!! This contest is awesome:)

  128. I would love more books! My cats would love a cat bed, though it would likely be donated to the local shelter. I like to pay it forward. I love to read and love to try new authors. Exciting!

  129. SHELLY says:


  130. Brilliant giveaway. I love the generosity of BookGoodies writers and the great choice of books featured.

  131. Georgia Beckman says:

    I would love to win the audio books, I’ve been wanting to try them out & see how I like them. I think they’d be great while I”m crocheting. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  132. I’d like to win “Loveland” by Andrea Downing!

  133. I would love an Audio Book; preferably a comedy classic! but can appreciate almost anything!

  134. Please can you tell me how many columns there should be in your table of prizes. Only two are displaying in my screen.

    • Deborah Carney says:

      There are 4 columns.

    • Thanks for fixing the formatting :)

    • Deborah Carney says:

      I didn’t realize people were only seeing half the prizes! Thanks to Liz Fogg for fixing it :)

  135. That’s a tough question because all the prizes are so AWESOME! I have a cat who totally thinks she’s a princess so a cat bed would be fantastic, however, I am also a TOTAL BOOKAHOLIC so all those lovely books would be amazing!!

  136. Thank you so much for holding such an exciting giveaway! Everything looks absolutely fantastic. It was hard to narrow down the choices! I would love to win either a copy of the 13 Bites horror anthology or the handmade cat bed.

  137. Awesome Giveaway!! I read Joyce Meyer, T.D Jakes and others! I’m a crafter so I hope I win some craft ebooks and children’s books! Shared on Facebook and Pinterest! Will share on Twitter tomorrow! Very Excited!!

  138. MaryAlice Tillman says:

    I would like an e book. There are so many that look good I don’t think I could pick one.

  139. LInda Hastings says:

    I am a compulsive reader so this contest is the kind I like and hope to win big. Seldom is there a day that goes by that I do not choose at least one book from your list and some days a lot more. I will be content reading around the clock for many a day.

  140. I would like to win the handmade cat bed :) My kitty would love it!

    • joanne gasparini says:

      I would love to win the books to read because,I love reading and also it gives me so much pleasure- I recommend and also give books as gifts because of the the enjoyment it brings me.

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