Gregg Feistman Author Interview with @BookGoodies

Author Gregg Feistman joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about books, writing and current projects.

Gregg Feistman is an Associate Professor of Public Relations at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He resides in Southern New Jersey.

From Gregg:
I had my debut novel “The War Merchants” (a political thriller) published by a print-on-demand publisher, Strategic Book Publishing. My route to publishing was rather unusual. Without an agent to pitch my work, I was referred to them from another traditional publisher who asked if I minded if they sent SBP my manuscript! It was my intention all along not to go the self-publishing/vanity press route. I wanted a more professional look to my work. I’m currently finishing my second novel and intend to pursue traditional publishers again.

One thing I have learned about being an author however, is that much of the marketing and promotion falls to me. I have used a combination of traditional and social media to promote my book, from Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, blog interviews, podcasts and internet radio interviews, to book signings, book fairs and mass media interviews. I think my experience would be valuable to new and experienced authors alike.

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  1. Dawn Byrne says:

    Great interview. Interesting to hear about how the author writes and his creative process. Thanks.

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