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Author Gil C. Schmidt joins BookGoodies podcast hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to talk about books, writing and current projects.

I’ve written two anthologies of flash fiction, an anthology of science fiction stories and an anthology blending mystery and horror. I seem to be in an anthology kind of groove. My flash fiction, collected in “30 Stories” and “30 More Stories”, covers many genres, from fantasy to comedy. Thanks to my wife, we split them into 99-cent “6-Packs” so people can sample my fiction writing. The science fiction anthology is set in Victorian Age London, following three explorers of the unknown. The men, Murchison and Leeds, call themselves “The Phenomenologists” and Abilene Leeds appears to have a background in adventure herself. And the mystery/horror anthology, “Tales from the Hotel Central,” explores the deadly secret of a small, nondescript inn.

Future projects are a book about using flash fiction to improve your writing, the second volume of “The Phenomenologists,” a horror/thriller series of a family’s centuries-long struggle against dark forces, a fantasy novel and a thriller set in modern times.

Author Bio
I wrote somewhere that I was born when I was very little. On an Air Force base in Puerto Rico. My dad was in the service, and we moved a lot, living in Nebraska, Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi by the time I was 5 years old. I should’ve gotten paid by the mile.

When my dad retired, we returned to Puerto Rico (my parents are Puerto Rican, too) and I blitzed school. No, really, High school at 13, college at 15, all that jazz. Started writing at about 12, quit at 1:30 for lunch. (Sorry, my fingers got away from me.) Wrote all through college (Ole Miss and Southern Miss; lots of literary tradition in that there Magnolia State), then freelanced as a business consultant, business writer, conference speaker and entrepreneur. Kept writing, but almost everything was “business-oriented.”

Got back into fiction when my son was born, won a couple of science fiction writing contests, kept writing at odd moments (though my wife, bless her heart, insists nearly all my moments are odd) and thanks to her, jumped into self-publishing. Made some sales, but her 98% commission seriously cuts into my revenue stream.

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