EKKO Thirty 6 Black Bees by Johnny Walker

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image005Dark tunnels and ancient semblances aren’t usually associated with rock-n-roll shows, but crossing the portals of time is the only way CJ can pull these stage sensations off. That’s not going over so well with the phantoms and the Grand Dame of EKKO has decided to teach CJ a lesson. Accused of waging war with the spirit world, CJ is Yanked from his environment and challenged with a paranormal stand off.
Brandon is hanging on by a thread during CJ’s absence, bound to secrecy by skepticism. Dean is about to blow a gasket when CJ returns from the hair-raising journey—just in time to straighten things out. Now stripped of the Hayson, his technical skills are put to the test and he’s forced to produce the phantoms by manipulating sound frequencies. The result is a mind-bending stage show that’s just unheard of.
The music moguls are desperately trying to steal CJ’s gimmick, resorting to tricks and lies. Cavanaugh has CJ arrested after the show in Savannah and the road crew is getting fed up with the curveballs. Since no one can provide a reliable answer for the stage marvels, the media takes the story by the horns. They’re having a hey-day with all of this.
The ghost activity is overwhelming when CJ arrives in Charleston, and now that he knows about EKKO, it’s getting hard to tell who’s human, and who’s not. But the show must go on and the time-wedged, stage spectacle at the Paradox surpasses everything he’s ever done.

Author Bio:
Johnny Walker is a musician turned soundman turned author. He has received two Billboard Songwriting Citations and written songs for himself and others for over twenty-five years. After spending his youth on the road, he settled down in New York City where he became submersed in the live music and theater community. While still performing on stage, he became deeply involved in sound design and began working for Ralph Lauren Media Services, Miramax Films, and Lifetime…to name a few. Johnny currently writes music reviews for an overseas newspaper and short stories for various book projects. He continues to pen the EKKO series from his home in New York.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Book one of the series became so deeply involved that my first editor told me not to end it, but instead, to begin a series. And so I have, never knowing how much work–or fun–a series would be. As the plot thickens, some characters have to go. I’d rather use the word disappear than kill, so the paranormal theme kind of grew on its own. Then I started using more and more of my notes from the road as a basis for some adventures. Mix those elements with a dash of Sci-Fi and you have EKKO.

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