Dilemma in Durban by Hilary Chase

Beautiful Brunette Girl. Haircut. HairstyleDilemma in Durban, a romance set in Durban has a troubled heroine, Shay. Her cousin has asked her to spy on her employer, Tony, a successful businessman. Tony was involved with her cousin’s twin sister, who has committed suicide, and her brother is convinced that Tony is to blame. He wants to destroy Tony, who he suspects of illegal activities, and Shay is to provide the evidence.

Shay agrees, reluctantly, but soon becomes very attracted to Tony and her life is turned upside down by the conflict between her loyalty to her cousinn and her feelings for Tony.

Author Bio:
Born in South Africa, spent a number of years in Britain, some time in the Middle East, but for the past nearly 8 years living in France and loving it.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Some years spent in Durban, where the beautiful surroundings and cosmopolitan mix of people seemed to provide a perfect backdrop for a romantic story.

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