Interview with “Swords & Sails: The Legacy of the Red Lion” Author David McAvoy

Author David McAvoy joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss writing, publishing and all things book related.

Author Bio:
David McAvoy has a master’s degree from Arkansas State University and is a former student of the Bowen School of Law. He lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This book popped into my head in the middle of a very difficult time in my life and just wouldn’t leave. The more I thought about it, the more it grew and fleshed out into a series. So I started writing and all kind of came out.

Edward Reynolds hates his life in the village of Danscum and dreams of seeing the world on the high seas. He gets more than he bargained for though when he finds himself taken aboard the Cerberus, the pirate ship of the feared Captain Wolfang. Edward and the crew of the Cerberus sail from the shores of Scotland to the island of Madagascar, facing sea monsters, ghosts, a famous pirate hunter, and mutiny as they search for a mysterious treasure Edward’s father left behind. Edward is determined to discover the secret of his father’s legacy, and protect it from Captain Wolfang, but first he’ll have to survive the journey.

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