Darklandia by T.S. Welti

DarklandiaManhattan, 2147

Seventeen-year-old Sera Fisk gleefully celebrates the death of her 114-year-old great-grandmother, the last Atraxian alive who still remembers what New York was like before Felicity.

There is only one principle of Felicity: Suffering is optional. Those who disagree or forget this principle, as Sera’s father did, are detained and “purified”. Through the use of the Darklandia virtual reality and mandatory water rations, the Department of Felicity has transformed metropolises all over the country into happy, obedient communities.

Inspired by her great-grandmother’s last words, Sera stops drinking the water rations and is soon recruited by Nyx into a rebel organization in the midst of planning a full-scale attack on Darklandia. When Nyx attempts to override the Darklandia system, he stumbles upon shocking information about Sera and her family. After years of living in a haze of virtual reality and drugs, Sera finds herself running from a powerful surge of raw emotions and a government agency intent on keeping reality a secret.

Author Bio:
I was born and raised in Southern California and have lived in three countries, three states, and a zillion different cities. I write mostly science fiction, fantasy, and romance for readers ages thirteen and up. In my spare time I love traveling; misquoting movies and TV shows; consuming mounds of books and chocolate; obsessing over music and lyrics; and pretending to be a celebrity chef.

I began telling stories when I was five and began writing them down when I was six. I was painfully shy as a child. Writing and reading provided an escape from the scary world. In fact, I was so introverted, I once wrote a story about a girl who got rejected by her imaginary friend and the story was based on true events. I know, how sad. Thankfully, as I got older I grew out of the shyness, for the most part, but I never let go of my books or my pencil.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Darklandia began as an image in my mind while writing the No Shelter Trilogy. An image of a dark, abandoned indoor amusement park full of virtual reality pods popped into my head. The next image came as a crooked, flickering electric sign displaying a single word: Darklandia.

From there, the concept grew and morphed into an idea that refused to let go.

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