Cynthia MacGregor Author Podcast with @BookGoodies About Her Stealth Leftovers Book

Author Cynthia MacGregor joins BookGoodies podcast hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to talk about books, writing and current projects.

Cynthia MacGregor is the author of over 100 books, 54 of them conventionally published and the remainder published as e-books. Tites and information about the books and Cynthia’s work in general can be found at In addition to writing books Cynthia also does freelance writing of other sorts for individuals and businesses that have need of well-crafted works, ghostwrites books, and does freelance editing.

Author Bio:
Prolific author Cynthia MacGregor has had 54 books published conventionally and another over-50 published as e-books. A full-time freelance writer/editor, she works from a home office In Palm Springs FL, just outside West Palm Beach, where she writes books, ghostwrites books for others, writes “almost anything if the price is right” (web copy, catalog copy, advertisements, business materials, and lots more), and edits books, magazines, websites, and “whatever else needs editing.”

She loves writing so much that it’s even one of her hobbies. For example, she writes plays, most of which have been produced by the (now-defunct) Palm Springs Players, a South Florida community theatre group. She also enjoys wordplay with an online punsters group, PUNY, and when possible travels to the annual O. Henry World Championship Pun-Off, a wordplay event held every May in Austin, TX, where she has appeared some years as a competitor and other years as a judge.

Loving her career, Cynthia believes herself truly blessed and says, “There is no one in the world whom I’d want to trade lives with.”

Cynthia’s email is, and her website is

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