Memoir Authors: Tell us About Your Book

For those of you answering my call for authors of memoirs, if your book isn’t finished, then please put “unfinished” in the title and fill out as much as you can on the form. We received so many great pitches that this is the only way I could come up with to gather all the information we need.

You can also submit your book for review by our staff of reviewers here

Memoir Authors: Tell Us About Your Book

Authors, use this form to submit a synopsis of your book and an introduction to yourself as an author.

  • Let us know what influenced you to publish with a publisher or self-publish your book.
  • You can add a link to your book on Lulu, Create Space or other site.
  • Name your book cover image with the title of your book without spaces.
  • Email will not be displayed or shared.

    Bookgoodies has my permission to post this material to its own site, to NightFire Publications or other websites that are specific to the books reviewed. You also agree that BookGoodies can use your comments in compilation books to help other writers, with attribution. Permission extends to posting to social media owned by BookGoodies and NightFire Publications as well. By checking this box you also are verifying that this work is yours and under your copyright.

    We reserve the right not to publish announcements at our discretion. Our decisions are final. No public domain or plr books will accepted.

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