Chopper Music by Jay Allan Storey

xchopper-music-cover-october-26-2012-225-X-300Jackson Reilly is a six-foot-three biker with lots of tattoos and a pig-tail that extends half-way down his back. A bouncer for a low-rent strip bar in Victoria, a tourist town on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Jackson’s never shied away from a fight, whether it’s with would-be tough guys at the bar where he works or his own biker buddies.

Jackson’s world revolves around drinking, smoking dope, carousing with his friends, casual sex with bar girls, and riding his aging Norton 850 Commando motorcycle, but his life was once a lot different. As a child he was a piano prodigy. For mysterious reasons he gave it all up when he was thirteen, and he’s been at war with the rest of the world ever since.

It takes the death of his mother and a re-connection with his aging Auntie Jo, who once played piano with some of the cream of the fifties’ jazz scene, to make him see that what he’s really been battling against for all those years is his own destiny.

After years in the dark Jackson finally learns the meaning of ‘follow your bliss’, but has the lesson come too late?

Author Bio:
Jay Allan Storey was born in Victoria, BC, Canada. At the age of 19 he spent a year and a half traveling overland from London England to Australia. Returning to Canada he worked at an amazing variety of jobs, from cab driver to land surveyor to accordion salesman, eventually settling down as an electronics technician and, finally, a software developer for the web.

Jay finally set aside his technical background to concentrate on writing and music. He is the author of one novel, ‘Eldorado’, one novella, ‘Chopper Music’ (available on, and several short stories. He is currently working on a second novel and a second novella.

He loves both reading and writing, and both listening to and playing music. He also enjoys cycling, traveling to exotic lands, and working with animals. He is wild about any sport activity relating to the water, including swimming, surfing, wind-surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Jay is married and lives in Vancouver, BC.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I’m a student of classical piano, but I started lessons as an adult. The idea for the story came from the image of an ‘adult’ piano student competing at a grade usually made up of younger students.

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