Free Book 04/25/2015: Pain and Gain: How I Survived and Triumphed (An Uplifting Story of Thriving after a Traumatic Experience by Marc Schiller

41zPdGP5HFL._AA160This book is free on these days only – 04/25/2015 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 05/24/2015. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

This book can change your life!

In his first riveting book, Pain and Gain: The Untold True Story, Marc Schiller narrated the incredible events behind the movie Pain & Gain, recalling his thirty days of captivity.

Now, Schiller shares how he survived the ordeal, exploring the life lessons he learned during his time in the warehouse and during his recovery. In this uplifting and inspiring book, Schiller discusses the healing of his body, mind, and spirit and tells the story of how he found the strength to thrive.

This book will inspire and uplift you. It makes you evaluate your life from a different perspective.

This is the little book of wisdom you can carry and use for the rest of your life.
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Bargain Book for 04/24/2015: The Little Sentinel of the Sierra Nevada by Paul Williams

THELITTLESENTINELOFTHESIERRANEVADAFRONTCOVERThis book is bargain priced from 04/24/2015 until 01/22/2016 Check book price before you buy, as prices can change due to expiration of the sale or other technical issues.

It is 1846 and Sarah Harlan is just thirteen when she sets out with her family on the great trek West to California. Confident and assured beyond her years, schooled and shaped by the Father she adores, Sarah believes life has little more to teach her. But this is a journey like no other. In crossing a Continent they must face all Nature can unleash upon them; tempests and floods; raging rivers and scorching deserts; disease and starvation.

To face these challenges and overcome them, Sarah must also take her own journey of discovery. Encouraged by her cousin Nathan, she must look within and find the truth of who she wishes to be, of who she must be.

Before her long journey is through her strength and resolve will be tested beyond endurance as, above and beyond the torments of the road before them, their small group must face the cruelty and corruption of their fellow travellers. A disagreement between two groups that will fester and grow; a poison that will cast a shadow across their path, until one last bloody confrontation high in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Targeted Age Group: YA NA and Adult

Book Price: $1.99

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Bargain Book for 04/24/2015: Kill Daddy by Gerald Freeman

killdad2013This book is bargain priced from 04/24/2015 until 04/30/2015 Check book price before you buy, as prices can change due to expiration of the sale or other technical issues.

This is the story of one man’s struggle to accept the past and move on before it destroys everything he is and could ever hope to be. In desperation Gerry flees society to save his sanity and ends up in the remote villages of East Africa. Midst the poverty, he encounters hope and more love than he could imagine. Will it be enough to save him? Can he repair the damage done to him in his childhood or will his abusers win in the end?

Targeted Age Group: 18+

Book Price: 0.99

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Free Book 04/19/2015: A New Heaven and a New Earth by Yeshayahu Harsit

A-New-Heaven-And-a-New-Earth_Yeshayahu-HarsitThis book is free on these days only – 04/19/2015 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 04/21/2015. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Yeshayahu Harsit was born in 1934 in Warsaw, under the name of Stasio Porcelina to aged parents. On September 1 1939, Stasio’s childhood is brutally interrupted forever by the German bombers overhead. Thus begins his odyssey of escape, starvation, poverty, loss, and the incessant struggle for survival in the Asian steppes of the Soviet Union. After World War II, he makes his way through DP camps, meeting General Eisenhower and making his way to Israel, a new land under a new heaven. Now known as Yeshayahu, the protagonist joins the nascent Israeli Air Force.Yeshayahu’s achievements, professional and personal, highlight a life story that is rich and full of action. He writes down his story lovingly, tearfully, yet with a smile; his family stands as a solid rock of safety, a protective oasis to be left for posterity.
Above all, this book shines with Yeshayahu’s great love for Israel– the only land he can call home — a place to protect, cherish, cultivate and make better. Yeshayahu Harsit came to Israel in 1948. An Israeli Air Force navigator, he took part in Israel’s wars and in many operations, some of which are still secret. He held senior positions in the IAF, such as Deputy Wing Commander, Air Attaché in the UK and Scandinavia, and Chief of Organization and Planning. He is currently an active volunteer in several fields, including the Resurrection to Heaven program, which he helped found. He is married to Zipi, father of Anat, Dafna, and Irit, and grandfather of nine.
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Free Book 04/16/2015: In the Absence of Tricks by Ilan Mordoff

In-the-Absence-of-Tricks-Ilan-MordoffThis book is free on these days only – 04/16/2015 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 04/17/2015. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

A round of gunfire shattered the absolute silence. I could see flashes from the muzzles. I threw myself into one of the pits and the three of them followed. We hugged ourselves and huddled together. I worried that the Syrians had found out about the escape. I stroked the children’s heads. The youngest boy’s teeth began to chatter – it was freezing, but they were chattering from fear.
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Bargain Book for 04/15/2015: Carnal Lust by Kelly Love

Carnal-Lust-Kelly-LoveThis book is bargain priced from 04/15/2015 until 04/30/2015 Check book price before you buy, as prices can change due to expiration of the sale or other technical issues.

Stacy Quinn is a hotshot copywriter, working at the world’s top advertising agency. She has the looks, the smarts and the drive. She has it all. Or so it seems…
Stacy has secrets, dark secrets that haunt her every single day. Every night she chases a new woman to satisfy her lust. But each conquest leaves her feeling emptier than the last. When new manager Marcy arrives at the office, Stacy finds the ground shifting beneath her feet.

Will Marcy be another wet, hot and steamy conquest or can their relationship blossom into something more?

Targeted Age Group: 20+

Book Price: 2.99

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Bargain Book for 04/15/2015: Jailhouse Doc: A Doctor in the County Jail by William Wright, M.D.

coverThis book is bargain priced from 04/15/2015 until 04/18/2015 Check book price before you buy, as prices can change due to expiration of the sale or other technical issues.

Dr. William Wright gave up a suburban practice as an ear surgeon to become the doctor at Colorado’s maximum-security prison. After that, running a medical clinic at the county jail should be a snap, right? Oh, brother…
Hoards of desperate people fresh from the streets, homeless addicts, illegal aliens, and gangbangers all ruled by a corrupt sheriff and his concubine sidekick made the supermax look almost pastoral.
Told with humor and biting wit by the best-selling author of Maximum Insecurity, Jailhouse Doc follows Dr. Wright and his struggles with scamming inmates, corporate bureaucrats, and a sheriff who wants to be a doctor.
Peek behind the bars at the operations of a city jail and the daily battles to deliver medical care to a population on the edge.

Targeted Age Group: Adult

Book Price: 0.99

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Detour from Normal by Ken Dickson


What inspired you to write your memoir?
At first, I was desperate to prevent what happened to me from ever happening again. I began writing in an effort to explain my illness to friends and relatives, ending my first crude draft with specific recommendations should I ever experience mental illness again. As I wrote my fears subsides and a compelling, human story emerged. Wanting to make a difference to more lives than my own, I decided to go mainstream.

About your Book:
Detour from Normal is the shocking true story of a respected engineer and loving family man’s spiral into madness due to an adverse reaction to medications after surgery. It is a tale of two people deeply in love, but torn apart by fate, an eye opening introduction to the stigma of mental illness, and a personal run-in with the poor, broken souls trapped in our mental health system.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I wanted to self publish with someone with a proven track record.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
It is incredibly difficult. The plot, characters and timeline are locked in and inflexible. I sometimes spent hours or even days on a critical scene to ensure that all the details were correct, both to honor the people involved and to provide the most truthful depiction I could for readers.

Author Bio:
Ken Dickson lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Beth, four lovable dogs, a rescue rat (who in a former life survived being fed to a python), and a goldfish saved from certain death after a college research project. He has two daughters attending college who never cease to amaze him.
After his misadventures detailed in his book Detour from Normal, he returned to work as an engineer. When he’s not working, he’s writing, marketing or building his writing platform. He is very supportive of other Indie writers—it’s a tough job without friends and mentors. He blogs when he is able and publishes articles that he hopes readers will find amusing, inspiring, or helpful.

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Match Dot Mureder by Stan McDonald


What inspired you to write your memoir?
Truth is stranger than fiction! Because this story is true, I felt flat out compelled to share it. I wish you could of seen it in color. A cation to my brothers and sisters: never, never, ever forget…let the buyer beware! The victim (yours truly) in this story is male., but no doubt a female could be baited and fall victim to the same internet scam I survived.

About your Book:
About the Book

At age fifty, after a twenty-year relation abruptly ends in divorce, Stan finds himself thrust back into the dating world. He discovers computer dating and takes to it like a pig to slop. By age fifty-five, he has dated more than fifty ladies. Stan tells the stories of a dozen or so ladies, the most noteworthy. The book unintentionally follows a vein similar to that of Must Love Dogs, by Clare Cook. What differs is Stan’s story is the look at Internet dating from the male perspective. Cook’s novel has a fairy-tale ending, but true stories don’t end like fairy tales. The last lady whose story Stan relates wasn’t a lady. She was a black widow! After they have lived together for two and a half years and talked of marriage, out of the blue, she tries to kill him! The story climaxes with some heavy courtroom drama. Stan concludes with his reflections of living for more than two years with a female psychopath.

The book can be divided into four parts. The first part is an introduction to set the stage for the telling of the author’s story. He briefly describes his roots and core beliefs. He then discusses his marriage and raising two daughters, then how his marriage unexpectedly and abruptly ends in divorce after twenty years.

This opens the door to part two. Thrust back into the dating world at age fifty in 2004, he discovers computer dating. He finds it the best thing since sliced bread. By 2008, he dates upwards of fifty women. He relates the stories of a dozen of the women he deems most interesting. Some stories are comical, and some are bizarre. Some touch the heart, and some are emotionally painful. By 2008, the author is so frustrated in not finding his next bride that he lowers his standards in searching the Net for a bride. His standards keep leading him to “good girls,” who are boring, so he decides to search for “bad girls.”

Like magic, part three opens with Stan finding a bad girl. A passion-filled relationship ensues, lasting eight months. When Stan discovers that she dropped out of school in eighth grade and has been married seven times (facts she had been lying about), the woman abruptly ends the relationship. Like magic again, he finds another bad girl. A two-year, eight-month passion-packed relationship blossoms. Mutual talk of love and marriage grows. Out of the blue, without provocation, this woman tries to kill Stan in premeditated murder involving conspiracies. Part three concludes with heavy courtroom drama resulting from the assault.

Part four concludes the book as Stan reflects on living for more than two years with a psychopath, and her conspiracies and motives behind the assault.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
After six months of seeking a literary agent and traditional publishing through submitting countless query letters, I became frustrated. I was compelled to get the true story told before it became old news. I researched self-publishing and selected Dog Ear Publishing. Six months later I was the published author of “Match Dot Murder,” available through Amazon and my website,

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
With hindsight, I believe it was easier. A memoir is historical and the author/narrator is the historian. The facts can be laid out chronologically. It the author’s task to make the memoir read colorfully to hold the readers interest.

Author Bio:
About Stan McDonald

Stan McDonald is a late-middle-aged American male. (He can’t bring himself to say “senior” because he’s not quite there yet and he’s definitely not feeling it.) He’s lived his entire life in four middle-Tennessee cities. He’s well educated, but not bookish. One of his strongest life motivators, just like most everyone’s, is his desire to love and be loved. He desires a woman to share life with, a life partner in every sense of the word. That’s how he got himself in this mess in the first place: his strong heterosexual desires. Of this he says, “I can’t help it…it’s all animal instinct.”

It’s now time to fess up… The author’s name is not Stan McDonald. Stan is a pen name. The names of all the people mentioned in this story have been changed to protect everyone’s identity. He can’t give specifics about any of the characters, including himself, as that could jeopardize the anonymity of both the innocent and the not-so-innocent involved. The author’s motive in writing this book is to document the truth of what happened, not who did what. That task belongs to the investigative authorities. Maybe at some future date, the author will emerge from the writing closet.

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Surviving To Twenty-One by Skip Williams


What inspired you to write your memoir?
My paternal grandfather , Alban Williams, was born in the late 1880’s. The West was still the Wild West. Born in Reno, Nevada , he lived in the West all his life. I was able to meet and stay with him for only about a month when I was nine years old. He was a quiet and reserved gentleman who never mentioned his youth. My father Jack had told me that he was a card dealer in Reno, a lumberjack in Northern California, an auto mechanic, a deputy sheriff, and quite a few other things in an effort to survive the Great Depression.
I would have loved to find any memoir, record, notes; anything that described his life, which I’m sure would have been totally fascinating, if just for historical value. He left no written trace of his life when he passed away in 1969 at the age of seventy-nine. That’s what inspired this memoir. Everything written in this autobiography is true and derives from vivid memories of my time growing up in New York City. At my current age I forget what I had for breakfast, but memories of my youth are forever etched in my memory for reasons you will fully understand. Anything I do not remember clearly was omitted intentionally. It would defeat my purpose to fabricate or embellish anything.
We are all born alone and all die alone. Between those two points a myriad of decisions are made by each of us. One hopes that in the long run more good ones are made than bad ones.
It’s a toss-up as to which prevailed in my early life

About your Book:
Surviving To Twenty-One
This is the true memoir of a young boy initially abandoned by his birth mother in New York City in the 1950’s. The story derives from vivid memories the author has of learning survival skills and dealing with many traumatic scenarios which were to unfold during his turbulent youth. My wife has been encouraging to write my story for many years, but it was never the right time and the pressures of daily life interfered. When we retired I sat down and put my story to paper over the course of a year. It was first self-published in 2014 but after many reviews I felt it could be improved upon so a second and final edition was published in 2015.
Raised by my maternal grandmother in a tough section of Queens, NY I encountered many life-threatening experiences and decisions that would alter the course of my adult life. Some of these incidences were to become the source of psychological problems which still haunt me to the current day.
With very little adult guidance I learned to be independent at a formative young age. Most of the content involves teen rebellion, first love, and reflections of the era that was the 1950′ and 1960’s in New York City. Both positive and negative experiences were included in order to present the whole story.
All of the tales related in the text are true since any fabrication would ultimately defeat my purpose.
Thank you for considering my entry. Skip Williams

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I chose a local publisher ( for personal contact and coordination.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
I used my personal, etched memories of traumatic youth experiences. I do not write fiction.

Author Bio:
Allen “Skip” Williams bio:

Skip was born in Santa Rosa, California to two show business performers, but was raised by his maternal grandmother in Queens, NYC. After a tumultuous and rough childhood he was drafted into the Army Infantry and served during the Vietnam war. After being discharged he earned his college degree thanks to the GI bill. He was unable to write his childhood story until his retirement in 2012. Luckily he was able to remember details vividly due to the traumatic nature of the experiences.

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The story about Rene by Brian Rienzie Wicklin


What inspired you to write your memoir?
The idea in writing this book has been to find a part of my life that was missing and that was a problem I had to manage by himself throughout ny adult life. Hopefully, this story will convey to others the need for sharing experiences about challenges and struggles as well as failures in overcoming adversity in family life.
This is my first book. I had been contemplating in writing the story about my mother RENE and her disappearance from our family life. It remained a distant dream in those early years to think about meeting her once again. Despite the odds I met her again in 1960 in England.

About your Book:
This book is about RENE who lived in Kalapaluwawa a village in Sri Lanka, the island country off the southern coast of India that was once known as Ceylon.

Brian Wicklin is the author. He is the next youngest of the 6 children she gave birth to in her marriage with Basil, who was a building engineer in the government services. She settled down to her role as housewife.

The book spells out the emotionally compelling story about his mother and the troublesome life she endured living with her husband, how it all ended in the most unusual of ways, her departure for London not being able to say goodbye to her children and not knowing anyone who was out there to meet her. Against all odds in its favour she met her children one by one as grown-ups 15 to 20 years after her departure.

The idea in writing this book has been to find a part of his life that was missing and that was a problem he had to manage by himself throughout his adult life. This story will hopefully convey to others the need for sharing experiences about challenges and struggles as well as failures in overcoming adversity in family life.

The story that is told starts around the early years of the previous century and ends in the Isle of Wight in 1973.

A very special book and it is well written. It describes wonderfully well the story about Rene and her family life in Sri Lanka in the early years of previous century. How she endured a troublesome marriage and the break up of the family in an extra ordinary way.

Rene was young and school educated and she had gathered social values both at school, church and home. She failed to capture her husband’s attention about social values in living together and upbringing of their 6 children.

When the marriage ended she fled to England without knowing anyone out there to meet her and without giving a hug and saying goodbye to her children.

Against all odds in its favour she met them one by one as grown ups after 5 – 20 years. How did she feel about meeting the children she gave birth to after all those missing years?

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
The book is written in English and that makes it impossible to publish in Sweden because of the convention about foreign language book publication: Books in foreign languages have to be published abroad and then to be translated into Swedish and only then imported for sales in Sweden. I had to find a publisher in the English speaking countries. The first edition was published by Edition Dedicates, Canada and the second edition by STATVECA of Sweden under CreateSpace, USA. In this way it was possible for me to get around the problem ttranslation and publication by a Swedish publisher. The book is now available on internet book stores.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
The thoughts and the paragraphs were easily arranged, the contents in each paragraph was then easy to enter. I had all the facts and knew very well how the disposition could be arranged.

Author Bio:
Brian Wicklin was born in Kalapaluwawa, a township close to Colombo the capitol city of Sri Lanka on 18th April 1939. He was the next youngest of a family of 6 children. His father was a building engineer in the government services and his mother was housewife. They were upper-middle class and held upper middle class values and had links to some of the most powerful families of the time.

His parents had a stormy relationship. When Brian was 6 years old, the family broke up and a sense of unease entered the family held social position. After the separation RENE disappeared from the country of her birth. Brian grew up in Colombo with his father until 19 and then came to Sweden on a scholarship award to pursue studies at the University of Uppsala. After graduation in 1966 he was employed most of the time at Statistics Sweden (Office of National Statistics). On leaving this office in 1997 he continued to work as a consultant for providing technical assistance to developing economies funded by international organisations such as the EU, UNDP, ADB and USAID.

He became a Swedish citizen 29th October 1969 and changed his surname WICKREMESINGHE to WICKLIN 30th July 1974.

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“IS IT GOD OR AM I CRAZY?” by Lynn Severn Blankenship


What inspired you to write your memoir?
I lost my first husband in 2009. When others witnessed the beauty God created out of that tragedy they repeatedly said to me, “Your story sounds just like a fairy tale. You NEED to write a book!” I realized I could not keep this story of God’s faithfulness to myself. I had to share it with those who need to be reminded God has created each of us for a purpose. And although the path to that purpose may sometimes lead through pain, He will guide us safely to our destiny if we are willing to follow his voice.

About your Book:
“IS IT GOD OR AM I CRAZY?” is the story of how an extraordinary God spoke to an ordinary woman and led her on an unimaginable journey. A true, inspiring, modern-day romance with a very happy ending.

Lynn is an unassuming pastor’s wife quietly wrestling with grief. Not only is she watching her father succumb to cancer, but she also resents ministry, is in a troubled marriage, and is attracted to a handsome, attentive co-worker. It is during this time, when her humanity leaves her feeling least worthy to hear God’s voice, that He shares with her a troubling yet ultimately caring message. Her husband, Pastor Jim, will die a young man. But with the warning of Pastor Jim’s death also come God’s promises of care and provision. God reveals to Lynn that her life will reflect that of Ruth’s in the Bible.

These unusual messages leave Lynn wrestling with the question, “Is this God, or am I crazy?” But when her husband succumbs to a very mysterious illness she watches in awe as each warning and promise from God comes to pass.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
Dr. Tim and Gloria Jenney of The Digital Word Publishing LLC became aware of my story. They said if I would write it, they would publish it. Their input into the editing process was invaluable! I am more than grateful for their belief in the story and willingness to work with a first-time author to get the story out.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
My memoir is the only book I’ve written to date. I do believe, however, the main advantage is being intimately familiar with the characters. You don’t have to guess how an event affected the main character. You know because you felt the emotional impact of the events. You experienced the joy of romance, the confusion of misplaced attraction, the grief of death, and the comfort of a caring God. For me, this made it easier to express the emotions on paper.

I also feel true-to-life stories have a way of inspiring, encouraging, and motivating in a way fiction does not – because the obstacles are real. The characters are real. The emotions are real. And when you close the book you can say, “They’re a real person. They overcame. If they can overcome, I can overcome too!”

Author Bio:
Lynn Severn Blankenship is an Indiana native born in the mid 1960’s. She was raised by devout Christian parents who encouraged her to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to be an extension of his love through ministry to others. Lynn served in ministry alongside her late husband, Rev. Jim Severn for 22 years until his death in 2009. In those two decades she served in youth ministry, taught Sunday school, played the piano, directed the church choir, and led the women’s ministry program. She co-founded Newsong Church in Centerton, Arkansas, with her late husband in 2008. She oversaw the ministry of the church after her husband’s death until one of the pastors they had mentored was appointed to carry on the work. She currently resides in the countryside of Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Dr. James R. Blankenship.

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