Thriver: Happiness is a Choice by Tori Kinsey @tori_kinsey


What inspired you to write your memoir?
Having to give up my daughter after years of being emotionally and psychologically abused in a relationship that ultimately resulted in cancer, is what inspired me to write this book, in hopes that others will learn from my mistakes and wrong choices I made in life. My story will take readers to the heart of reality, adversity and everyday struggle. An inspirational story that touches on a wide range of topics, intended to bring eternal hope to those who feel lost, broken, and adrift in love and life.

About your Book:
Originally from a small village in Spain, Tori Kinsey would become the pioneer in her family. At a young age, Tori knew she was meant for more than small town life and took off to England to learn the English language. Before long she found herself in the United States where her nightmare would begin. It came in the form of a cold, cruel and mentally ill man. From there it developed into breast cancer and a fight for her life, as well as a fight for custody of her youngest child. Thriver: Happiness is a Choice, takes you to the pits of hell, and just when it seems the nightmare will never end, it picks you up, proving that hope does indeed spring eternal. This is a powerful story of a woman who refused to allow anything to defeat her – not a man, not cancer, and not even her inner self.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
After researching the publishing industry and taking into consideration that finances were an issue for me, I decided to self-publish through Xlibris.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
I do not have enough experience in the subject matter, this is my first publication. My sole purpose in writing my autobiography is to help others learn from my mistakes and avoid the pain and suffering I have endured throughout my life.

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Spain, Tori currently resides in the United States. She worked, as a legal assistant and later owned a private investigative agency. She is a single parent of three, and a walking, talking miracle. Tori’s breast cancer metastasized and has survived several bouts on her ongoing battle with a disease that claims so many lives. Thriver: Happiness is a Choice is her first publication.

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Beset by Lee Daniel Bullen @bullen_author

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The true story of a single father who embarks on a personal journey like no other following a slide into emotional and financial crisis. As problems mount, internal chaos grows and his young son’s autism worsens, he realises that he himself is his own worst enemy and begins to unearth the true meaning to his life…
Set during the global recession, this stirring true story of a father overcoming his demons for the sake of his children and himself will inspire divorcees, single parents and anyone struggling through their own times of crisis.
‘Beset’ – A modern memoir about an enlightening journey of self discovery.

“99% of this story is true, 1% is outrageous liberty-taking. Although I may only be 99% telling the truth when I say that, I only really remember 1% of what happened.” – Lee Daniel Bullen

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About the Author
Lee Daniel Bullen is the bestselling author of Double Ex, Beset: The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of Crisis and Unmade Classics. He has worked as an illustrator, screenwriter and teacher but now solely devotes his time to writing humorous novels. His personal interests include squirrel romancing, ferret fondling and stringing the guitar. His more intelligible writings are available in paperback and eBook.

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The Ultimate Insider’s Guide On The Life And Work of George R.R. Martin by Alan Griffin

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There is a reason George R.R. Martin is one of the world’s bestselling writers and The Ultimate Insider’s Guide on the Life and Work of George R.R. Martin reveals why. It’s no mystery the author knows how to write stories that draw you in and are impossible to put down. The New York Times describes this as “relentlessly entertaining” and the Express calls him “a fabulous teller of stories, a masterful writer who can create an entire new world and make the reader live in it”.

But, who is George R.R. Martin ?

Alan Griffin shares some little known secrets which may lend insight into what makes the wildly popular author tick. His guide is packed with fun facts. Find out who inspired him. Discover his early life. Finally understand how George R.R. Martin creates his characters and books. You’ll learn all this, and so much more, as you read through each information-packed chapter.

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A Turnkey or Not? by Tony Levy @AnthonyLevy1

Tony_CoverIt’s an autobiography of my twenty -five year career serving in Her Majesty’s Prison Service. A warts and all revelation of what really goes on behind the closed door of the UK’s penal establishments. The book charts my early career from 4 July 1993 until my subsequent disillusionment of the service and my eventual early retirement.

A chance meeting on holiday in Majorca changed my life forever and launched me into a 25 year career in a job that I never would have considered previously: working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

This book catalogues my personal experiences of working as a prison officer, from my early days at high security HMP Pentonville to my final years in therapy-based HMP Grendon. Filled with interesting observations and incidences, hilarious wind-ups and memorable characters, this autobiography is the story of a journey, from the happiest days in what will always be a potentially volatile environment to a complete state of disillusionment as an old dinosaur that no longer fitted into the modern prison service world.

The book is filled with amusing incidents and anecdotes in my early days through my promotions, running the London Marathon, meeting my wife until my complete disillusionment of how our prison service is being run.

You meet the characters that made our jobs more bearable, until their demise through political correctness gone mad.
How decisions at the top were made and changed at a moment’s notice to fulfil the ambitions of our politicians.

I give an honest account of my feelings, as someone who would never be a yes man and toe the party line, in the face of a constantly changing environment that had become increasingly controlled by political correctness gone mad and by budgetary needs rather than human needs.

I am a man who cared, and even though my heart was sucked out of my job, I never lost my dignity or respect. Most importantly, I would never allow myself to be reduced to just a turnkey.

Until I could take no more taking early retirement from a job I loved, my heart sucked out and my ambitions in tatters.
The book will make you smile and laugh and then cry and feel how I did, but then with renewed hope as I left to start a new life.

Targeted Age Group:: Everybody

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
People! As I state early in my book I was fed up with the press, TV, radio, and the politicians portraying prison officer and the prison service always in a negative light, and I had always said I would write a book and tell the truth, but never did. Then there was a (I think) Linda LaPlant thriller on the TV about a prison that was so way off reality that it made me so angry I was fuming. The next day at work I was still fuming and one of my colleagues said to me that I should write my book. I had previously said I would write a book about my time in the service. So I started to write it from then. This was my inspiration

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My Past Shadows of Fear – Missing Presumed Dead by Lucy Boutaleb

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What happened to Lucy Pocklington?

For more than twenty years, no one knew where Lucy Pocklington was hiding or whether she was dead or alive, ever since her father Thomas threw her out of the family home at the tender age of fifteen. The police searched for her high and low by following a trail of clues that only steered them into an endless circle.

As the mystery of the missing …presumed dead…case deepened – the young girl overcame terrible odds and went on to achieve hard-earned victory!

Join Lucy as she tells her amazing, compassionate and close to the bone story of heartbreak, adventure, loss, and struggles or survival, and reaches out to those seeking hope as well as the powers that be through this true account.
In a true stranger-than-fiction story, Lucy writes with open-hearted honesty as it really happened, and after her long disappearance came the extraordinary denouement…

About the Author
Lucy Boutaleb was born in Reading, Berkshire England and educated at Shaw House, Newbury. She now lives in Kent, England with her husband bob who is also a published author. After a successful entrepreneurial career, she now devotes her time in full time writing. Lucy is the author of numerous articles covering a wide range of subjects. Her latest work Jack POTOLO (Trilogy) follows the success of her best seller: My Past Shadows of Fear – Missing Presumed Dead, mentioned in major US and UK media outlets such as Fox, ABC, NBC etc…

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One Summer in France by Bev Spicer

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The summer of 1979 was the best summer ever! Pretty, blond and dangerously impetuous, Bev and Carol head for the sun, lucky beneficiaries of a generous university grant.

They are full of enthusiasm and the dazzling spirit of adventure that only seems possible when we are young. Essential swimwear is selected and Lipton’s vegetable oil is perfumed with patchouli for the perfect tan.
They end up in Argelès-sur-Mer, on a campsite close to the coast and not far from the border with Spain. Every day brings new challenges: how to hold a meaningful conversation on a naturist beach, what to do about a precocious teenage stalker, how to transport a gallon of port on a moped… all of which they meet head-on, with dubious philosophy and irrepressible optimism.

‘One Summer in France’ is a humorous tale based on a three-month study break the author took as part of her languages degree course at Keele University in 1979.

‘Would you do it all again?’ asked Carol.

‘Like a shot!’ I said.

And I would.

‘One Summer in France’ is the prequel to Bev Spicer’s ‘Bunny on a Bike’ (humorous memoir of a Playboy Croupier).

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About the Author
Bev Spicer is the author of five ebooks and two paperbacks. She also writes under the pen name B. A. Spicer.

Bev was born in a small market town in the Midlands, daughter to an observer for the Royal Air Force and her mother, a local beauty queen.

She was educated at Queens’ College, Cambridge and became a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in 1997 moving to live in France with her husband and two of her children ten years later, where she writes full-time.

She is widely read and has travelled extensively, living in Crete, where she taught English and learned to speak Greek, and in the Seychelles, where she worked for the government and co-designed materials which were used to teach at secondary school level.

An UnSpoken Compromise by Rizi Xavier Timane

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Rizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW, is a Nigerian-born transgender minister and certified grief recovery specialist residing in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in an extremely religious Christian home and was subjected to multiple exorcisms and other reparative attempts by his family and the church to “pray the gay away.” An Unspoken Compromise takes you through his journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration including:

Coming out as a trans boy at eight years old.

Identifying as a lesbian in homophobic Africa.

Transitioning while facing societal and family rejection.

The religious persecution and bullying he has suffered all along.

Rizi’s message to the LGBT community is twofold. First, be your authentic self—it’s the only way to inner peace and happiness. Second, if you are in search of a relationship with God, a spiritual path to unconditional love and acceptance does exist for you free from condemnation and negative judgment.

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About the Author
Rizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW, is a Nigerian-born transgender minister and certified grief recovery specialist residing in Los Angeles, California.

Lean In Like A Queen by Kim Do

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Born exactly 100 years ago in 1914, the Year of the Tiger, the young Jeanne Mariette Thérèse Nguyễn Hữu Thị Lan was crowned queen of Vietnam upon her wedding to King Bảo Đại. During the previous 140 odd years of the Nguyễn dynasty in Vietnam, under the previous 12 kings, there had never been a queen while the king was still alive; the highest title that a living king’s wife could have was “Primary Imperial Concubine.” Nonetheless, Nguyễn Hữu Thị Lan and her “commoner” family were able to negotiate unprecedented marriage arrangements with the king and the royal family, as a result of which she was designated queen immediately after the wedding. Her royal moniker was Nam Phương Hoàng Hậu, meaning “Queen of Perfume from the South.”For daring to marry a Buddhist king, Nam Phương was excommunicated by Pope Pius XI. Her negotiating strategies later resulted in a pardon by successor Pope Pius XII; her visit to the Vatican fascinated the European media. Nam Phương was a game-changer and did many “first” during her reign as queen. When King Bảo Đại abdicated his throne, Queen Nam Phương also became an ordinary citizen. After navigating the dangers of Vietnam’s war zones, contested by the military forces of four countries, she chose safety for her children and left the land of her birth to live out a quiet life in France.

Negotiating effectively is one of the essential keys to professional and personal success. That is one of the theses of Sheryl Sandberg’s 2013 best-selling book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. The concise and readable book, Lean In to be Queen, contributes an extraordinary negotiation blueprint from Asia, one worthy of a Hollywood movie: the true-life story of the last queen of Vietnam. This book is for all women – and men – who want to avoid common mistakes and increase their success in their own negotiations, whether at work, in business, or in their personal life.

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Benjamin Breaking Barriers: Autism – A Journey of Hope by Malva Freymuth Tarasewicz

Book-front-cover-image-high-resA heartfelt story which doubles as a powerful teaching tool…this mother and her son lead by example.

Benjamin Breaking Barriers is a compelling read, coming at a time when 1 in every 88 children is being diagnosed with autism. This story appeals to heart and mind alike, taking the reader through the fascinating process of autism therapy while also revealing the psyche and philosophies of Benjamin’s mother. A valuable resource for anyone involved in working with an autistic individual; parents and therapists alike will find inspiration in the creative ideas put forth by the author.

Synopsis: Benjamin is diagnosed with autism at the age of two, and his symptoms fit textbook descriptions. He is completely nonverbal and has withdrawn from the world; he has disappeared into the devastating isolation of autism and is taken over by the strange, repetitive behaviors that accompany the condition. Through the loving and determined intervention of his mother, and with the help of a caring community of family members, friends, therapists, and consultants, Benjamin eventually develops speech and begins to know the joys of interacting with the people and the environment around him. He is revealed to have an essentially sunny and loving nature, although the problems caused by his autism are often heart wrenching and can subvert his personality.

Over the course of years, virtually all of Benjamin’s waking hours are spent in therapeutic activity and engagement; he is continually guided by the creativity and energy of his mother. She refuses to lower her standards and “be reasonable.” Instead, she continually reaches for the stars in hopes that Benjamin will one day move beyond his autism and lead a life of normalcy. Meanwhile, she struggles to maintain her own sense of self, burning the midnight oil in pursuit of her professional life as a musician and a writer. The deep spiritual relationship that exists between mother and son allows them to grow into a team; together, they achieve goals that few would have dreamed possible.

Now it is 2013, the present. Benjamin is in high school and, with the aid of his mother, has embarked on the path of becoming a compelling public speaker. He has already moved audiences to both laughter and tears with his forty-five-minute presentation on autism titled Breaking Through Barriers and is making an impact on his peers and the larger community, encouraging people in all walks of life to meet their own challenges. He has a website, a blog, and a Facebook page, and is being recognized as an exceptional role model.

Benjamin’s life story is inseparable from the storyline of his mother’s dedication to helping him, and the two intertwined histories provide an inspiring narrative—the underlying message is one of hope and perseverance. The author recognizes that the storm clouds of life can have a silver lining and that unexpected gifts may be reaped from this recognition. She finds ways to meet the daily challenges that arise from her son’s autism and detects the hand of destiny in the process. Thus, the story of Benjamin is punctuated by moments of elation and celebration that will uplift the reader’s spirit.

Google Benjamin Breaking Barriers to locate our website, blog, YouTube clip, and Facebook page.

Targeted Age Group:: age 13 and up

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Throughout the years, people have commented on the special bond they recognize between my son (Benjamin) and me. They have asked me to share stories about parenting, particularly in regards to Benjamin’s autism, but also in a more general sense. I kept getting feedback that my creative ideas and my spiritually-aware approach were inspiring and helpful, so I eventually decided to tell the full story in this book.

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Biography of Walt Disney: The Inspirational Life Story of Walt Disney – The Man Behind “Disneyland” (Biographies of Famous People Series) by Steve Walters

This book is free on these days only – 04/06/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 04/08/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Learn the history and gain greater insight in to the life of one of Americas business magnate, animator, cartoonist ,producer, director, screenwriter, philanthropist and voice actor: Walt Disney behind the Success of the Walt Disney!

Like any normal child, Walt Disney was raised in a normal family who lived in Marceline, Missouri. He was the founder and core of the most successful multinational mass media company known as the Walt Disney Company. Kids were so fascinated with how Walt Disney World changed the animation industry. He became a folk hero to the 20th century bringing children magical Disney movies which were all family oriented films.

He also once took the risk of changing his age to join the American Red Cross. He was a risk taker alright! In this Walt Disney book you will have a chance to get a glimpse of his struggles and success in life with this well sought Walt Disney autobiography. Aside from that, you will also find out how Mickey Mouse and Disneyland first started. These are just some of the famous things Walt Disney was associated with.

In this Walt Disney Biography, together we will learn the following:

• Who is Walt Disney?
• Road to Hollywood
• Walt’s Family Life
• Bigger Dreams, Greater Visions
• The Happiest Place on Earth
• Remembering Walt Disney

The biography of Walt Disney is truly inspirational. No wonder lots of people nowadays are literally following his footsteps. He was also known for his love of art and that’s where Walt Disney World started. Up until this day, Walt Disney Company still manages to give unique animated motion picture today which provides without a doubt, a new level of entertainment not only for the kids, but for the whole family as well.

Our childhood will never be complete without watching one of Walt Disney World’s movie. The Man behind Disneyland will forever be in our hearts indeed. He was the man who made families closer by the development of the famous amusement park, which has now 5 branches that continues to entertain people of all ages.

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LIKE IT’S 1999: Diary of a Teenager in Love with a Teacher by Giselle Renarde @gisellerenarde


What inspired you to write your memoir?
My memoir is a little different because it’s a fusion of my diary and dream journal from the year 1999, when I was an 18-year-old high school student. That was the only year of my life I kept a diary, and when I found it this January (15 years later!), I became oddly hooked. I was intensely into the New Age movement back then. As an adult child of an alcoholic, I’d just started healing my inner child when an older man caught my eye–a teacher at my school. Looking back as an adult, it’s easy to see what was really going on, but at that age? Well, we don’t always see clearly. I decided to weave together my diary with my dream journal from the time and publish it firstly as a case study, but, more significantly, to share my experience with other adult children of substance abusers who may be able to relate to my experience.

About your Book:
True confessions of a real-life high school student on the cusp of a new millennium.

On the eve of the year 2000, high school student Giselle struggles with spirituality, ambiguous friendships, a family dealing with the aftermath of substance abuse, and deepening feelings of attraction toward her English teacher, a married man more than twice her age. Over the course of one school year, she shifts from seeing Lawrence as a father figure to falling obsessively in love.

Is Giselle making a total fool of herself, or will her teacher return her affection? Having an affair with a student would easily cost Lawrence his career, his wife, and his kids, not to mention his sanity. Will a by-the-books teacher sacrifice everything to indulge Giselle’s teenage crush?

LIKE IT’S 1999 is the actual, unabridged, honest-to-goodness diary of a teenager in love with her teacher.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I’ve been writing professionally since 2006, but I only started self-publishing ebooks and paperbacks last year. I decided to self-publish “Like It’s 1999″ because it’s such an unconventional book. It’s also my first non-fiction title. The presses I generally work with are fiction publishers. Also, self-publishing allows the author significantly more control over the book in terms of pricing, timelines, etc. It was the right choice for this book.

Author Bio:
Giselle Renarde is an award-winning Canadian author and contributor to more than 100 short story anthologies from such diverse publishers as Chicken Soup for the Soup, Oxford University Press, Simon and Schuster, and Cleis Press. Her book The Red Satin Collection won Best Transgender Romance in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. Giselle loves a geeky girl and lives with two bilingual cats.

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Blind But Now I See by Kent Gustavson

This book is free on these days only – 04/04/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 04/06/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

From the day he stepped off the bus in New York City, Doc Watson changed the music world forever. His influence has been recognized by presidents and by the heroes of modern music. This is the first comprehensive biography of bluegrass’s great hero–the flat-picking legend and the man who brought “Amazing Grace” into the public consciousness.

Inspiration to Robert Plant, Bob Dylan and countless other rock, country, pop and bluegrass musicians, Doc Watson started his career in his late 30s, on a small stage in Greenwich Village, New York City. Blind But Now I See delves into the dark corners of Doc Watson’s life, and, of course, the development of his baritone voice and steady guitar licks. This is a full and honest portrayal of a true American hero, and a genius of our times, from the small town of Deep Gap, North Carolina.

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About the Author
Award-winning author Kent Gustavson was born immersed in a rich musical heritage. As the son of peaceniks, he grew up with family sing-alongs. From Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan, he darted to classical, jazz, and avant-garde jazz, before circling back to the Greenwich Village folk canon and tracing that music back. In singer-guitarist Doc Watson, Gustavson found a treasure of American music.

His biography of Watson, Blind But Now I See (Sumach-Red Books) is the definitive biography of an American icon.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based author is uniquely qualified to write a book that merges myth, musicology, and American history. He holds a PhD in classical composition from Stony Brook University in New York, where he taught leadership, writing, literature, music and German for ten years. He’s an active musician with 14 critically acclaimed albums, and his music has been featured on National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered. He also hosts a radio show, Sound Authors, where he has interviewed hundreds of award-winning authors and musicians.