Bargain Book for 07/16/2015: Wounds of the Father: A True Story of Child Abuse, Betrayal, and Redemption by Elizabeth Garrison

WoundsIn the bestselling tradition of Smashed and Glass Castle, this raw, eye-opening memoir tells the powerful story of Elizabeth Garrison’s fractured childhood, descent into teenage drug addiction, and struggle to overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Elizabeth invites the reader behind the closed doors of a picture-perfect Christian family to reveal a dark, hidden world of child abuse, domestic violence, and chilling family secrets all performed in the name of God under the tyrannical rule of her father. Like countless teenage girls, Elizabeth turns to drugs and alcohol to escape. With smack-you-in-the-face honesty, Elizabeth chronicles the dark realities and real-life horrors of teenage drug abuse, living on the streets, foster homes, and treatment centers. She paints an unsparing portrait of scratching and clawing her way out of the grips of child abuse, addiction, and betrayal to find the strength within herself to save her own life.

Targeted Age Group: young adult-adult

Book Price: 2.99
This book is bargain priced from 07/16/2015 until 07/22/2015.

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Free Book 07/09/2015: Journey To A Dream by Craig Briggs

New-Journey-Kindle-400pixlow-pixThis book is free on these days only – 07/09/2015 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/09/2015. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Like many of us Craig Briggs dreamt of living a different life, free from the stresses and strains of modern living. But unlike most of us, he decided to pursue his dream.
In May 2002 Craig, his wife Melanie and their dog Jazz left their home town of Huddersfield in England’s industrial north and set off for Galicia: a remote and little known region in the northwest corner of Spain. So began their JOURNEY TO A DREAM
With help from the locals, they quickly settled in to their new relaxed lifestyle but the search for a new home soon changed that. They encounter a freelance estate agent of dubious character and after several failed attempts to buy a house are forced to reassess their goals.
Worse follows; a brush with the law, a builder who refuses to work, a swimming pool that floats, and the mysterious disappearance of their life savings. The spectre of a penniless return to England with their dream in tatters hovers over them.
Join Craig, Melanie, and Jazz along a colourful, bumpy, and sometimes dangerous journey and immerse your senses in the sights, sounds, and tastes along the way.
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Free Book 07/07/2015: Jump Into the Blue by Christina Lavers

jumpintotheblueThis book is free on these days only – 07/07/2015 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/09/2015. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Divine Magic or Madness? Heroine or Fool?

A breathtakingly beautiful, at times disquieting, and occasionally terrifying journey to the outer reaches of reality.

Beginning with a playful Ouija session, an eighteen year old Christy realises that reality might not be as straightforward as her rational western upbringing has led her to assume. As she opens to a cascade of subtle energies these forces increasingly influence her perception until she finds herself in a wild, enthralling space governed by magic and synchronicity.

As her consciousness expands and revelations abound, the socially constructed version of herself crumbles away. Immersed in the surreal mystical world of the blue, Christy believes she is on the verge of uncovering the holy grail of existence. But when her dreamy path unexpectedly transforms into a living nightmare, she learns the true implications of flying so high.

‘Jump Into The Blue’ is an exquisite recollection of one woman’s journey – a journey of discovery as she explores her senses, her emotions, her relationships, and the physical and ethereal worlds around her. Beautifully written, it is an evocative recollection of a carefree young adult’s discovery of self within the fascinating but potentially dangerous worlds she inhabits.
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FEATURED BOOK: Sister Moon Of The Philippines by Victoria Mulato

Sister-Moon-of-The-PhilippinesGenre: Non-Fiction/Memoir

Xulli entered the world in a way no child should ever have to; into a family and Filipino culture of poverty, neglect, and terrible abuse. Astonishing and unforgettable, this is a captivating story about the effects of abuse on the mind of a child, the heart wrenching struggles of an impoverished family, and how a young girl strives and dreams for something better.

Born in the Philippines in the 1960s, Xulli is the first child of many. By the time she is four, she is taking care of three other siblings with both her mother and father working. In the beginning things were difficult but not desperate. But then life turns exceedingly ugly when her father begins binging on gin, spending nearly every penny he earns on his addiction and leaving his family on the brink of starvation on a daily basis.

The alcohol makes her abusive father mean. And very violent. At first, his anger is mostly directed at her mother, but after a particularly nasty beating, she flees for her life, leaving the children with him. Her father then turns his attention to Xulli and her siblings. Cruelly, he tries to teach the youngest ones that they don’t need their mother or milk by putting hot peppers on the nipples of their bottles.

With her mother missing, Xulli must find a way to protect her siblings from their father and provide for their needs. Eventually her mother returns and the abusive cycle continues. Plagued by death, loss, and periods of starvation, Xulli struggles to provide for her siblings, when she is just a child herself.

Even through many horrible experiences and extraordinary challenges, her spirit shines, never giving up hope. Demonstrating an extraordinary resiliency to survive against all odds, Xulli inspires us as she finds the courage to succeed in her own life.

Note: When you order a copy of Sister Moon of the Philippines, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to organizations that are working to preventing child abuse.

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Bargain Book for 06/28/2015: I love you my child, I am abandoning you by Ariela Palacz

Edelstein.inddI Love You My Child, I’m Abandoning You is an exciting, human documentary taking place in France during the Holocaust. Ariela’s story plucks at existential strings and focuses a spotlight on our strong needs and basic rights to belong—to a family, to a tradition, and to the nation.

Ariela Palacz (as Paulette Szenker) shares her life story with the reader, weaving the past and the present together in an authentic and moving journey between France during the Holocaust, and Jerusalem of today.
Little Paulette, an excellent pupil surrounded by a loving family, is forced suddenly to confront the cruel reality of the Holocaust of French Jewry, forcibly separating her from her family and causing her to be abandoned by her father.
Despite the difficult and shocking experience that she copes with as a young girl during the Holocaust she remains optimistic and naïve, with a thirst for life even in her darkest hours.
Ariela’s story honors the memory of French Jews who perished in the Holocaust while simultaneously expressing the will to live, the revival, the optimism, and the bravery that characterize those who survived and the future generations of the Jewish people.

Targeted Age Group: 25-65

Book Price: 1.99
This book is bargain priced from 06/28/2015 until 06/30/2015.

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DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations, Volume One-The Early Years (1965-1972) and Volume Two-The Final Years (1973-1980) by Michael Phelps


What inspired you to write your memoir?
I co-authored “DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE” with the iconic actor’s first wife, Ellie Janssen. Published in hardcover, December, 1994 with Paperback editions published in 1995, 1996 and 1997 the book sold in excess of 1.2 million copies worldwide. I released the Fourth Edition (hardcover) in July of 2011 at the original publication price. Over the years many of David’s fans and a few of his friends who knew of our friendship have urged me to write these books. After a 4.5 years journey into the past with my friend, I released “DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations” in Volume One and Volume Two. The E-book editions were released on 27 September 2014 and Softcover Editions on 31 October 2014. Both are available in Softcover and E-book Editions. A Hardcover is available by Special Order.

About your Book:
The books are a relvelation of the innermost, private thoughts of the iconic actor, best known as “THE FUGITIVE” in private personal and telephone conversations between David Janssen and myself. Topics include his career, his drinking habits (of which I shared for a time), his marriage to and bitter divorce from his first wife, Ellie Janssen. His rise to International fame as “THE FUGITIVE”. His relationship with his mother Berniece, step-father Gene Janssen, sisters Jill and Teri, Ellie';s daughters Kathy and Diane, many of the top Hollywood Producers, Directors, Writers and Actors with whom he worked His volatile courtship and turbulent marriage to, and planned divorce from his second wife, Dani Crayne Greco Janssen.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
“DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE” was traditionally published. Ellie and I each owned fifty percent of the Copyrights. Through our naivety, we were cheated out of substantial royalties. I formed Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. in 2008 and publish all of my works through the company.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
Co-authoring “DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE” with Ellie Janssen, we had numerous disagreements, as she would relate incidents, people and subjects which conflicted with what Dave had told me. After one very contentious dispute, I decided to keep my mouth shut, after all it was HER story. I promised myself I would NEVER co-author a book again with anyone, especially the ex-wife of a celebrity. At the time we wrote her book, I was engaged as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami (FL) Law firm which specialized in criminal defense. Based on the success of Ellie’s book, my boss was retiring and I chose to retire as well and write about a subject I know well; police procedurals, detective and court room novels based on actual cases. My debut novel, “THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE” is based on the murder of a close friend and one time mentor of mine, Detective Sergeant Jack R. Ohrberg of the Robbery & Homicide unit of the Indianapolis Police Department. In this novel, I inserted myself as Jack’s “rookie” partner and created the “Mike Walsh Detective Novels” series. The second novel in the series is “THE JOCKEY’S JUSTICE”, based on the murder of a horse racing jockey that I investigated for the law firm. My current work in progress, third in the series, “INSANE JUSTICE” is based on a double homicide that I investigated for the law firm. The difference I see is very slight. The Memoirs are based on real people and their lives. The Novels I write are based on actual crimes, I have changed all names of principals, but take little dramatic license, as the events provide plenty of drama.

Author Bio:
I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I enlisted in the United States Air Force where I served as a Senior Military Policeman – Combat Defense Forces (Viet Nam), After my military service, I worked in private security while awaiting acceptance to the Police Academy. Working in Security is how I met David and Ellie Janssen. I relocated to New York City in 1966, to be near my (former) wife’s hometown of Meriden, CT. In New York City I worked in Executive Recruiting for four years. In that capacity, I met Count Tassilo Szechenyi (a Hungarian Nobleman). After he retired from an Aircraft parts manufacturing company and relocated to Miami Beach, FL he offered me a position as his Administrative Assistant, and in 1981 I was elevated to Individual Co-Trustee (with a bank as corporate Trustee) of his multi-million dollars trust. After the Count’s death in April of 1988, I was engaged as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami, FL law firm. I retired from the law firm in 1996 and embarked on the challenging career of being a Writer. I am happily divorced and split my time between my home in Miami Shores, Florida and New York City with my German Shepherd, Baron der Hunter III.

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How To Examine Life Through One Child: Memoirs from the 2013 Honduras Mission Trip by Dale L. Roberts

How To Examine Life Through One ChildDr. Rod Bailey was sent on a once-in-a-lifetime mission trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, as part of One Child Matters Program. With some reservations, he enters into a land where driving recklessly on crowded streets is normal, roosters crow from the rusty rooftops and the strong coffee gets no creamer. But, the greater lessons lie in his interaction he has with the proud people, grateful children and the mission he came to serve. Join Dr. Bailey in his five day journey of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 2013.

Targeted Age Group:: 25-49

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I had just left a wonderful job to pursue a career as a full-time self-published author and I had a sense that I wanted to give back to an excellent mentor and my former boss, Dr. Rod Bailey. He had sent me numerous emails recounting an experience in Honduras on a mission trip and I had told him before that I thought that it would make a great book. He laughed it off and didn’t think anyone would appreciate his writing. So, I set out to make a book of his five days in Honduras, then surprise him with it. He was overjoyed and gave the green light to release this as a publication so that many more people could benefit from his life-changing experience in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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Green: The First 12 Months of Modern American Marijuana Reform, a novel memoir by Marguerite Arnold

Green eBook Cover

What inspired you to write your memoir?
I was inspired to write this because of the events of the last 12 months in America. While it is a political book that looks at the pace of reform, I wrote this as a unique kind of hybrid. It reads like a novel. It is in fact a memoir. What I want this to be is a way that readers can look back over the past year and think about what they were doing or thinking during this time. That way it becomes a collective, remembered experience, with common benchmarks and dates.

On a personal level, it is a memoir for me in that 2014 marked a year of change that I have fought for personally. I think there are many people like me out there who feel the same way but perhaps aren’t writers.

About your Book:
Green is the month by month story of marijuana reform in America over 2014. Each chapter includes events that happened as well as a meta analysis of what these mean in the bigger picture of reform. There is a little history about what happened before this year in the first chapter to set the scene, but the vast majority of the book is coverage of what happened during the months of last year.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I wanted to publish this book as an ebook for several reasons. The first is that it gives me unparalleled reach to a global audience. Marijuana reform is global, as much as the US is driving it right now.

The second is that I could publish it fast. We went through a fairly rigorous editing and review process, although of course this being an ebook, I also know that I can revise it if necessary to fix anything we might have missed during a six week process that I vaguely remember being fueled by alot of caffeine in several countries.

I published the book through Smashwords, primarily because they have the best platform I have found technically and when it comes to customer service. They are a distributor, however, so you can buy the book now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc. My website has a complete list of sellers (see

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
A memoir must be able to connect the highly personalized events of the author’s life to some meaning with the audience. It is not fiction in that it really happened, but in every memoir there is a bit of fictionalized structuring of events – that is the nature of storytelling. You still have to structure a memoir with drama and meaning for your readers.

Where a common history becomes a memoir, which is what “Green” is intended to be, is a story that has great personal resonance for readers, even if the events in the book only serve to trigger their own memories of that moment in time.

This is a bit of an experiment for me actually – and pushing an envelope that I always wanted to explore. A great deal of my family died in the Holocaust. Those who made it out, including members of my immediate family of course, were instrumental in developing this idea in my head of a common story of events that works to trigger the identification of other people I might never have met or have anything else in common with – except this common experience.

In my head, this is almost a common memoir, written as much to document events that were of significance to me as my audience.

Author Bio:
Marguerite Arnold is a veteran journalist, writer and filmmaker. She has a background in IT, finance, law, sustainability and state and national politics in the United States as well as a history as a new economy entrepreneur.

Born in New York City, she spent her childhood in London and returned to the United States as a teenager. She attended UNC Chapel Hill and spent her working life in the U.S. between Washington D.C. and New York City.

In 2013, she decided to return to live in Germany, where she is currently pursuing a joint-citizenship claim via paternal rights. She has also just been accepted to the M.B.A. program at the Cologne School of Business.

“Green” is her first published book.

She is the daughter of Gail E. Haley, noted children’s book author and illustrator, and Arnold Arnold, an author, columnist, designer, and collector.

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Witch of Death by Chrys Fey

WitchofDeath_w9683_300*Witch of Death is a short story.*

Detective Reid Sanders doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but when he’s faced with a crime scene that defies the laws of nature, he has no other choice but to start believing. And solving a magical murder involves working with a witch.

Liberty Sawyer embodies the look of your classic evil witch, so, it’s no surprise when she uncovers the murderer is a witch that she becomes Reid’s number one suspect. If she can’t convince him otherwise, more people could lose their lives to dark magic, including her.

Targeted Age Group:: 18+

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A few years ago, I found out about a very well-known contest. At the time, I was struggling to get anything published. I thought this contest would be a good one to enter because it goes on all year. First, I needed a story idea. That night, while watching TV, I pondered a good story idea that could show off both of my strengths…suspense and the supernatural. Instantly the thought of magical murders committed by a witch strike my mind. Immediately after that, I knew I also wanted a witch to be the detective on the case. I wrote it, edited it, and sent off. But I did not win that contest. That story changed over the years with the help of beta readers and now it is Witch of Death.

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Just Perfect by Hanne Arts

JustPerfectWhen sixteen-year-old Christina Jacobs comes to school one day and discovers that life will never be the same again, she soon finds herself sinking away into self-doubt, haunted by her troubled thoughts and experiences and striving for acceptance and equality.


Fate was never easy on her, having given her an appearance far from desirable and a family situation far from the norm, but when she is forced to face it all on her own, forced to battle her inner demons, she knows she needs to give all she’s got to fight her way back to the surface and get her life back on track.


“Just Perfect” is a grippingly honest account of love and friendship, betrayal and trust, and inner demons and the fight for a better tomorrow.

Targeted Age Group:: Young Adult (14+)

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
For over two years, I had been working and reworking “Just Perfect,” being first inspired to start writing it as a result of the difficult times I myself have gone through. Feeling the need to help others through the sharing of my personal struggles – experienced by so many others as well – I believed it would be incredible to share my work with the largest audience possible. And it is.

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Magic Taxi – A MMF Menage Fantasy by Sol Serano

taxi-smJenny is out with her girlfriends. Friday night happy hour is just what she needs to take her mind from her relationship troubles. Her insatiable needs not being met, Lucille, the group’s matriarch, hands her the perfect solution; The menu of services offered by Magic Taxi. Jenny laughs it off at first, until Lucille coaxes her. Once home, her SO not responding to her calls, she makes a call to quell the pounding between her legs. What ensues is a MMF fantasy realized.
Hold onto your hats ladies, and gents, this 6,700 word tale contains MMF menage, bisexual erotica. Enjoy!

Targeted Age Group:: 18+ Mature audiences only

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was sitting around with my girlfriends at Happy Hour one Friday afternoon and we conjured up the idea. What if you could call a taxi and have it deliver you anything you wanted? A couple of twists and we get Magic Taxi.

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Bargain Book for 05/28/2015: French Illusions: From Tours to Paris by Linda Kovic-Skow

French-Illusions-2-eBook-coverThis book is bargain priced from 05/28/2015 until 06/01/2015 Check book price before you buy, as prices can change due to expiration of the sale or other technical issues.

Linda Kovic’s story continues in From Tours to Paris – the final book in the French Illusions series based on her diaries from 1979 and 1980. Still determined to learn French and fulfill her dream of becoming an international flight attendant, she puts her disastrous stint as an au pair behind her and revels in newfound freedom in the city of Tours. She finds lodging, enrolls at a French institute, and spends eight glorious days with Adam before he leaves for the holidays. When he returns, his shocking announcement propels her in a different direction, eventually leading her to Paris. Join Linda as she struggles with money, faces challenges at school, and learns some tough lessons about love and life.

Targeted Age Group: 18 and over

Book Price: .99

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