A Harem Boy’s Saga – III – Debauchery; a memoir by Young


What inspired you to write your memoir?
Four years ago, I decided it was time for me to tell my positive harem experiences of being inducted into a sexual clandestine society while attending an exclusive English boarding school, before being spirited away to serve in several wealthy/elite Middle Eastern Arab Household Harems.My story has been kept under wraps for close to 40 odd years.
I’ve listed some of the goals I hope to achieve through A Harem Boy Saga are:
• Provide tolerance to effeminate boys by understanding parents/peers and the community.
I was prompted to document my unique education after watching an Anderson Cooper 360 documentary on the devastating treatment of effeminate boys. This documentary influenced me to tell my story.
• Bullying can be avoided through Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer programs in school or outside school system. Older students acting as mentors to younger students as I had experienced during my boarding school years.
• Gay Adolescent Tolerance – parents/child/siblings relationship issues.
Support/mentorship program to all parties involved to foster understanding and acceptance of Gay kids like the nurturing/support/acceptance my mother provided me from birth until her passing.
• Provide an Alternative Educational System by understanding Big Brother/adolescent mentorship programs in schools, Big Brothers/Big Sisters as protector to keep younger kids from being bullied.
• Human Relationship Building Program between parents/teachers and young students on sexuality/intimacy topics/issues, especially when adolescent are just discovering their sexuality during puberty. They can be guided on a healthy and honest sexual journey instead of “don’t ask, don’t tell” hide it behind the closet policy.
These are some issues I hope will provide enlightenment through A Harem Boy’s Saga 7 books series.
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A Harem Boy’s Saga – II – Unbridled; a memoir by Young


What inspired you to write your memoir?
My story has been kept under wraps for close to 45 years. The correct moment has arrived for me to make known my unique education. I believe my early experiences shaped my adult life to who I am today.
Now that I’m semi-retired from my once very active fashion lifestyle, it is time for me to reflect upon my unique early experiences and to inform the world what my positive experiences in the Middle Eastern harems were like.
These are some of the goals I hope to achieve through
A Harem Boy Saga:
• Provide Tolerance to Sissy Boys by understanding parents/peers and the community.
Anderson Cooper 360 documentary on the devastating treatment of effeminate boys influence me to tell my story.
• Bullying can be avoided through Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer programs in school or outside school system. Older students acting as mentors to younger students.
• Gay Adolescent Tolerance – parents/child/siblings relationship issues.
Support/mentorship program to all parties involved to foster understanding and acceptance of Gay kids.
• Provide an Alternative Educational System;
Understanding Big Brother/adolescent mentorship programs in schools, BB as protector to keep younger kids from being bullied.
• Human Relationship Building Program;
Between parents/teachers and young students on sexual topics/issues, especially when adolescent are just discovering their sexuality. They can be guided on a healthy and honest sexual journey instead of “don’t ask, don’t tell” hide it behind the closet policy.
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Meno-What? A Memoir by D.G. Kaye


What inspired you to write your memoir?
I have been journaling since I was very young and wrote a lot about life. After going through the “Change” of life with all its side-effects and craziness, I wanted to share my journey with other women in hopes to share some humor about a not so humorous time and share some helpful hints of alleviating symptoms as well.

About your Book:
“I often found myself drifting from a state of normal in a sudden twist of bitchiness.”

From PMS to menopause to what the hell?
D.G. adds a touch of humor to a tale about a not-so-humorous time. While bidding farewell to her dearly departing estrogen, D.G. struggles to tame her raging hormones of fire, relentless dryness, flooding and droughts, and other unflattering symptoms.
Join D.G. on her meno-journey to slay the dragons of menopause as she tries to hold on to her sanity, memory, hair and so much more!

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I published my books through Amazon and Createspace because they have a big share of the market with many readers and reviewers. Many other distribution sites don’t offer the kindle promos and often don’t have many reviews on their books.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
Writing in memoir is a raw and personal accounting. It involves the author’s sharing of her personal struggles and accomplishments, often bringing characters into the stories who are still living. Many memoir writers take some backlash from the people mentioned in their books, and often from other family members who sometimes tend to disagree with the facts of the author. The process can rattle our emotions.

Author Bio:
D.G. Kaye is a Canadian nonfiction/memoir author. She was born, raised, and resides in Toronto, Canada. Kaye writes about her life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues.
At a young age, D.G. began keeping journals to take notes about her turbulent childhood while growing up as an emotionally neglected child. Tormented with guilt, as she grew older, D.G. was conflicted with the question of whether or not she was to remain obligated to being a faithful daughter, in debt to her narcissistic mother for giving birth to her. Her first book, Conflicted Hearts is a memoir, written about her journey to seek solace from living with guilt.
D.G.’s writing relates to her experiences in life, and shares her lessons and ideas she acquired along the way. Kaye’s second book, Meno-What? A Memoir, was written based on her passage through menopause. In that book, she shares her humor and wisdom on what women can expect at that time, adding some of her helpful hints for relief.
D.G.’s newest book, Words We Carry focuses around women’s self-esteem issues. She talks about how and why the issues evolve, how she recognized her own, and how she overcame her insecurities.
Kaye writes for the woman of all ages. Her writing is easily relatable and her insights about the complexities of being a woman are expressed in her writing.
Quotes: “Live Laugh Love . . . And Don’t Forget to Breathe!”
“For every kindness, there should be kindness in return. Wouldn’t that
just make the world right?”

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Free Book 11/18/2014: Snake For The Day by David Darmstaedter

snake-for-the-dayThis book is free on these days only – 11/18/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 11/20/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

John has 18 years of sobriety, a grown son and a failing marriage. He gets a shoulder injury on his day job and learns to surf as part of his recovery. Meanwhile his wife leaves him for another man. Heartbroken and confused about his purpose in life, John meets a friend at a party who has just returned from ayahuasca ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon. The light in his friend’s eyes compels John to go on the journey himself and delve deeper into his very soul.
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FEATURED BOOK: Sister Moon of the Philippines by Victoria Mulato

IMG_0691Genre: non-fiction

Xulli entered the world in a way no child should ever have to; into a family and Filipino culture of poverty, neglect, and terrible abuse. Astonishing and unforgettable, this is a captivating story about the effects of abuse on the mind of a child, the heart wrenching struggles of an impoverished family, and how a young girl strives and dreams for something better.

Born in the Philippines in the 1960s, Xulli is the first child of many. By the time she is four, she is taking care of three other siblings with both her mother and father working. In the beginning things were difficult but not desperate. But then life turns exceedingly ugly when her father begins binging on gin, spending nearly every penny he earns on his addiction and leaving his family on the brink of starvation on a daily basis.

The alcohol makes her abusive father mean. And very violent. At first, his anger is mostly directed at her mother, but after a particularly nasty beating, she flees for her life, leaving the children with him. Her father then turns his attention to Xulli and her siblings. Cruelly, he tries to teach the youngest ones that they don’t need their mother or milk by putting hot peppers on the nipples of their bottles.

With her mother missing, Xulli must find a way to protect her siblings from their father and provide for their needs. Eventually her mother returns and the abusive cycle continues. Plagued by death, loss, and periods of starvation, Xulli struggles to provide for her siblings, when she is just a child herself.

Even through many horrible experiences and extraordinary challenges, her spirit shines, never giving up hope. Demonstrating an extraordinary resiliency to survive against all odds, Xulli inspires us as she finds the courage to succeed in her own life.

A note from the author:

“I have written this book to raise awareness of the wide spread domestic violence and
child abuse that is so prevalent in the Filipino culture. All too often children in the Philippines are robbed of their basic human rights to an education because they have to become parents to their siblings or have been sold for money.

Through my writing and work, it is my passionate goal to help stop domestic violence and child abuse by educating the very young as well as adults about the effects of physical, emotional, and mental abuse, and show those in need how and where to seek help.”

Victoria Mulato

Note: When you order a copy of Sister Moon of the Philippines, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to organizations that are working to preventing child abuse.

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BitterSweet Birthright by Micheline Birger


What inspired you to write your memoir?
The magical way that I as a US citizen found my birthmother in Germany. The unfolding of events which led me to her.

About your Book:
An American Citizen Finds Her Birthmother in Germany: An Emotional Journey

I wrote this story in 1991 about two years after I met my German birthmother in Germany in 1989. I was 41 at the time when I wrote this. I was 39 when I met her. I never thought it was possible. I believed in the impossible though. I had a lot of deep emotions. I hope that the reader is able to capture that moment in time with me. I personally believe that people have the right to know about their birth circumstances if they so choose. I had no say in the matter at the time of my adoption. No say on where I would go or who I would be with.

All I know is it the best thing I could have ever done…finding my birthmother. It was the scariest emotional risk I have ever taken in my life. Like anything else in life, no risk – no reward. I personally believe that each and every adoptee wants to know where they came from even if they adamantly deny it. It is such a basic human right. Who wouldn’t want to know? That is my personal opinion. So be it. I certainly do not apologize for it. I am proud of it. I had to know. It helped me to heal my life on a deep level. I continue to do that even into my 60’s…heal my life at a very deep level. My goal now is to share my story with others through my experience.

As an adoptee, before my search, people, even professionals would say – “Why do you want to do that? Why do you want to open that can of worms?” But, thank God, I didn’t listen to anyone but my soul and my heart. I needed that sense of completion before I went to my grave. No matter which way the pendulum swung – be it positive…negative, or somewhere in between – I was expecting the best but braced for the worst. No matter what, every day since I made the commitment to the search and found my German birthmother in Germany, I have a deeper sense of peace about myself.

Most people take for granted their legacy, their birthright. They cannot understand the isolation and longing that goes on in the inner workings of an adoptee. Why was I given up? Who was my father? Who was my mother? What did they do in the community? What were my ancestors like? Did I have any blood siblings? What about my medical history? And so on and so forth.

I wrote this for myself and my own healing process at the time. I now feel comfortable in sharing this information with others who may be considering a search. Whatever one decides, it is their decision and no one elses. I was an international adoption. I was yanked from my genetic roots. I was forced into another culture. I guess that is where they get the saying – culture shock.

I hope that this journal of my moment in time will assist you in your journey – whether you are an adoptee; an adoptive parent; a birthmother; a birthfather; or anyone else in the adoption masquerade. I say, let the truth be known. The truth frees all parties involved.

Author Bio:
Micheline is a freelance writer, lecturer, humorist, retired nurse, novelist. She believes in the healing power of humor and Science of Mind principles. “Healing is a very personal issue.”

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
Repeated attempts to get agented. I decided to put it up on Kindle. Book has sold in the US and UK.

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Dream Searcher by William Byron Hillman


What inspired you to write your memoir?
I’ve traveled an incredible journey and whenever I repeat part of that trip everyone says I should write a book about it. Many suffer from agoraphobia and little is known about it. The number of people adopted and searching for birth parents grows yearly and few have luck finding their roots. After a 35-year search the birth parents were not only identified but located and a whole new family was still alive. Teenage marriages fail while mine excelled and people like to hear how it was done. Building a career in entertainment without help is nearly impossible and yet it was accomplished and feels good to help others.

About your Book:
Tired of being locked out of the house or punished for his innocence, Bill doesn’t take “You can’t do that” seriously. He marries his high school sweetheart, Dianne, and soon realizes she’s a perfect match. She’s compassionate, tough, and yet has agoraphobia lurking in the shadows. Together they pave a rocky road into a smooth highway mixing a budding yet complex entertainment career with a thirty-year search for her birth parents. Deep down they feed each other the right ingredients to avoid bitterness, failure, and loneliness. Refusing to quit or acknowledge either one is broken they raise three children and reunite with a second family they never thought they’d find. Ultimately they discover the joy inside and out which makes it possible to shed painful memories from the past and create happy new ones for their future.
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New York Story by Harlan @harlanvaughn


What inspired you to write your memoir?
I wanted to reflect on my time in this beast of a city, of all the loving and living I’ve done here.

About your Book:
Roommates. Apartment hunting. The single life. Competition. The New York persona.

Ah, New York – a city filled with anything you can possibly imagine.

What is it like to move here with nothing and build a new life? I’m Harlan. Before I lived here, I was a nice boy from the South. One day, I decided to make the move to New York to see what would happen. This is one side of an eight-million-sided story.

New York Story is a book of essays about living, loving, and surviving in New York. It’s humorous and heartfelt, with a smidge of advice gained from experience thrown in. What happens when a place changes your life overnight? What does it mean to start over in a new city? Told in an honest, original voice, this is my story.

To New York.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I did the self-pub thing. I like to use that as a channel because it provides me greater control over the entire process. I work hard to ensure my books are well edited, have great covers, and are quality products.

How do you see writing a Memoir as different from writing other genres of books?
It’s very difficult to write about oneself. You almost have to disassociate from your own experiences in order to make yourself a “character” in your story. That, for me, was the hardest part.

Author Bio:
Author and painter currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Interested in gay issues and themes that are whimsical/apocalyptic/dystopian. I also write poetry.

Follow me on Twitter – @harlanvaughn for updates.

harlanvaughn.com is my website – please visit.

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FEATURED BOOK: Reflections of Mamie: A Story of Survival by Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

Genre: Creative Non Fiction-Memoirs

Reflections of Mamie-A Story of Survival  is a sad and joyous personal account of growing up under the worst kind of adversity.  It is a story of survival during times of extreme suffering and deprivation that will leave you feeling Mamie’s anguish.

The journey of Mamie’s life began in the early 1950’s suburbs of Houston, Texas.  Mamie is a young child of four who was unwanted, afraid, abused and with nowhere to turn, learned that she had to stand alone.  Her only friends were her older brother, an abused child himself, and her nanny, who begged their mother to stop beating them.  The father, though he loved his children,  remained passive to the end.  A victim himself, the only protection he offered was a warning to stay out of their mother’s reach.

This story shares Mamie’s heroic battle to keep her dreams alive and hold on to her spirit. How she finds her way out of fifty-four years of abuse is yours to discover in her fascinating memoirs.
A must read for  anyone with a difficult childhood or anyone wanting to understand the cycles of abuse!

…S. Allan Kane, MD
“Reflections of Mamie” is the story of a young girl who spends her entire life searching . . . no, pleading for her mother’s love and approval, but instead receives only physical, mental, and emotional abuse in return. This unsettling tale is more a story of hope as Mamie’s fighting spirit leaves the reader in awe at the young girl who comes to life on the tear-stained pages.”

— Peter Healy
During the time this book is feathered, October 27-November 7th- it is offered at a discount but only direct from the authors web site. Two versions are available as follows for this special offer:

Paperback with black and white photographs retails for $17.95 but of two weeks is available at $13.95 plus media shipping

Hardcover version with color photographs retails for $34.95 but also available for two weeks at $25.00 plus media shipping You MUST write to me through the web site for this special. Payment will be billed through PayPal.

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Free Book 10/25/2014: Once Upon an Ever After by Angela N. Blount

CompanionCoverFrontThis book is free on these days only – 10/25/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 10/29/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Set after the events of Blount’s debut memoir, Once Upon A Road Trip, this short story anthology focuses on the unusual courtship of Angeli and Vincent.

When Angeli left Minnesota on a post-high school road trip, all she wanted was to see the East Coast and finally meet some of her online friends. She didn’t expect to end up in a long-distance relationship with a computer-savvy Southern boy. Yet Vincent seems determined to defy the odds. To prove his intentions, he sets off on his own quest to visit Angeli and win her family’s approval. But along the way he’ll have to contend with her offbeat friends, trigger-happy father, and a few questionable run-ins with Northern hospitality.

South meets North this time around, and “normal” isn’t anywhere on the map.

With a thousand miles and radically different upbringings between them, can Angeli and Vincent forge a forever-worthy bond? Or are the roadblocks they face too much for either of them to overcome?
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Free Book 10/20/2014: HOLISTIC FITNESS: Emotional Muscles, Action, Motivation, and Personal Success by Marta Tuchowska

holistic_fit_big_fonts-188x300This book is free on these days only – 10/20/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 10/22/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Holistic Fitness helps to untangle the age old riddle of obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Marta infuses her writing with a fast-paced style that is designed to be read casually, but helps instill long-term values that are designed to reboot a person’s habits.

The book aggressively pursues limiting beliefs and dispels the common ideas that cause harm. In a ranting fashion, Marta goes after the haters, the “couches” instead of the “coaches”, and the people of the world who suffer from entitlement complexes–especially those keen to complain without offering back to the universe, or being grateful for their first world problems.

Tackling concepts from career to fitness, the big idea is to help round out a person’s life, in a world where people are increasingly living without balance, focus or direction. Pulling all corners of your life together and achieving balance is what can thus make a person holistically fit.

Through a stream of thought style, Marta instills the virtues of hard work, ethics, and ideas like empathy. As a life coach she attempts to push readers a step forward, beyond what they may be used to. For anybody who feels stuck, Marta’s hard-hitting advice may be just what is needed.”
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Free Book 10/15/2014: He Just Needs To Be Loved by Patricia Zimmerman

This book is free on these days only – 10/15/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 10/19/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

When my husband, Roger, and I adopted three-year old Tyler from Ukraine in 1992, the orphanage director told us, “He just needs to be loved,” but Tyler needed much more than love. The product of a neglectful and abusive environment, he was a wounded little soul who fought every attempt that was made to integrate him into our family, afraid to trust in human relationships. During his frist years in America, he was diagnosed with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-an autism spectrum disorder) and Tourette Syndrome, leaving my family overwhelmed and ill-prepared to handle such an emotionally fragile little boy. HE JUST NEEDS TO BE LOVED chronicles Tyler’s journey from a troubled child to a confident, happy, young man with endless possibilities.
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