Free Book: Food Addiction by Andy Johnson

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to Overcome Food Addiction.

You can learn how to trade bad habits for good habits just by following some of the positive suggestions given in this book. Change is never usually easy but when it is for the better of your over-all well-being then it is well worth the effort.
If you truly want to stop food addiction then I suggest that you start by reading this book. This book will be a wonderful tool to help guide you to reduce that emotional need for food; you owe it to yourself to enjoy food, not crave for it.
Take the first step towards a life you can truly begin to enjoy by reading the steps and strategies. This book offers on how to achieve the desired results that you are seeking.I hope you enjoy it!

About the Author
Hi, my name is Andy Johnson, I’m the author of ‘How to stop worrying and start living: The Most Effective, Permanent Solution to Finally Overcome Worrying and Start Living” and many other self-help books.

I enjoy writing books that hopefully will benefit the people who read it and add value to their lives. As a person who always turned to books I hope to give back as well. for a long period of my life I never stopped to enjoy them, and I had no one to do that for me. When it finally happened, I wanted to share my epiphany with others, and that’s how “How to stop worrying” was born.

I was a project manager of big computers companies, when I decided to leave it all behind and just write. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Mexican Cooking in 30 Minutes: Cook Delicious Mexican Food at Home With Mouth Watering Mexican Recipes Cookbook by Michael E. Reese

Mexican-Cooking-in-30-MinutesThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how to prepare and enjoy delicious Mexican dishes right in the comforts of your own home. Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines all over the world. And because of its exotic flavors and wide popularity, the UNESCO declared the Mexican cuisine as one of the “intangible cultural heritages” in the world.

Targeted Age Group:: 25 above

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Free Book: The Ultimate FODMAP Handbook by Melinda Rosenblum

This book is free on these days only – 07/20/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/24/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

You’re about to discover the proven steps and strategies on how to lead a beautiful and healthy life free of worries about the consequences of having FODMAP in your diet. Health is a blessing and life is good when you are healthy. Everyone is responsible for her own health and needs to guard her appetite and eat healthy.

People nowadays are increasingly living like robots, with little or no time to socialize, eat or sleep properly. Most modern diseases are related to our way of living. Digestive problems are among these. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a disease of the gut in which eating a high FODMAP diet causes abdominal discomfort. For people facing this problem, devastated with their lives, this book provides an explanation and remedy to this condition.

The first portion of this book gives an overview of FODMAP, digestive health and IBS. The second portion of the book deals with the diets that are rich in FODMAP followed by some food items that contain minimum to no FODMAP. And in the end the book describes food recipes and meal plans for people of all palates, who can enjoy a tasteful life without having to be concerned about bad digestive health ever again.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Strategies on how to lead a beautiful and healthy life without FODMAP
The consequences of having FODMAP in your diet
FODMAP causes of abdominal discomfort
FODMAP and its effect on Digestive Health
FODMAP and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Food Rich in FODMAP
Low FODMAP diet
FODMAP Free Recipes
FODMAP Free Sample Diet Plan

About the Author
Melinda Rosenblum is a dietician and health professional who recently met with Wilson Press to arrange a deal for a publishing contract. The Ultimate FODMAP Handbook is her first book.

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Free Book: Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: An Easy Step by Step Guide for Using Virgin Coconut Oil for Fast Weight Loss (Coconut Oil for Easy Weight Loss, Beauty, Nutrition, Cures,) by Julianne P.

This book is free on these days only – 07/20/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/24/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Chapter 1 -
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to clean your house and keep it looking fresh and inviting!

With today’s busy lifestyle, many homeowners are frustrated with the state their houses are in by the end of the week – or even by the end of the day! With no time to organize and clean, they often find themselves spending precious house during the weekend just straightening everything out! This book is for everyone who wants to enjoy a permanent change in the state of their homes. Through this eBook, you’ll find yourself managing the household better in just 30 minutes or less!

About the Author
Julianne P., is a Canadian Author, natural health enthusiast, yoga instructor and life coach. She believes in getting to the route of the problem rather than using over the counter drugs and medications to help ease only the symptoms and has done about ten years of research in natural medicine and holistic healing. She also mentors and coaches people of all ages in different areas (including business, goal setting, self esteem and dating). Julianne now shares her knowledge through kindle e-books.

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My Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter Recipe Book by Jennifer Amie

coverWant to get more from your Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter? Then learn how to use it to make the most delicious vegetable-based “pasta” dishes imaginable! This book is a companion book for anyone who owns or is buying a spiral vegetable slicer or cutter (Veggetti, Paderno, or any other brand). In this essential book we cover: * learn how to spiral cut vegetables like a Pro * learn the “insider’s” way to quickly clean your spiral veggie slicer * learn which vegetables work best * Paleo Recipes * Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Recipes * Weight Loss Recipes * Deliciously Decadent Recipes *

Who is this book for? Anyone who wants to feel better, feel younger, perform better, have more energy, and generally have a healthier body and mind. Why? Because your spiral vegetable slicer gives you the tools to make the delicious, healthy food you crave. Now all you need are some “insider” secrets, and a nice collection of great recipes to complete the package!

Targeted Age Group:: adults

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This book was written because I could not find enough information or recipes for the Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter, or any of the other popular spiral slicers and cutters. I’ve researched, experimented and collected the most delicious recipes so that you can make the most of your new vegetable cutter! Here are some reviews from people who have purchased the book and tried the recipes: “I just got a Veggetti as a gift and was thrilled to start using it, but wanted more recipe options than what came with them. Well this is it!” – Dip Falcon. “This book is a godsend for anyone who loves veggies AND for anyone who is following the paleo diet” – Sid Mylavarapu. “I hadn’t been using my veggie cutter all that much lately and this got me motivated again! The recipes are really creative. I never would have come up with this stuff.” – Ryan Jett

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Free Book: The Low Fat Myth by Grace Crawford

This book is free on these days only – 07/19/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/23/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

If you want to learn a key to understanding your body and how it can be functioning at a more healthy and efficient level, then this book is for you. In the Western world, we have been told for decades that we need to have a low-fat diet to be healthier, to lose weight, to avoid heart disease…and so the list goes on. But what if that’s wrong? Not that we should suddenly eat any kind of fat we can get out hands on, but what if natural fats are an essential part of our diet? What if we as a society have spent the last few decades frantically avoiding saturated fats, when they are exactly what we should be adding back in to our nutritional plans?

I understand your skepticism! But the research is piling up: a diet made up mostly of grains and starches is not working for us in the western world. In fact, there is not even research to support it. Instead researchers are discovering more and more information that challenges the ‘low-fat’ drive of the last few decades. Our body NEEDS fat! It operates on a more healthy level with a good fat intake. In fact, eating fat (including saturated fat, gasp!) can help you lose weight, control cravings and greatly improve your energy.

This book will help you understand this new approach in a practical, introductory manner. The information is laid out clearly in a manner that is accessible to you, and will help you get started on your new nutrition journey! The goal is to empower you to understand your nutrition and take control of your eating.

About the Author
Grace Crawford became a personal trainer after working as a professional dancer for years, while completing her BHSc (Hons). She also worked as a researcher, and has now combined the skills and knowledge she has gained to compile short helpful books on topics relating to Health & Fitness.

Through working with a range of clients on both their fitness and nutrition goals, Grace’s passion for helping others understand HOW they can change their lives grew. However over the years she found the process of working with clients one-on-one restricting. She wanted to reach more people, and communicate with them the tools that she was using to see such success with her clients.

Grace’s approach to food comes from her own studies, as well as her health problems in dealing with chronic fatigue over a decade ago. This started Grace on her journey of searching for ways to use food and activity to enhance your life, and to feel great doing it! For Grace a lot of this is about perspective, and keeping balance throughout life. Your mind-set determines your reality, and when we understand the power of our mind and mind-set then we can start to see change in all realms of our lives. Grasping this concept led Grace to take control of her own life, and want to communicate with others the aspects of her health & fitness journey that have been so empowering for her and her clients.

Grace appreciates enjoying life, and feeling vibrant energy of going through life feeling energised and healthy. She loves skiing and dancing, and has recently become slightly obsessed with surfing!

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Free Book: The Gourmet Rotation Diet for Allergy Sufferers by Joyce L Weaver

This book is free on these days only – 07/19/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/21/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

‘The Gourmet Rotation Diet For Allergy Sufferers’ is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping allergy sufferers identify which foods are causing them problems and to maximize their dietary choices. It contains numerous recipes for all tastes ranging from simple home cooked food through to more complex dishes. We are all individuals and we don’t all react to the same foods. (Wheat and dairy products are on the same day for a very good reason as these are the most common culprits. Also, by separating the food families, it soon becomes clear which ones to avoid.) However, cutting out foods needlessly just deprives you of vital nutrition. The rotation diet will provide you with a much wider spectrum of nutrients and if you suspect that certain foods upset you, but you need help to establish which ones they are, by keeping a record of everything you eat and drink on a daily basis, it will soon become apparent which foods and beverages to avoid and at the same time, you will discover nourishing substitutes to fill you up so you won’t go hungry.

The book has been written by allergy sufferer Joyce Weaver, with the help and guidance of Dr Honor Anthony, who was one of the UK’s leading allergy specialists and retired president of the British Society for Allergy Environmental and Nutritional Medicine.

About the Author
British author Joyce L Weaver is married with two grown up sons and lives in North Yorkshire. In her teens, she completed a four year City & Guilds course in Baking and Confectionery at Leeds Polytechnic. Whilst there, she won many prizes for her achievements including the Leeds Master Baker’s prize and the JW Fawcett Trophy. She gained a distinction in Food Technology. Many years later, she discovered that she was allergic to wheat, yeast and dairy products,among a whole host of other things.

She recovered from severe chronic fatigue syndrome after radically changing her diet and receiving pioneering desensitization treatment for multiple food and chemical allergies.
She was inspired to write The Gourmet Rotation Diet for Allergy Sufferers, in order to help other people to some extent, to take control of their own health.

A Gathered Radiance is her first novel. Its sequel, The Feral Spy, is now out on Kindle and her third book is a work in progress.

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Free Book: The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Vanessa Kittle

This book is free on these days only – 07/19/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/19/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Food should make you feel better rather than worse. A meal should lift your spirits and energy and make you feel warm and comfortable inside. Since this is difficult to find when dining out, it can be more rewarding to cook for yourself. Most of the recipes contained in this book are simple and take little time to prepare. All the recipes are vegetarian. In fact, this is really a vegan cookbook with vegetarian options. Enjoy!

About the Author
Vanessa Kittle is 39. She lives out on Long Island with her evil cats; Lama and Sombrero, and her more evil partner, Erin. Vanessa is a former chef and lawyer who now teaches English Composition. She has published 2 collections of poetry: Apart, and Surviving the Days of the Empire, both with The March Street Press. Her work has recently been in The New Renaissance, Contemporary American Voices, Nerve Cowboy, Limestone, Ibbetson Street, and A Generation Defining Itself anthology. Vanessa edits the Abramelin Poetry Journal. Vanessa has been nominated 3 times for the Pushcart Prize. Her first novel, Elaenorh, has just been published by Double Dragon Publishing. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and Star Trek!

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Free Book: 25 Easy Vegetable Snack Recipes: Simple and Healthy Cooking That Anyone Can Do by Haniie P. Scott

This book is free on these days only – 07/18/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/22/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Are you looking for healthy vegetable recipes that anyone can make quickly? This recipe book has 25 step-by-step recipes for anyone looking to save time, eat healthy, and eat delicious foods!

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Free Book: The GRILL & BBQ Handbook by Peter Dugmore

This book is free on these days only – 07/17/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/19/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Love grilling? Attracted to the idea of barbecuing at home? Worried that you don’t have enough space? Bewildered by the array of equipment on offer? Unsure about the methods and techniques you need to master? Looking for some great recipes?

All the answers you need to these and a whole range of other questions are right here! “The GRILL & BBQ HANDBOOK” is for everyone who has an existing interest in cooking over an open fire, or with smoke and salt as a method of preparing food, as well as everyone who is attracted to the idea and would like to learn more about it.

The book is a compendium of four other titles in this same series, covering Smokehouse Basics; Slow-Cooking Outdoors; Woods, Fuels and Fires; and Wilderness and Campfire Cooking – giving generous extracts of the information contained in those titles at the sort of price you could expect to pay for just one of them.

It examines equipment ranging from the simplest of Hibachi braais to the most sophisticated grill/barbecue/smoker combinations currently on the market; It discusses what makes each of them right – or not so right! – for each reader’s particular circumstances, and describes the tips and techniques necessary to get the best out of them in terms of both performance and value for money.

The book seeks to make the choice of equipment easy for you by listing, in detail, a selection of different commercial home food grilling and barbecuing equipment – pits, large vault and cabinet smokers, vertical and water smokers, kettle and other grills – even stove-top smokers suitable for the smallest apartment or loft balcony, or for a quick-smoked, no fuss, convenience meal you can rustle up in minutes. Detailed construction details are given for a range of smoking and grilling equipment you can make at home – easily and economically.

As an added bonus, a whole section of the book is also devoted to that most leisurely means of outdoor cooking – the Dutch Oven, potjie, or 3-legged pot.

For those who’d like to experience wilderness cooking at first hand (or perhaps explore some new facets of it) it gives some useful tips and tricks to get a fire started (and once started maintained!) – and shows how a good number of these techniques are as applicable in our backyards as they are in the backwoods. It considers (some fairly unexpected) pieces of wilderness cooking equipment, and also suggests what to do if you don’t HAVE any equipment! And it includes a number of easy, but delicious, campfire recipes for you to try.

The book suggests which woods you should – and should NOT! – consider using, by discussing the benefits and the unique ‘personalities’ of different woods and fuels – particularly in regard to the characteristics of the smoke, and the differences in heat and coals produced by them – and suggests the right fuel for the right application.

It looks not only at what makes some woods and fuels better for one application, and others for other applications, but also which woods work best in the area in which you live. Detailed construction details and instructions are given for making your own high-quality charcoal at home.

The book also breaks new ground in considering a spread of food types which are not generally associated with grilling, braaiing and barbecuing, and also provides you with a range of stock or “platform” recipes to cover them.

It considers the different cuts of meat which are suitable for grilling, and which are more suitable for barbecuing and slow cooking, and it examines the different methods of preparing and seasoning foods prior to cooking them.
Illustrated charts are provided to help you to identify the major cuts of meat from each of the main animal groups – pork, beef, lamb and venison.
Very few books on the topic provide the breadth of coverage while also providing you with the detail you need to apply that information practically.
Get it now!

About the Author
Peter Dugmore is passionate about the outdoors. A lifelong foodie, with a particular love of outdoor cooking (in all its forms), charcuterie,sushi, and cross-cuisine fusion food, he enjoys writing (and researching) books and articles that cover these and a wide spread of other interests.

He has also at various times been an inventor (“generating a modest profit but a really satisfying sense of creative fulfilment”)…
…and at other times a management consultant and businessman. (“Perhaps, everyone has to have a dark side?!!!”)

Peter and his family live in Africa, and share a passion for its wilderness opportunities.

They’ve worked out that at one (very privileged!) stage in their lives, over a period of about ten years, the family spent more than 800 nights camping out on safaris, wilderness holidays, canoe adventures – and “riverside living” on a wild stretch of the Breede River in South Africa. Many times, jackals, lynx, black eagles, honey badgers, a variety of antelope, and otters were their only companions.
Peter’s paternal grandparents were members of the Pioneer column in 1896 to what was then Matabeleland, in Central Africa.
His grandfather was General Manager of a ranching company which owned large tracts of virgin bush in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
Some of his earliest childhood memories are of extended camping trips with his grandparents and his father, sleeping under the stars, shooting and fishing for the pot (in early Pioneer fashion) and generally enjoying the generous bounty of what was then an unspoilt wilderness.

Those early experiences left a taste for backwoods living and sections of a selection of books on this site are given over to “Campfire Grilling and Smoking” – and what can be done to grill, cook, smoke and preserve food in the bush without conventional equipment and accessories.

Later, in Peter’s teens, his father acquired a share in a large tract of virgin bush and riverine forest on the banks of the Dekka River, home to Africa’s “Big Five”, near the Hwange Game Reserve in North Matabeleland …. “where the wilderness got really upfront and personal!”.

“In the most rustic of bush smokehouses we learned to smoke big, green river bream from the Dekka, as well as the odd haunch of warthog or bush pig.”

Now, in their retirement, the “outdoors” for Peter and his family has largely moved to the backyard, and the equipment they use for grilling, barbecuing and smoking is “as commercial as it is rustic”. But the urge to experiment, to learn about and try different grilling, smoking and dry-curing methods and techniques, remains.

“Out of that enduring, lifelong interest the books on this site were born. I really do hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed researching and writing them”. View them here.

Peter Dugmore, Cape Town, South Africa April 2014

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Veganism by Elizabeth Aron

Jyothi_Final3Just the very first step of browsing through vegan books in Kindle is a good sign isn’t it ??

Elizabeth Aron has been fortunate to be born and raised a lacto vegetarian (uses dairy products) and has embraced Veganism as she grew up. This book is meant as a beginner’s motivational guide to help you get a basic understanding of the life of a vegan . Not only in terms of a diet but other aspects of living a healthier life too.

I believe it is a choice we all make at some point or the other consciously which has nothing to do with our family backgrounds or our neighbourhoods but an individual decision or stand we take as a well informed adult. As a matter of fact there are many vegetarians who are born in to such families and brought up that way only to turn in to meat eating at the first chance they get outside their families and of course there are so many who have been brought up in a meat eating culture but turned vegan or vegetarian later on as an informed decision.

This book’s objective is to lay down the facts and help you make the decision and stick to it as you take your first baby steps towards a healthier and better life for you as well as the entire society as a whole. Though this is your personal decision I believe it affects our family and community as well since it makes everyone around you to at least pause and think about veganism.

A sneak peek of how it will motivate you

Vegan First Impression
Vegan Lifestyle:Myths and Facts
Vegan Nutrition
Vegan Shopping Guide & GMO
Vegan Cuisine
Vegan Countries and Links
Much, much more!

Targeted Age Group:: Anywhere between 16-60

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I am a life long vegetarian and recently turned vegan . I understand the importance of being animal free and cruel free for a healthy and organic lifestyle. I embrace plant based lifestyle and would advocate the same to all for a better world!

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Free Book: Top Paleo Diet Recipes: 44 Healthy & Delicious Paleo Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks & Desserts by Jean LeGrand

This book is free on these days only – 07/16/2014 at midnight PST until 11:59 pm on 07/17/2014. If the dates are the same that means the book is free one day only.

Eat Well – Lose Weight – Feel Great with recipes from over 35 immensely popular Paleo Diet recipe books!

Best-selling author Jean LeGrand has put together a unique Paleo recipe collection from independent publishers that have received impressively positive reviews.

These 44 Recipes for breakfast, lunch, Dinner, Desserts and snacks in this book include: Traditional Tuscan Soup, Lemon Salmon Salad, Spicy Lettuce Wraps, Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs, Cashew Chicken Stir Fry, and Coconut Brownie Bars

This book deserves a spot on your cookbook bookshelf; get a copy today and start impressing your friends and pleasing your family with this incredible selection of recipes from some of the most popular Paleo recipe books available.

About the Author
I wirte recipe books because I like the fact that I can take all the enjoyment I get from cooking and extend it beyond my circle of family and friends. It makes me happy that I’m helping people enjoy both the cooking and eating side of great food.

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