SEO Basics for Bloggers Kindle Book Review

This is the fourth in a series of reviews I am doing of products from Blogging ABCs. I was impressed with their 5 Affiliate Marketing Benefits for Bloggers Webinar, Best Practices for Coupon Sites, Facebook + Email = Success, and Choosing the Scope and Structure of Your Blog. Today I am reviewing “SEO Basics for Bloggers.”

Product Description

Blogging ABCs hosts Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare, are joined by guest Eric Nagel to discuss the basics of SEO tactics for bloggers. Eric is an SEO specialist that shared his information with us, and included in this transcript is an actionable outline of tips that every blogger can implement.

Published by Nightfire Publications. Can be purchased on Amazon for $2.99 or FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime member!


This is an easy to read, 16-page guide to SEO. Keep in mind that this is a transcript of a discussion and so it is not as fluid as a written book, however it is very easy to follow. This ebook is intended for people who have started a blog or are thinking about starting a site, but who have already participated in some of the Blogging ABCs lessons, primarily because there are some terms and lingo that you might not be familar with. I have to admit, I had heard of SEO but had no idea what it was or why it was important. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” So as you can imagine, this guide talks about how you rank on search engines like Google and how you can improve. One tip I found very helpful (and interesting) is that you should actually INCLUDE misspelled keywords in your blog posts. This guide is another great tool from Blogging ABC’s.

SEO Basics for Bloggers

I am relatively new to blogging, and am still have so much to learn. One of the most important things (and to me the most confusing) is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

About the Product:

Blogging ABCs hosts Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare, are joined by guest Eric Nagel to discuss the basics of SEO tactics for bloggers. Eric is an SEO specialist that shared his information with us, and included in this transcript is an actionable outline of tips that every blogger can implement. SEO Basics for Bloggers, published by NightFire Publications, is the transcript of this discussion in ebook format.

What I Thought:
I was really happy to get the chance to review this ebook, because every blogger knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is super important. It is the key to making sure readers are able to find what you are writing. This has been on my blogging to-do list, but it is so intimidating that I have been procrastinating. After reading SEO Basic for Bloggers, I feel less intimidated (enough that I might actually start the optimizing process).

I felt that this ebook was more for the advanced beginner (as compared to a real novice like me). They assumed that you would know some of the what & how of basic SEO (such as permalinks, meta tags, etc). However, I did like the format and all the extras included in the end. Overall, this is a really great little ebook that is packed full of tips & helpful information.

SEO Basics For Bloggers – Review by Denise Jackson

I honestly thought I knew everything there was to know about blogging until I read this book. First, the format (transcript) made it very easy to read and I felt as if I was actually sitting in on the podcast. SEO broken down and made simple in this book. Understanding SEO can be difficult, SEO Basics For Bloggers makes it so much easier to understand.

I was able use a lot of the tips that were covered and changed a few of my previously published posts.In about a day at my blog was number one for one of my keyword searches.

This book is a “must read/have” for anyone that is blogging. It doesn’t matter whether you have been blogging for 2 days or 2 years there is something for everyone in SEO Basics For Bloggers.

Please read my “full” review at my blog.

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Denise Jackson
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SEO Basics For Bloggers – Review by PennyMindedMom


SEO Basics For Bloggers – Nightfire Publications

As a relatively new blogger in the blogosphere I was wondering how to get my blog found. I knew that I needed to improve my SEO (search engine optimization) but I didn’t know where to start. When the oportunity to review SEO Basics for Bloggers I jumped at the chance. SEO Basics for Bloggers is a transcript of the roundtable discussion with Blogging ABCs hosts Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare and guest Eric Nagel.

This book by Nightfire Publications is a great starting resource for any newbie blogger. It focuses mainly on WordPress but the information is good for any developer. It touches on various aspects of SEO without going to far into the “how to”. The books lets the reader know where to begin looking for the information and touches on keywords, title tags, meta description, permalinks, images, social sharing and sitemaps.

If you are looking for a “how to” book then this isn’t for you, but if you want a book that will help you get a start on optimizing your website for search engines then this would be a valuable resource for you.

SEO Basics for Bloggers (ebook) – Review from Tania Bugnet

I recently read SEO Basics for Bloggers which is an ebook from Nightfire Publications that is a transcript of a podcast of Eric Nagel, Tricia Meyer, Deborah Carney, and Vinny O’Hare.

This ebook covers such SEO topics as keyword research, title tags, images, social sharing, and sitemaps. In SEO Basics for Bloggers again the format is not the easiest to read (as I mentioned in my review of Choosing Your Scope and Structure of Your Blog) due to the roundtable discussion formatting. Definitely not my favorite way to read an ebook.

As I am still learning about SEO myself I thought reading this ebook would do me some good and I could learn some valuable SEO skills. Alas, SEO Basics for Bloggers needs to be re-titled SEO Basics for Bloggers using WordPress. This group of bloggers and SEO masters all use WordPress so basically none of the tips or tricks were applicable to me as I am a lowly Blogger-platform blogger. Another issue I had with this ebook was the fact that this group of podcasters did not start at the basics of SEO. They jumped right into the meat of SEO and I found myself asking questions that were not answered in SEO Basics for Bloggers. If you have SEO Basics in your title, please have an explanatory chapter for all of the SEO jargon. I found the title of this ebook dreadfully deceiving and not in the least bit helpful to me. Yes, I know very little about SEO but that is why I chose to read this ebook – I stupidly thought it might help me on my path through SEO for blogging.

However, those of you who are using WordPress I am sure you will find SEO Basics for Bloggers quite helpful in helping you become better equipped at blogging with a view to your SEO.

Author: Tania Bugnet – Horseshoes blog