BookGoodies Author Newsletter: 4/23/2014 Prepping for Promo and Giveaways

Prepping for Promo:
I teamed up with Jim Kukral to create a podcast for authors about
how to be ready for a successful book promotion. A lot of books
don’t do well during some promotions, free or paid, due to not being
ready. We give you some actionable tips to get your book and book
landing page ready to start converting. It is 18 minutes that will
be time well spent.

Author Ad Giveaway:
Send your book readers over to your book pages on BookGoodies and
have them comment about your book. The books with the most comments
will be entered in a drawing for a free one month ad on the
BookGoodies homepage ($99 value). Find your books on our site by
using the search box at the top of any page. We are going to be
encouraging more comments on book pages going forward and wanted
to give authors an incentive to get the ball rolling. If you have
read books on our site, go leave comments on those books too! What
is your incentive for that? Out of all comment made on the site
starting today, one random commenter will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Repeated from our last email because a large number of emails bounced:
Quick update on the BookGoodies Connect Forum
New sections for Review requests and pumped up the Free and Bargain
books areas. There are threads to post your links to your
social media for people to find and follow you, plus threads to
post your covers for critique. We are planning some contests – both
for covers and flash fiction – so get registered and posting to be
ready! Come on over:

Other reminders:
BookGoodies Buyers Guides Advertising Closing Soon
We have Book Buyers Guides that will run approximately 6 weeks at a time.
The Guides will be heavily advertised, and will be sent via social
media across several accounts and newsletters to approximately
40,000 friends, fans and subscribers. The deadline for getting in
the guide is April 28th.

Buyer’s Guide for Children and Young Adult Books:

Deborah Carney
Part of the Network

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Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Search our site for a book or author you love or have read and leave a comment. The more comments you leave, the more entries you get. But don’t just post “I loved this book” – you need to tell us what you liked about the book or author. Ready? Go!

A BookGoodies Giveaway

Prepping for A Successful Book Promotion – Podcast with Jim Kukral and Deborah Carney

Is your book ready for a big promotional push? Listen to this podcast with industry professionals Jim Kukral and Deborah Carney to see if your book really is ready to be put out there in front of the public. In 18 minutes you could save a lot of time and money and once you follow our advice you can be better prepared for both free and paid promotions to get your book not just seen, but actually get readers to buy it.


If you listened to this podcast and found it helpful or have other ideas to share, please post in the comments!

Romance Books Giveaway


Win print copies of three awesome romance books. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below, starting with telling us your country.

We have 3 Autographed Copies of The Temptation Of Love by Amore Goodman (Shipped to US Residents Only)
Listen to a podcast with Amore to learn more about her and her books.




One paperback copy The Cusp of Everything by Laura Huntt Foti (Shipped to US Residents Only)
Listen to a podcast with Laura to learn more about her and the usual book. It has it’s own soundtrack that she encourages you to listen to while reading.




The Catasy by Rexanne Mancini (Shipped to US, UK or CA Residents Only) – a fast paced, action packed romance




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Author Advertising Giveaway

Special giveaway for all authors that have an Author Interview listed here at If you have submitted your interview and it isn’t live, please enter the word “Submitted” in the box. Once you add your link you will see a bunch of other options to earn entries. If you aren’t sure if you have an interview, please use the search box in the upper right corner to find out :) Please don’t list the search URL, but link to your actual Interview URL. That will start with “Interview with – yourname”.

To submit your author interview click here. (This will open in a new window.)

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5 Tips on Submitting Your Book to BookGoodies

We receive hundreds of new book submissions and author interviews every month and though most of them are quite good when they arrive, here are five helpful guidelines for how to have the best possible post you can on our site:

Antique Books by Peter Häger

Antique Books by Peter Häger

Correct Spelling on Book Title and Author Name
You would be shocked, absolutely shocked how many times in a week I make corrections to book titles and author’s names. Be sure that you double check your submissions to any site, especially if you are working off a cut and paste document. Your name and book title are really important! Here on BookGoodies, we have a special site feature that will pull any books an author submits and link those book posts to their Author Interview. If their name is misspelled, that doesn’t happen.

Correct and Working Links
We want to send people to buy your books! Whether you’re submitting a link to Amazon, Smashwords, or even your own site, check the link to ensure it is correct and not broken. Search urls will not work (they have a very short lifespan, even ones from Amazon) and we remove all shortlinks like tinyurl and Amazon links should look something like this:

(I’m partial to this one…I have a recipe in it!) We want potential readers to have the best experience possible on our site, so all incorrectly formatted links have to be removed. This can be rather time consuming and while we want to be able to accommodate all posts, as this site and others like it grow, manually fixing them becomes a burden. Don’t get your post deleted. Check your links.

Book Covers
Like it or not, a book is judged by its cover! I probably see nearly a dozen books posted every day that did NOT include their book cover image even though they do have the cover posted on Amazon. This used to be just a handful a day, but it has been steadily growing. Submitting a cover not only snags a reader’s attention…it also gets you an additional link to your book in a post. Creating a book cover can also be a time consuming and frustrating process for someone without graphics experience. There are many affordable options these days when it comes to book cover design and while you could do it yourself, your time is also worth money and a quality design is worth it in the long run.

Well Written Description
When potential readers browse for a book in a store, the cover catches their eye, but it’s that back book cover that makes them choose to purchase a book. If a description is very short or poorly written, it’s likely to cast some doubt onto an author’s writing capability. Conversely, a description that rivals the length of War and Peace, gives away the plot, or focuses on minutia of subplots has a similar chilling effect. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle…not too long, but lengthy enough to capture a reader’s attention and compelling enough to make them want to discover what happens next. Read your description aloud to yourself, share it with friends and family, and ask for feedback. You may discover that with some minor changes, your readership will grow substantially.

Social Media
While it can be a bit of a hassle to have to put all those additional links into a post, readers love to interact with authors. Social media is perfect for this sort of ongoing conversation and offers you even more ways to market your books. If you have them, don’t skimp…share them! There are great guides available online to make your social media pages look great, so be certain to take advantage of the design capabilities available to you. And if you find that keeping on top of your social media conversations is cumbersome or complex, there are great programs out there like HootSuite that make managing multiple social channels very easy. BookGoodies posts are also sent out on our own social media Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts to garner even more readers and if we can gain you more followers as well, that’s great.

While omitting or making an error on one of these won’t necessarily cause us to delete your post here on BookGoodies, there are sites that won’t even bother with corrections, so it’s definitely in your best interest to make your submission as perfect as possible from the start. Finally, if you are submitting a book to many sites, or paying someone do it for you, ensure that your submission is appropriate for that site, especially if it is a genre specific site. You certainly wouldn’t want your children’s book submitted on a romance novel site or vice versa!

I love reading all the submissions, so please keep them coming and be sure to submit an author interview ( so you can have an author profile page on BookGoodies!

Ethics in Blogging #ArmchairBEA

Today’s Armchair BEA topic is “Ethics in Blogging.” What guidelines must we follow as bloggers–attribution, disclosure, honesty? Have you had an experience with plagiarism (victim or perpetrator?), and how did you deal with it? Do you have recommendations to new bloggers about how to ensure that credit is given to whom/where it’s due?

This is a topic that really hits home with me. I’m a photographer and digital artist in addition to being an author and blogger. I’ve been outspoken about plagiarism and “borrowing” content from others for a very long time. I have had numerous run ins with blogs and websites that think it is ok to take a photo or graphic that is online and put it on their own site. I’ve actually had to pursue some c&ds in this area. I had friends that wrote books about where to get content that actually recommended going to G image search and using images found there. They got a quick education and revised the book.

One problem is when bloggers think that as long as they credit the creator of the image it is OK to use. It is not. Everything, including your blog posts, is copyright protected from the moment it is created. *Protected* period. Unless there is a creative commons notice that the image can be used with credit, that is not the case. As bloggers and writers you should be extra careful, you should understand the rights of other people. Would you like it if your work showed up somewhere with “Sally wrote this”?

I wrote a book using my animal photos and text that I wrote and in the back of the book, like a good researcher does, I credited the sites that I used for reference. Apparently someone else has my text and photos somewhere because Amazon pulled the book as not being my content. I still don’t know where the “copy” of my work is.

It is hard enough dealing with plagiarism by people outside the reach of US laws, we as ethical bloggers need to ask for permission, not for forgiveness after being caught. If you didn’t create it, you can’t use it. You can include quotes of reasonable length, you can ask authors for excerpts. You can ask photographers for permission. Any less than that is unethical and will cause you to lose that precious commodity – trust. You will lose the trust of your readers and your followers. Once that is gone is is very hard to get back.

As you can tell this is a hot topic with me, and I can write about it forever, but will spare you and leave you with the points I’ve made and hope that you will think before you lift something from another site, or right click and save an image.

Grant to Expand BookGoodies

In the grant application we are trying to qualify for they asked us the following question and we had 500 characters to answer. If you agree with our direction for Book Goodies and haven’t voted yet, we need 250 Facebook votes to be considered.

What would a $250,000 grant mean to your business and how will you utilize the funds to ensure long-term growth and stability?

This grant would give us the ability to grow and strengthen our infrastructure, hire full time employees to grow not only the website but expand into local activities. In addition to the website & the books we have planned, we would like to hold local workshops in cities around the country, set up programs to encourage young people to write, and get indies into local book clubs. Web based workshops would be developed to help authors all over the world. Our reach is international.

Voting requires logging in via Facebook, once you have voted you can deactivate the app used to register your vote.

New KDP Select Promotion Available – Guest Post from Shawn Inmon

Shawn Inmon has had some very successful free book runs on Amazon and I asked him for his thoughts on the new Bargain Countdown Options. Here’s what he has to say:

Amazon announced a change to its KDP Select program today that I think is significant. Before we look into the pros and cons of the new Kindle Countdown Deals, a quick look back at some Select history is in order.

KDP Select launched early in 2012 and gave authors a new promotional tool: the chance to give their books away for free. If you agreed to list your ebook exclusively with Amazon for 90 days, they let you give your book away for 5 of those days. That may not sound like a great deal, but authors soon found the hidden benefit. If you managed to give away a lot of copies of your book, that translated to the most important thing an indie author needs: visibility. The first few months of the Select program was like Nirvana for writers. Amazon’s algorithms gave credit for a full sale every time you gave away a copy. That meant that if you gave away ten thousand copies of your book, Amazon gave you tremendous visibility on their Popularity Lists, which inevitably led to big sales – big enough that previously anonymous authors were slugging it out with publishing giants like Grisham, Steele and King at the top of the charts.

That was a little sweeter than Amazon intended it to be, so they tinkered with the algorithms so that instead of each free download being equal to one full sale, it instead equaled one-tenth of a sale. That slowed down the gravy train, but it didn’t derail it. As an example, in February of 2013, I did a free run for my book Feels Like the First Time and gave away 37,000 copies over five days. That meant that Amazon’s algorithms gave me visibility for the next 30 days equivalent to 3,700 books. That visibility changed my sales from a few hundred in January to almost three thousand books sold at full price in February.

In March of 2013, Amazon changed their algorithms again and a lot of the joy of Select went away. You could still give a lot of books away, but you didn’t get the visibility or the sales after the promo like you did before. In the months since then, a number of writers have taken their books out of Select, preferring to test the waters with other distribution channels like Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc. I was beginning to think that if Amazon didn’t sweeten the Select pot, eventually it would be filled almost exclusively with beginning writers looking for exposure.

And that brings us to today, when Amazon made some effort to improve the Select program in exchange for your commitment of exclusivity. Here’s what they added: Now, instead of just having the option to make your book free for five days, you can instead schedule a Kindle Countdown Promotion. With this promotion, you can reduce your price and receive several benefits: placement on the Amazon Countdown Promotion page (which has the potential to be valuable real estate) plus the placement of a clock on your page that counts down the time until the sale price increases. Potentially the most valuable aspect of all, though, is that if your “regular” price is $2.99 or over, you can keep your 70% commission on your lower price of .99 or 1.99 or whatever you choose. That’s potentially huge.

Let’s say you schedule a Countdown Promotion in conjunction with a major promotional push with the big advertising website like Bookbub, Ereader News Today, Kindle Books and Tips or Bookblast. Those sites can lead to a huge influx of sales in a short period of time, but they can also be expensive. Under the old rules, if you sold 1,000 copies of your book at .99 in a 24 hour period, you would have cleared $330. Since many of the ads cost more than that, it was challenging to find places to put your promotional budget to work. Now, retaining your 70% commission, those same 1,000 copies would net you $700, making the process much more profitable.

There are some additional caveats to consider. There’s still the whole exclusivity angle, but now you also have to give up some of your pricing flexibility. You’re not allowed to change your price for 30 days previous to running a Countdown Promotion. Also, your book has to have been in Select for 30 days and it cannot run within 14 days of the end of your Select enrollment period. You also have to choose between doing a Countdown Promotion or a free run. You can’t do both in the same 90 day enrollment period.

This is all new and there will almost certainly be additional details and pros and cons that crop up over the coming weeks and months. For now, though, is this something you want to participate in? From talking with a number of my fellow writers, that question seems to be split along the lines of how people feel about the exclusivity of enrolling in Select. Authors who were anti-select mostly don’t seem to be interested in enrolling now. However, authors who were previously in Select but had drifted away seem more interested in coming back.

For me, I have been a big believer in Select all along. It has been the best promotional tool I’ve had as an unknown writer. It’s helped me build my platform, it’s given me more sales than I ever dreamed of in my first twelve months and now it’s giving me an advantage in exposure and in money earned. That’s enough for me, but you’ll have to examine the facts and decide for yourself. The good news is, if you give it a try and don’t like the results, it’s only for 90 days. Just don’t forget to uncheck the automatic re-enroll box for Select, or you might find yourself committed for three more months. Whichever direction you choose, I wish you luck with your writing and happy selling!


What are your thoughts on this?

BookGoodies Approach to Book Blogging #ArmchairBEA

Today at ArmchairBEA we are inviting you to talk about your blogging approach. Have you branched out into your community? Do you partner with other bloggers? Have you gone “pro” or tried generating some income through your blog? If you’re a long-term blogger, how has your online personality developed over the years?

Our blog is built on collaboration with other people. Authors, bloggers, reviewers working together to make a site that is beneficial for all. We aren’t specifically a “review blog” but are definitely a “book” blog. We have gone in the direction of allowing authors to post a variety of information about themselves to our blog so that readers can get to know them and their books.

We count on authors to share their information with us and now we are reaching out proactively to bloggers and reviewers to come to our community and post their reviews so their blogs can get exposure and so our readers can find them. We don’t charge for any of the content, we believe in community and sharing. Yes we have advertising available on our site, but that is over and above the free options.

Bookgoodies has the same opportunity for book bloggers and book reviewers. We want anyone that is looking for readers, that has good information to help readers discover new books, to be a part of our site. We are not territorial, we participate with other book promotion sites, like and Author Marketing Club to help authors gain visibility to reach more potential readers. We create the Reading Room and the Review Matchmaker to help all parts of the book circle to connect and work together without having to dig through everything on the really big sites.

Tell us about things you’ve done to expand your blogging horizons.

BookGoodies was started to promote my books and those of my friends and it exploded from there. Through a series of podcasts we gained immense insight into what authors wanted to be able to do and what our readers were looking for as well. I build my businesses based on the needs of the community. That is a vision that is shared by Karen Garcia and my daughter Liz Fogg that are an integral part of BookGoodies.

Our mission at is to present information for authors to be able to make wise choices in their writing and publishing journey and give all authors a chance to be discovered, reviewed and read. We want to allow readers the opportunity to find new authors and books that will enrich their reading enjoyment.

1000 Author Interviews Celebration MEGA Giveaway


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Cat Bed Giveaway

Book Bling from My Bling Place


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Joseph Picard
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Catherine L. Vickers
Daniel Fogg
Carla Sarett
Alan Seeger
Terry Schott
Alesha Cary
Shawn Inmon
Jaime & Raechel Faulkner

BookGoodies Small Business Story

Why did you start your business?
I had a physically disabled son that wrote. A lot. He wrote fiction, nonfiction, plays and screenplays. And then he died. I wanted to get his books and plays published and in doing so I wanted to help others promote their books too.

He was 21 when he died in a car accident and his one big belief was that anyone can write and be successful. Young people are told they can’t write because they lack experience. Disabled can’t write because they are disabled so how could they.

BookGoodies was created to promote all books from all people regardless of age or other hindrances. This is my son’s legacy.

proud-momentWhy do they love your business?
Readers love BookGoodies because we give them new authors to choose from. Readers are smart enough to know good writing from bad, we let them decide.

Authors love that we give them a platform to share their books, their thoughts, their advice on writing & their vision.

Our purpose resonates with creative people everywhere. The ability to express your art & be discovered without artificial barriers in the way.

Let the marketplace decide what is worthy & what is not. A book you love someone may hate, that shouldn’t keep it from being discovered & read. Opinion is subjective, not absolute.

What makes your business special?
There are a lot of sites popping up that are claim to help readers and authors connect. Many of those sites require a login for readers to see the books & interviews (content blocking) or the sites require that books have a certain number of reviews or star ratings (gatekeepers).

We don’t have those restrictions. Authors can post their books whether they are brand new or established. Readers can decide for themselves what books are worth reading, not decided for them by gatekeepers.

With book posts, author interviews & guest posts authors can find their new audience on their own merit.

Make Your Rainbow
What’s your best advice?
I know you hear this a lot and it seems trite, but to be successful you really need to discover your own passion. It can be making cupcakes or being a rocket scientist – but it needs to be YOUR passion.

Doing what is expected and chasing a dream that is set for you by someone else isn’t going to make you successful or happy. You need to discover your own skills and what you want to do with them.

You need to find your own rainbow if you want the pot of gold. And gold doesn’t always mean money. Money is only one component of success, and not the most important one.

100interviewsWhat’s been your proudest moment?
Our proudest moment was when we hit 1000 authors interviewed. That was a highlight for us. However we have lots of little proud moments whenever an author tells us that their listing on our site produced sales for them, or got them reviews, or otherwise helped them get recognition.

We started out our site with podcasts with authors. Part of the deal with being on our podcast was to not only talk about themselves and their books, but to tell other authors about how they do things. They had to be helpful. The authors we interviewed loved sharing, to everyone’s benefit.