Boswell Speaks: Volumes 1-3 by Richard Grossman

What inspired you to write your book?
I was challenged to use Twitter to create a novel that would be filled with deep and consistent humor. Also Boswell happens to be my pal, muse, watchdog and constant companion. I figured he deserved to be a celebrity.

About your Book:
Boswell Speaks follows the antics and mouths the opinions of an Australian Terrier, Boswell, as he communicates with his magical toy, Stuffy, who can channel a billion human brains. Boswell can delve the secret mysteries of the universe and answer specific questions merely by gazing into the pattern of his kibble in his dog bowl. He comments on the political activities in his garden, the posturing of his screenwriter next-door neighbors, the goings-on in the culture and the absurdities of human life in general, from a canine point of view. Boswell is also in love, with a Standard Poodle named Lulu. He yearns to enhance the relationship but has problems adjusting to her height and female attitudes.

Boswell has a complex and hilarious life and possesses one of the most unusual minds on the planet.

This is a twitter novel, published in three volumes, and illustrated by Eric Hanson.

Book Genre: Humor

What formats are your books in

How do you see writing a book in the Pet Genre as different from writing other genres of books?
Almost all genres are interesting and I’ve written in many of them. We have enigmatic relationships with our pets. We speak to them in a language they do not know (for the most part), are blinded to their emotions, thoughts and intentions. In all these respects they mirror our relationships with our fellow humans but in a different form.

I work off the puzzle of pet/human communications, which creates a special type of humor and leads to a different type of knowledge.

Advice to someone that is thinking about or currently working on a pet book
If you want to write a pet book, don’t get emotionally sloppy. All people care buckets about pets and if they don’t, of course, there should be a special penitentiary to house such perverts. The important thing is to say something new and accurate about the linkage we have with animals. Pets know things that we don’t know. If you can articulate some of these things in a kind and thoughtful way, you’re halfway to writing a book that will be read.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
At this point in my writing career, because of the revolutionary changes in the book business, I’ve decided to self-publish through American Letters Press. My books are visual works of art and I cannot afford to give up creative control. Also the commercial publishing business is brutal. Life’s too short and I’m too old to volunteer for medieval torture.

Author Bio:
I was born in Lubbock, Texas and it was downhill from there. I worked as a high-level executive in a large corporation until I was 32 years old, but decided I needed to make money and so devoted the rest of my life to writing poetry and novels. This is madness, of courses, but it’s been an extremely rewarding, albeit challenging, life.

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