BookGoodies Ads Giveaway During #ArmchairBEA Week!

To help celebrate Armchair BEA, BookGoodies has created a special giveaway for ads on our site. For BookGoodies regulars it is a chance to reward you for supporting BookGoodies.

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  1. Hey guys! Would love to win… been working on my YA fantasy series for a while now, about to release book 2 of 5. Whew! Lots of work still left to go! ;-)

  2. Donna says:

    I love armchairbea even though I haven’t gotten around to as many blogs as I usually do.

  3. Deborah Carney says:

    Keep sharing, you never know how many we might decide to give out :) Thanks to all of you that have shared and posted so far :)

  4. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  5. What a great idea. We should do this for our own books and projects.

  6. This is a great idea, guys!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway, looking forward to seeing more updates from this site!

  8. Mary says:

    Armchair BEA is great for finding some awesome book bloggers.

  9. Glad to have found you through ArmchairBEA! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Thanks for hosting this giveaway and love this chance to win.

  11. Thanks for the helpful advice!! Keep up the awesome work and enjoy ABEA!!

  12. Book Goodies was very helpful in driving traffic for my free Kindle book promotion, and I’ve discovered a lot of great fiction through this service. Keep up the awesome work, guys!

  13. Armchair BEA entrant and HUGE THANKS !

  14. Great idea, BUT when I clicked the link to get here there’s no way to enter, I just get a whirligig thingy that says LOADING??

    • Deborah Carney says:

      Did it finally load for you? I’ll make a manual entry for your post if it didn’t :)

  15. Wonderful idea!

  16. How fun. thanks.

  17. Awesome idea!! Love Bookgoodies:-)

  18. Thank you so much for this chance to win!

  19. Thanks so much for doing the armchair BEA and for the chance to win two weeks of advertising. You guys are the greatest.

  20. Nice! Thanks for this excellent opportunity!

  21. Just when I was moping around because I couldn’t make it to BEA this year…Thanks guys! Love this!

  22. Appreciate your efforts to help INDIE authors!

  23. having a total blast with Armchair BEA, cheerleading this year! just missed the twitter party because of work though…

  24. Nice! Something every author wants:) Thanks for the opportunity to win free promo.

  25. What a great idea, thanks!

  26. Book Goodies is a great example of how social media can create digital communities in support of authors and readers for success all around!

  27. A contest like this one is what makes Book Goodies so great. You do so many wonderful things for the indie authors/books movement. Thank you, Book goodies. Keep up the amazing work.

  28. Great idea! Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  29. BookGoodies is one of my favorite sites, both as an author and a reader! Have gotten lots of great finds here.

  30. Thanks for this!

    Why do I love Book Goodies? As an author I love being able to share my book with readers and you help me do that. And as a reader I LOVE finding good deals! :) (And so do my readers–I share other deals with them. Win-win!)

    Thanks for all you do.

  31. Great place for authors!

  32. Love BookGoodies! And what a great idea for a contest!!!

  33. Thanks for the contest & for a great website.

  34. Gina says:

    Love BookGoodies. What a great contest!

  35. Sharon says:

    Wonderful idea, and generous. You just keep coming up with ways to help and build community. Thanks!

  36. What a great idea. Thanks for all you do to support writers and readers!

  37. Very generous. It all helps and you’re certainly doing your bit.

  38. So Armchair BEA has introduced me to you- woo hoo!

  39. Great idea! I’m in. Thanks for making this generous offer.

  40. Thank you for doing this. You guys are awesome!

    E. D. Brady

  41. Lovely idea…and if we’re being honest… I do hope I win! heh

    Thank you!
    Bad Penny

  42. BookGoodies regular! Wonderful giveaway!

  43. I love BookGoodies for all the amazing help promoting for FREE! Hadn’t heard of Armchair BEA, but I will definitely be checking it out.

  44. Your energy and creative are contagious. Thanks! You inspire us in our endeavors! Jill

  45. D. X. Dunn says:

    Great idea…thanks!

  46. This is my first Armchair BEA. It has been fun so far.
    Great idea for a giveaway! Thanks for supporting readers.

  47. Awesome idea. Helpful as a hands-on tutorial showing how to make use of social media!

  48. Well, I’m new here, but this is certainly a great welcome! Thanks!

  49. carol says:

    Thanks for this opportunity

  50. I love being a member of Bookgoogdies and would really love winning free advertising!

  51. What a fantastic giveaway

  52. Great idea!

  53. Such an awesome idea for a giveaway!

  54. I love the idea of Armchair BEA for those of us unable to attend the physical event!S

  55. Great idea!

  56. This is going to be fun! Thanks.

  57. I love how helpful Bookgoodies is. Just a great place for authors and readers and I’m really glad to be a part of this community.

  58. What a great idea for a giveaway! Fingers crossed. :)

  59. Great idea – you guys always have the best giveaways! Thanx :)

  60. VERY good idea

  61. Book Goodies rocks! You guys are awesome.

  62. Christian King says:

    Thanks for this contest, BookGoodies! If I’m a winner, I plan to use the home page ad to promote my Kindle book, Seraphic Soldiers: The Fourth Estate.

  63. This is an outstanding idea and a wonderful opportunity for exposure. Halleluia!

  64. Marg Z says:

    New to this but it looks like fun!

  65. Love any effort to develop the infrastructure supporting readers and writers!

    • Deborah Carney says:

      Shannon, you have won a bonus Author Ad spot on!!! Email or FB message me to claim your ad. :)

  66. Great idea for a contest!

  67. Awesome giveaway in honor of Armchair BEA! Thanks for hosting it.

  68. Great contest, thanks!

  69. Katie says:

    What fun! Thanks you guys – you rock !!

  70. Can I participate at ArmchairBEA even if I’m not a blogger?

    • Deborah Carney says:

      Sure! Everyone can.

  71. BookGoodies keeps expanding the opportunities for its authors. Just recently posted about the audio book version of my spy thriller, Net Impact, on a new page just for audio books. Very cool.

  72. BookGoodies keeps expanding the opportunities for its authors. Just recently posted about the audio book version of my spy thriller, Net Impact, on a new page just for audio books. Very cool.

  73. When you can’t make it to BEA, Armchair BEA is the next best thing!

  74. Thanks for doing this! Great fun!

  75. I could really use a BookGoodies advertisement!

  76. BookGoodies is a site I have used and this was awesome to sponsor ArmchairBEA for those of us who couldn’t make it to NYC :)

  77. Isn’t every week an armchair week? For those of us who loves to read and write, at least. Hoorah for books!

  78. This is awesome – thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Mike Raleigh says:

    Generous idea, guys. Way to go!

  80. What a great idea for a giveaway prize!

  81. Great idea guys!

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