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Special giveaway for all authors that have an Author Interview listed here at If you have submitted your interview and it isn’t live, please enter the word “Submitted” in the box. Once you add your link you will see a bunch of other options to earn entries. If you aren’t sure if you have an interview, please use the search box in the upper right corner to find out :) Please don’t list the search URL, but link to your actual Interview URL. That will start with “Interview with – yourname”.

To submit your author interview click here. (This will open in a new window.)

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  1. Hi! I would love to enter! I have just completed my interview so it is ‘submitted’

  2. You told me to enter! So here I am! And rafflecoptering is kind of fun. Kind of. Half very, half not at all :P (Hm, am I supposed to put my interview link here? Hardly anyone else is, but.. )

  3. Hi,

    Yes please to entering your competition. My interview is at

  4. Great contest! Fingers crossed that I win. My books are available on most e-book distributors and some in print through CreateSpace.

  5. Thank you for offering this contest. I submitted my interview. Good luck to all of those that entered!

  6. I receive info from bookgoodies and this is a reliable friendly way to find out what is happening among authors and readers.
    Thanks for the opportunity at the giveaway as well as the author interview. My interview has been SUBMITTED.

  7. A professional and entertaining site for advertising good reading. Hoping for good things for my six published books through your site.

  8. Andrew says:

    I would like to get my books to as many readers as I can! Great job with this contest!

  9. Loving this site.

    My books are available through Amazon, Createspace, and through Smashwords, and will be available on the Smashwords extended distribution – iBooks, Kobo, etc.

  10. carol says:

    thanks for chance to enter, carol

  11. What a novel idea for a contest!

  12. I was just introduced to this site by a fellow author and already I know it will be very helpful! I love when authors and readers support other authors. Every little bit helps!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway too! My interview has been SUBMITTED.


  13. Excellent, another awesome giveaway from an equally as awesome site!! :D

  14. Deirde says:

    Great contest! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  15. Thanks for the opportunity! I love Book Goodies!!
    My author interview is at

  16. Book Goodies has a great community and resources for writers

  17. Elle Jacklee says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Great idea for a contest! I’m psyched!

  19. Kimba says:

    Great giveaway! Good luck everyone.

  20. I have an interview here: and an article here: I saw your post on Tom Winton Authors Helping Authors Facebook page. And thanks so much for existing. You do new authors so much good.

  21. Gilli Allan says:

    This is a great opportunity, Book Goodies. Thank you. My interview is at


  22. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to get more exposure. Being an unknown indie author I could really use ore readers.

  23. Thanks for the great raffle.

    This is a marvellous site for authors. It helps us to get known, and is run by very helpful encouraging people. It’s also very easy to navigate!

    Book Goodies is a very innovative site. Always coming up with new ideas to promote for writers and readers to come together.

  26. Looking forward to seeing the new Book Goodies promotions in the coming year!

  27. Juliet says:

    Exciting new promo site–Book Goodies!

  28. I sell my books through Amazon and Smashwords. I like BookGoodies because it helps me get the word out about my books! And also because I won a free ad space in a previous contest! Thanks! :)

  29. My author interview can be found at . I’m a big fan of Bookgoodies, and have lots of success from posting with them. I also love how they’re always coming up with new ideas and new ways to help authors.

    I sell my books through Amazon, createspace and UK distributors.
    I love using bookgoodies, such a friendly group of people!

  31. Harvey Click says:

    Author interview:

    BookGoodies has been a great help in promoting my novels. It has advertised my book sales and has posted an interview that many of my readers have enjoyed.

  32. Thanks BooKGoodies you are awesome!

  33. I love BookGoodies, another way for readers and authors to connect. This highly professional yet fun site, makes it easy for readers to find books of quality. Keep up the good work.

  34. I love Bookgoodies for the information, publicity, and how helpful everyone is with questions or problems.

  35. I sell my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Deeper Living

  36. Why do I like BookGoodies? You offer a lot of services to authors to get their books before the masses, some free and reasonably priced. Plus you also offer a place for readers to come to to discover new authors, books, and to just have fun exploring. You’re always looking for new ways to help the authors, too. I also like your sharing practices!

  37. This is a pretty awesome giveaway. Keep my fingers crossed!

  38. Great giveaway! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  39. The world of indie publishing is changing so rapidly, and it’s becoming incredibly saturated. Thanks for helping authors get their books recognized.

  40. Awesome! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!!

  41. I’m overwhelmed by all that can be done on the internet to promote my book, and understanding how to. BookGoodies made it easy to post both my book and myself. Thanks.

  42. What I like about BookGoodies is the fact that it gives independent authors a platform for greater exposure to wide audiences without costing a lot of money.

    I would like to invite readers to enjoy my author interview:

  43. BookGoodies is the most helpful service for indie authors I’ve found. You guys rock!

  44. Philip J McQuillan says:

    I like the fact that navigating around BookGoodies is easy and intuitive, and the fact that they offer so many ways to get more exposure for authors. Submissions are easy and quick; the author gets an e-mail with all the information submitted in summary form, which is useful to refer back to. I also like the fact that they have almost 8000 likes on Facebook!

  45. Book Goodies is fantastic because it provides a variety of author-related “goodies” in one spot! Also, I sell my books through all of the listed options, but the majority have been sold through Amazon.

    I sell through Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and many other outlets.

  47. Bookgoodies is an awesome place for writers to connect with the world around them. Bookgoodies promotes your novels quickly and professionally! They have contests for free advertising and other goodies you’ll love as a writer or reader! Check them out today!

  48. Thank you, Book Goodies!!!

  49. Sue C. Weaver says:

    I am so glad I discovered BookGoodies! Marketing e-books is a daunting task, and prayerfully, bookgoodies will prove extremely helpful. So far, this site has linked me to much more than I had before! Thank you so much!

    I love BookGoodies because they have a beautiful website which is user friendly to beginners as well as those with computer experience. Their prime objective is to promote authors and they do so with style,taste and flare!
    Thank you BookGoodies, L.A.Matthies

  51. A great resource for writers. I am proud to be a member.

  52. Oooops! I’m sorry. I entered the contest, then realized I can’t unless I’ve done an interview here. :(

    • Deborah Carney says:

      You can still submit an interview and keep your entries :) The link is above the giveaway.


    I love BookGoodies. The people I have met through BookGoodies have been so helpful, and fun to talk to, and interesting. Putting together the “13 Bites” Halloween/horror anthology was one of the best experiences of my career, and I just appreciate the people at BookGoodies so much.

  54. Well, I sell my books at all of the options listed except Kobo, and I’d sell there too if they let me. I’d like to get into more independent bookstores, though.
    My author interview is at
    Happy new year!

  55. carol says:
  56. I advertised on BookGoodies in early December for the first time. Despite this being a relatively new service, the response was very good indeed – over 900 copies sold in December.

  57. H.M.C says:

    How wonderful. Will enter now.

  58. I’m not terribly sure what this is all about, but have a great respect for your enterprise and enthusiasm so am giving it a shot.

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