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  1. JB says:

    The book I would advertise is “The Retired Tooth Fairy” by Jaclyn M Bartz. It is a children’s chapter book (7+).

  2. JB says:

    My favorite site to connect is Facebook!

  3. Of course, this is my favorite site to communicate with fans. :)

  4. Good ole FB… ugh.. NO I MEAN MYSAPCE!!!! … er.. no? Okayyyy, Facebook…

  5. Muaha.. I’d advertize the nook that isn’t out until late Sept, RUBBERMAN’S CAGE. If it has to be now-ish, I could always do the first of the Lifehack series.. uh.. Lifehack.

  6. I would like to advertise my book Empress in Hiding. It’s the first in a three part series. The third book is almost done. I have been curious about the paid for advertising, but have been uncertain if the price is worthwhile.

    Here is the link to my book on book goodies:

    My favorite social network to advertise on so far is pinterest because it links together all my different interests and there is a greater chance of a random person there stumbling on my books than any other site.

  7. Favorite social media: Facebook.

  8. Catch a Robber — Book 4 in TALES OF FRIENDSHIP BOG. Free review copies available! :)

  9. Katie says:

    I’m an avid Facebook fan. I used to use Twitter a lot in the beginning, but I think it’s mostly commercial now. I like the personal interaction on FB and belong to a couple of authors groups (private) that give me incredible value for my time. With FB I can interact with my friends in realtime, which is a plus when I have a problem or question I don’t have to wait for hours hoping they will see my email.

    Here’s my author page:
    And this is the book I would promote: it’s a bundle for the 3 books in the series.

  10. Facebook is my choice for social networking. I can post messages on my author page, and decide when they will be posted. I set up a week worth of posts in one day.

  11. There is nothing I would like more than for my book to reach all of the corners of the world! Surrender to Fate is a New Adult/Historical Romance set in the late 1930’s in the mountains of Colorado. Some say fate holds the cards, but what if love deals the hand?

  12. I prefer Facebook for connecting with potential readers. It has many visitors each day, and there are many different ways to engage with my audience.

  13. I would advertise for Holding Sequence: Cycles of Fate. This is my first published book and is Science Fiction. It can be found on BookGoodies here:

  14. My favorite social media is blogging.

  15. carol says:

    My favorite social network to connect with readers is Goodreads

  16. carol says:

    My novels, PEACE BY PIECE and CAPE MAYBE are women’s lit

  17. Did you know that the links at the end of your poll don’t go anywhere? Yikes.

    • Deborah Carney says:

      Thanks! They got messed up apparently and should all work now :)

  18. What a great way of promoting BookGoodies on social media! I have to try something similar myself. What about Google+ though? It’s getting increasingly popular to those who are more technical. Great for ‘how to…’ posts.
    Facebook is still my favorite way of interacting with other authors though.

  19. I give away a FREE top 20 technothriller –
    Don’t like technothrillers? Well it’s a romance, thriller, mystery, science fiction & medical thriller too.

  20. I love to connect with readers on Facebook.

  21. Lori James says:

    Various author/reader groups on Facebook

  22. Lori James says:
  23. Prince of Malorn: YA action adventure/fantasy

  24. The Dr Pepper Prophecies – Chick Lit

    Favourite site: Goodreads

  25. Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus. Steampunk / Action Adventure

  26. My favorite site to connect with readers is

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