Meet the Team

Founder of BookGoodies and Podcast Host

Deborah Carney is a mom of three, grandmother to one who has spent most of her life reading and researching. One of the first people on the internet before it was the world wide web, Deborah has been using cutting edge technology most of her adult life. An avid reader as a teen and young adult she aspired to write books and stories of her own, having many non-fiction stories in local papers and niche magazines. As a professional photographer it was always a goal to publish books of photographs which she is able to do with the advances in technology in book creation and printing. She is currently writing and editing her own fiction plus that of others.

Two of her son’s had Spinal Muscular Atrophy which restricted them to wheelchairs and they were unable to bear weight or stand. However their upper bodies, although weak, were functional and Daniel (the youngest) was a prolific reader and writer from a young age. BookGoodies exists because Daniel was a crusader in getting attention to younger writers and never told people about his age or disability until he had to, at which point they already loved his writing. His life was cut short by a car accident when he was 21 and I had vowed to carry on his work, both by publishing his work and attempting to get his screenplays produced. A lofty goal, but I made a promise and BookGoodies at least covers the part about getting authors young and old the exposure they deserve, no matter how their work is published.

Deborah is a “serial” entrepreneur, loving all things geeky, and always having multiple projects underway. In the past she was also a “serial” college go-er having attempted to get a degree multiple times, mostly in literature, creative writing and communication, but life always got in the way. With 96 credits she sees no need to go back just for a degree.

Her favorite authors are Natalie Goldberg, Judith Krantz, and James Herriot. Her favorite memoir is Steven Tyler’s because he really shows what goes on in a very creative person’s mind and comparing it to how Daniel’s mind worked only without the drugs.

Podcast Host

Karen Garcia is the mother of three young children and she and her husband, Joel, live in Northern California. She is the co-founder and CEO at GTO Management, an outsourced affiliate program management company and she loves what she does for a living, especially since it gives her the flexibility to work from home and spend time with her kids.

Karen spent most of her summers as a child on her grandparents ranch in Eastern Oregon and as the oldest grandchild (and granddaughter), she ended up in the kitchen a lot, learning to bake, cook, and preserve food while her grandmother regaled her with tales of her own childhood and the family’s history. She also has a lifelong passion for fiber arts, sewing and crafting instilled by her very matriarchal family and now can’t stand being idle…so much so that you’ll often find her with some sort of crochet or knitting project in her hands.

Karen has a B.S. in physics, minors in both mathematics and music, sings soprano with the local Master Chorale and occasionally accompanies her children’s school choir on flute. Karen loves learning new things, is a voracious reader of just about anything (though lately it’s been heavily fantasy fiction), aspiring writer, and has very eclectic musical tastes. She djs a weekly jazz and blues show for an online radio station. She plays the MMORPG City of Heroes with her family and she and Joel started, an in-game charity drive, specifically for CoH players and have raised more than $30K for four very worthy charities. She has participated in three Affiliate Marketers Give Back breast cancer walks (totalling 140 miles!) and will be adding another walk (and another 40 miles) to the list in June.

She loves to garden, abhors fake chocolate, and can easily be made giddy with pirate jokes.

Her favorite authors include Jacqueline Carey, Mercedes Lackey, Stephen R. Donaldson, Katherine Kurtz, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Lord Alfred Tennyson. The complete list would take far too long to type.