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Our mission at BookGoodies.com is to present information for authors to be able to make wise choices in their writing and publishing journey and give all authors a chance to be discovered, reviewed and read.

BookGoodies is one of the few sites that cares about both the author and the reader. Authors are encouraged to engage readers and inspire other authors. There are plenty of opportunities for authors to share their work and for readers to discover new works that fit their interests.

In addition to connecting readers, bloggers and authors, we strive to educate authors.

Education is key, our podcasts are here for authors and others to share their methods, ideas, writing tips, marketing tips and working tips.

BookGoodies has over 150 podcasts recorded of interviews with authors, publishers and other service providers for authors and aspiring writers, with many more to come. This is a wealth of information that we would like to transcribe and shape into books of advice for authors and writers about everything from writing techniques to choosing the right way to publish to marketing and everything in between.

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